So what are the advantages of using an air fryer over a deep-fat fryer? To start off with you only need a tablespoon of oil in an air fryer instead of a whole fryer full. Air fryers use hot-air circulation and they cook your food from all angles.

This means that it’s healthier than deep-fried food. You may wonder if it tastes the same, but it is very similar. It has the same taste and texture of deep-fried food.

It will be crispy on the outside and soft and succulent on the inside. In addition, you won’t have that awful aroma in your house that you often get from deep-fried food.

In addition, air frying lowers the risk of getting acrylamide in your food. It is present in deep-fried food and is linked to some cancers such as ovarian, breast and pancreatic.

However, for good health, you shouldn’t just eat fried foods, even cooked in an air fryer.  You should have a diet filled with fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains and lean meat.

Having said this, air fryers have become state-of-the-art and can even roast a whole chicken and bake cakes.

In this article, we are going to look at cooking fish in an air fryer with a quick glance at cooking chicken wings.

Best Air Fryers for Frying Fish

COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart

COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart

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This air fryer will not only fry fish, but it has settings to also cook steak, poultry, bacon, shrimp, French fries, vegetables, bread and desserts. It cooks with 85% less fat than a traditional deep-fat fryer so you get crunchy food without much added fat.

You will need to preheat the fryer before using it, but it still cooks faster than a traditional oven.

It has a 5.8-quart square nonstick basket which is adequate for a family of 4. As well as fish fillets it will cook a 5-pound chicken.

The air fryer comes with 100 recipes so you will be spoilt for choice as to what to cook

COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart,1700-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven & Oilless Cooker for Roasting,LED Digital Touchscreen w/11 Presets,Nonstick Basket,2-Year Warranty,ETL/UL Listed(100 Recipes)
  • Compared with a 4-quart round basket or even smaller one, COSORI air fryer's 5.8- Quart Square Nonstick Basket can fit a 5 lbs-6 lbs whole chicken, while small round basket can’t. Buy this XL 5. 8-Quart size, serves your family with at least 3-5 people.
  • Perfect healthy gift for food-loving dads, mothers, family and friends. Slimmer footprint fit on your countertop and save your space. It has 85% less fat than traditional deep frying methods, but deliver the same deliciously crunchy taste of fried food with little to no oil.
  • 11 functions in 1-Steak, Poultry, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Foods, French fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bread, Desserts, Preheat. Just tap and go! Selection at a touch rather than keep circling to make the choice. Super easy to use!
  • Removable nonstick coated basket are dishwasher safe, PFOA-free & BPA-free. Product Dimension: 11. 8*11. 8*12. 6 in; Basket Dimension: 9*9*3. 75 in. Buy our original air fryer accessory (search for: C158-6AC) to create more!
  • Comes with 100 original, delicious & easy recipes for every meals. Find out how our numerous influencers cook their food with COSORI air fryer in social medias, also constant recipes and videos tutorials from our community!

I like this air fryer because it has a big basket so you can cook plenty of food at the same time. It is ideal for frying fish fillets and you’ll get the same texture and crispiness as you would with a traditional fryer.

GoWise USA 1700-Watt 5.8 – OT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

GoWise USA 1700-Watt 5.8 – OT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

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This fryer has a touch screen menu so you can program it to cook fish, fries, pork, chicken, steak, shrimp, cakes and even pizza. It has a good temperature range from 180 – 400 degrees F so it should suit most things that you want to cook. It will cook for up to 30 minutes.

There is a stop/start button enabling you to change the time and temperature while you are cooking. There is also an alarm which will tell you when to turn over your ingredients.

The fryer comes with a non-stick FDA certified pan and basket and a cool-touch handle. There’s nothing worse than touching a handle which is hot. The fryer also comes with a recipe book of 50 recipes.

GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer and 50 Recipes for your Air Fryer Book (Black)
  • Enjoy your favorite food without the extra calories. This air fryer allows you to fry, bake, grill, and roast with little to no oil. Make crispy fried chicken, steak, French fries, pizza and much more in one countertop appliance
  • Sleek and modern look with advanced touch screen menu. Take the guesswork out of cooking with the built-in touch screen menu featuring 8 cooking presets: Fries/Chips, Pork, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Cake, Fish, and Pizza. Equipped with a wide temperature range from 180F to 400F in 10 degree increments and a cooking timer up to 30 minutes.
  • Featuring a new Start/Stop button to change time and temperature in the middle of a cook cycle. Don’t forget to shake with the new built-in alarm function that reminds you to shake your ingredients in 5, 10, 15 minute increments.
  • Comes with non-stick FDA-certified and PFOA free pan and detachable basket equipped with a cool touch handle and button guard to prevent accidental detachment. Shake and flip contents in the middle of your cooking program with the detachable frying basket.
  • Includes recipe book! This recipe book is filled with 50 recipes specifically made for GoWISE USA Air Fryers. Choose from a variety of meals to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

This fryer is excellent for frying fish without the addition of a lot of oil. I like it, particularly because it has an alarm which tells you when to turn over your food so that it cooks evenly.

Best Air Fryers for a Family of 4

Yedi Total Package Air Fryer XL

Yedi Total Package Air Fryer XL

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If you are looking for an air fryer for the family, this 5.8-quart appliance will fit the bill perfectly. You can cook practically anything with this fryer including cakes and cookies. It comes with lots of exciting accessories.

There is a divider for the cooking basket so you could say cook fish in one half and French fries in the other. It also comes with an 8-inch pizza pan, an 8-inch cake pan, a silicone cupcake pan, a rack with stainless steel skewers, a heat resistant rubber mat and 50 parchment steaming papers.

There is an LED digital touch screen. You can just put in the temperature and time you need or you can select one of the many preset programs. The fryer has an automatic shut off which stops your food from overcooking. There is also a cool touch handle and a button guard which will stop accidental detachment.

Yedi Houseware Total Package Air Fryer, 5.8 Quart, Black
  • BEST VALUE & BEST OVERALL: The Yedi Houseware 5.8 Quart XL Air Fryer is ranked the best overall Air Fryer by Business Insider. It comes with everything you need and is big enough to feed the entire family! On the LED Digital Touch Screen you can manually set your desired cooking time and temperature or select from the many built-in smart preset programs.
  • INCLUDES DELUXE ACCESSORY COOKING KIT: A Divider for the cooking basket, 50 perforated parchment steaming papers, an 8 inch cake carrel, an 8 inch pizza pan, multi-purpose rack with 3 stainless steel skewers, cupcake silicone pan, and heat resistant rubber mat.
  • INCLUDES RECIPES: Included is a Recipe Book that has 100 Air Fryer recipes. In addition, the Yedi Houseware Appliances website has tons of recipes and the Yedi Houseware Instagram has new content and recipe videos uploaded every week!!!
  • COOK FAST & HEALTHY: On average, you will consume 85% less fat while still enjoying all your favorite fried, grilled, baked and roasted foods! Cooking time is faster than a conventional oven, with crispier and tastier results. ETL Listed/FDA Compliant, 120V, 1700W. Automatic shut off prevents overcooking, Also, the removable nonstick coated basket is dishwasher safe, FDA certified, PFOA-free & BPA-free. Also has a cool touch handle & button guard to prevent accidental detachment.
  • RISK FREE SHOPPING: Within 2-years of your purchase Yedi Houseware will refund your money and or replace your purchase if you have any issues with it!

This fryer is probably one of my favorites mainly because it has so many accessories. There isn’t much it can’t do. It works faster than an oven and it only needs a few minutes of preheating.

Omorc Air Fryer

Omorc Air Fryer

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This air fryer is easily big enough to cook a meal for a family of four. It is 6 quarts in size. It has a square basket which gives more room than a circular basket. It can even cook a 6-pound chicken.

The basket, which has a non-stick coating, is removable and is easy to clean. It is even dishwasher safe.

The fryer is easy to operate. It has a touch screen which is wet/oily finger-friendly. It is quicker to cook in this than in a traditional oven. For example, it only takes 15 minutes to cook 1.1 pounds of French fries.

It comes with a two-year warranty and there are recipes included in the package.

OMORC Air Fryer, 6 Quart, 1800W Fast Large Hot Air Fryers & Oilless Cooker w/Presets, LED Touchscreen(for Wet Finger)/Roast/Bake/Keep Warm, Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick,2-Year Warranty
  • 【6 QUART FOR 2-8 PEOPLE】To expand the space, OMORC 6 QT Air Fryer Nonstick Basket has a square design. It can fit a 5 lbs-6 lbs whole chicken. Buy this 6-Quart size, serves at least 2-8 people, even a small party at your home.
  • 【HEALTHY GIFT & HEALTHY DIET】OMORC 6 Qt Air Fryer can make same deliciously crunchy taste of fried food, which can reduce 85% oil compared to traditional frying methods. PFOA-free & BPA-free. A perfect healthy gift for your lovers.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE】Removable fryer basket use non-stick coating, easy to clean. Dishwasher-safe parts: fry basket & fry pot. Basket Dimension: 9. 1*9. 4*4. 5 in. Dishwasher Safe. 180°F-400°F, 120V, 1800W.
  • 【EASY TO USE & FAST TO COOK】OMORC Air fryer: Touch screen and Knob combine control to make operation easier. Knob's presence can reduce the constant repetition of the press button. It saves half the time compared to traditional ovens, but the food surface is crisper and more juicy inside. Only takes 15 minutes to cook 1. 1 lbs French Fries.
  • 【2-YEAR & RECIPES INCLUDED】Enjoy your favorite fried foods with our easy recipes for every meals. We also provide 2-Year and lifetime support from OMORC. Just contact our customer service if any issues happened. 100% satisfaction !

I recommend this fryer if you are cooking for a family as it is large and you won’t have to keep cooking in batches. It is also easy to use and to clean.

Best Air Fryer for Chicken Wings

Innksy Air Fryer XL

Innksy Air Fryer XL

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This fryer is great for cooking chicken wings amongst other things. It has a digital one-touch screen menu which is simple to operate. You won’t have to fiddle about with knobs. There are 7 preset buttons – chicken, French fries, steak, fish, pizza, shrimp and cake.

The fryer has a temperature range of between 180F and 400F. As well as frying, you can bake, roast and grill.

It has a square basket which gives more room than a round basket. There’s plenty of room to cook enough chicken wings for a family of 4.

There is an auto shut-off and memory function. This means that when your food has finished cooking the fryer stops working. There is no worrying that the food is overcooked. In addition, you can remove the basket during the cooking process without affecting the preset time.

Innsky Air Fryer XL, 5.8QT 1700W Electric Stainless Steel Air Fryers Oven Oilless Cooker, 7 Cooking Presets, Preheat & LED Digital Touchscreen, Nonstick Square Basket, 2 Years Warranty, ETL Listed (32 Recipe book )
  • Fast Cooking & Less Oil - Compared with traditional deep frying method, Innsky Air fryer cooks by 360°circulating hot air, which can offer you crunchy food with little to no oil, promising you healthy food as well as delicious taste. Perfect health gift for food-loving dads, mothers, family and friends.
  • Provide More Possibilities - Built in digital one-touch screen menu featuring 7 Presets-French fries, Poultry, Chicken, Cakes, Shrimp, Pizza, Fish, Steak. Select by just touching the LED screen instead of turning knobs. More accurate! Has a temperature range of 180℉ to 400 ℉, this air cooker allows you to grill, bake, and roast food. Provide you more possibilities as well as occupy less space.
  • Stainless steel exterior & Square Frying Basket & Metal Inner Housing - Square design basket has more available space than Round in the market, and it can fit a 5 lbs-6 lbs whole chicken. Stainless steel exterior and metal interior will ensure there is no plastic odor produced when cooking. Clean up involves just a quick wipe.
  • Auto Shut-off & Memory function - When your food is done, the air fryer will stop working automatically, which means you can set your air fryer and then forget about the food until it is ready to eat! You can also remove the basket during the cooking process without interrupting the preset time or temperature.
  • Holiday Gift & 2 Years Warranty - Provide healthier fried food which makes it a great choice for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, etc, Innsky Brand is committed to 100% customer satisfaction, 90-day no reason money-back, 2 year warranty and lifetime support.

I would recommend this fryer because it has a large basket so you won’t have to cook your food in too many batches. I also like the shut-off and memory function. Even if you forget about the cooking time, the fryer won’t let your food overheat.

What Kind of Fish Can be Cooked in an Air-Fryer?

You can cook any fish in an air-fryer be it cod, plaice, salmon, tilapia, catfish and so on. It is best to defrost the fish in the fridge the day before cooking it. It’s also possible to cook seafood in an air fryer, shrimp for example.

Tips for Making the Perfect Air Fryer Fish

Some recipes on the internet suggest spraying oil over the fish before you fry it. However, this can often cause the breading to fall off. It also makes it less healthy as you be adding a lot more oil.

The best way to cook fish in an air fryer is first to pat the fish dry and season with salt and pepper. Then make the breadcrumbs. First coat the fish in flour, then egg and finally in panko. Cook the fish in the air fryer for 10 minutes on each side. 

Final Thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about air fryers and that one of them will suit your family. My top choice out of all of them is the Yedi because it comes with so many accessories. You can literally cook almost anything in it.

I think that air fryers are the way to go as they use so little fat and as a result are much healthier than food cooked in a deep-fat fryer. In addition, they are so versatile. You can fry, bake and roast and if you have a small kitchen they don’t take up too much room.