Hamilton Beach 29882 Bread Machine Review

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There isn’t a single meal that can’t be improved with a fresh slice of homemade bread. However, bread makers can seem quite daunting. They are big, expensive, and the process can be overwhelming

Fortunately, that is no longer the case. With the advancements in modern technology, bread makers have become as compact, easy to use, and affordable as the coffee maker you use daily. That is where this Hamilton Beach digital bread maker comes in. It is affordable, comes with a host of exciting features, and has a great reputation.

In this review, we will talk about the Hamilton Beach 29882 Digital Bread Maker. We will thoroughly discuss the pros, cons, appearance, and all of the features so that you have a better idea of what this bread maker can really do.

Hamilton Beach 29882 Bread Maker

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Appearance and Color Options

The Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker comes in a semi-shiny black finish. The exterior shell is made out of a durable plastic that is found on coffee makers and food processors. They use this type of material rather than metal to keep the body cool during the cooking process. If you or your kids happen to bump into it while it is cooking up some loaves, you won’t feel a thing!

The black exterior is simple and timeless, making it a great option for any type of kitchen. Additionally, the bottom is as functional as it is aesthetic. The feet are made with non-slip rubber to ensure you won’t lose your machine and loaf of bread, even if you bump into it.

Pros and Cons

Here are both the positives and negatives of this Hamilton Beach bread machine.


12 settings


2lb loaves


Express settings


Light, medium, and dark crust




3 step process




Extra kneading paddle included


Some users report that it is noisy


Lacks certain features such as automatic nut and seed dispenser

12 Cooking Functions

Many people turn away from buying a bread maker because it appears to be able to do one thing only – make bread. However, bread makers, especially those that are made today, come with numerous settings that make them more functional.

This particular bread maker comes with 12 different cooking functions such as gluten-free quick bread, french, sweet, 2 lb express, dough, jam, cake, whole grain, and a bake audible reminder.

One of the major aspects that leads a person to buy a bread maker is dietary restrictions. Everyone loves fresh bread, but there are many bakeries that do not have options for those who are gluten-free. Fortunately, you can just make it yourself.

The Hamilton Beach digital bread maker comes with a gluten-free setting. All you need to do is follow the recipe in the Bobs Red Mill recipe book that is provided, mix the ingredients, toss them in the bread maker, and let it work its magic.

The quick bread setting is quite unique and rarely found on any other machines. This setting allows you to make bread without any yeast, which is quite hard without a specific function. Fortunately, this bread maker can handle it and without any ridiculous extra costs for that function.

If you are a homesteader or just love to make your own breads, jams, and cakes, this is a really good option for you. It can do all of the above and it comes with a bake audible reminder. This will send off an alarm when it is time for you to put in your nuts, fruit, and seeds.

While more expensive bread makers will automatically mix them in when the time is right, the audible reminder is more than enough to make up for the  unbeatable price you pay for this machine.

Best Attributes of the Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker

Some of the best attributes of this bread maker are how user-friendly it is for those who don’t have a lot of spare time. If you have to get the kids to school or need to work on an important project from dawn till dusk, this is the right unit.

There’s an included delay timer so that you can mix your ingredients, add them to the machine, and set the timer for when you are available. If you have a long day in the office and would love to come home to some fresh bread, it’ll be waiting!

Additionally, the clean up is even easier. For those who do not have enough time to make fresh bread, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of time cleaning off kneading blades, baking pans, and wiping down the machine.

Fortunately, the kneading blades are Teflon coated aluminum. Not only does this make them incredibly sturdy, but they basically wipe clean.

If you didn’t get around to giving your kneading blades a wipe, it comes with an extra one. Now you can make your loaf of bread without having to worry about immediately cleaning up for the next batch! The blades and pan are dishwasher safe, but because of the non-stick coating, hand washing would be just as efficient if you don’t have a dishwasher.

Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Machine, Digital, Programmable, 12 Settings + Gluten Free, Dishwasher Safe Pan + Kneading Paddle, 2 lb Capacity, Black (29882)
  • FRESH HOMEMADE BREAD IN 3 EASY STEPS: Just add your ingredients to the bread machine, select the cycle and press start.
  • YOU CONTROL THE INGREDIENTS & NUTRITIONAL CONTENT: Prepare healthy loaves of bread without preservatives or trans fat using this Hamilton Beach breadmaker.
  • VERSATILE WITH 12 CYCLES: Make dough, bake cake, or make delicious mouth-watering loaves of fresh baked bread. Cycles include basic, French, gluten-free, quick bread (no yeast), sweet, 1.5 lb express, 2.0 lb express, dough, jam, cake, whole grain and bake.
  • GREAT FOR DOUGH PREP: Prepare a variety of yeast doughs in the breadmaker machine for dinner rolls, pizza crusts, cinnamon buns and more, then bake in a conventional oven.
  • MAKE BREAD THE WAY YOU LIKE IT: Choose to make either 1.5 lb. or 2 lb. loaves, and select from 3 crust settings for light, medium or dark crust. Easy cleanup

Measurements and Dimensions

When it comes to bread makers, this one is definitely on the smaller side and yet it can deliver big loaves. It is roughly 10.4 inches long, 14.1 inches wide, and 12.2 inches tall. It is one of the lightest options on the market coming in at 11.86 pounds.


We hope that you enjoyed this review of the Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker. If you are in the market for a bread maker but don’t want to break the bank for it, this is a great option. It is incredibly compact, user-friendly, and comes with all of the settings you could possibly need

Guidance Videos

Here are a couple of videos showing the Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker to give you a better idea of how it works and what it does.