Power Pressure Cooker XL Review

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The decision to buy a pressure cooker was easy. Pressure cookers offer the same convenience as crock pots but cook at a much faster rate. Foods come out flavorful, tender, and with little effort from you, making them perfect for even busy people. I bought this cooker to try out and was not disappointed. Let’s take a closer look in this Power Pressure Cooker XL review.

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Major Features

The Power Pressure Cooker XL comes in 6-quart, 8-quart, and 10-quart sizes (I purchased the six-quart model but you could easily pick whichever fits your usual cooking needs). You can adjust the time as needed or use one of the presets. Its settings include pressure cooker, slow cooker, canner, soup maker, steamer, cookware, and rice cooker.

Rust-resistant stainless steel housing and black buttons make a sleek design. You can monitor and set the cooking time using the digital display panel. A conveniently placed handle makes it easy to put the lid on and take it off while cooking.

Safety Features

The Power Pressure Cooker XL has several safety features. A lid safety device stops the cooker from pressurizing until the lid is properly closed. There is also a safety release valve that serves as a back-up if the pressure or temperature sensor malfunctions.

In addition to the back-up safety release vale, a safety pressure release lets you depressurize the cooker manually if other safeguards were to fail. Finally, this has a temperature cut-off that shut down the cooker if it gets overheated.

Cooking with the Power Pressure Cooker XL

One nice feature of this is that you can sear inside the pan. This is something I like to do when cooking large pieces of meat (like pork loin that I intend to use for pulled pork). The cooker lets me sear once it reaches temperature. Then, I can pressure cook it until it is moist and falling apart.

When you’re ready to cook, a clear display panel guides you through the cooking process. Choose a cooking mode and the display will a countdown time. You can increase or decrease as needed before pressing start. Once the timer reaches zero, the cooker depressurizes and goes into keep warm mode. You’ll also see an error message on the display panel if your cooker isn’t working properly for some reason.

The included cookbook is also a nice bonus. It has delicious recipes like Beef Roulade, Thai Peanut Noodle, Beef Stroganoff, Steel Cut Oats, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Apple Walnut Stuffed Pork Loin, and more! There are also recipes available online so you can really see how your pressure cooker can be used.

I also like that this has a canning setting, which takes the guesswork out of canning. I’ve used the hot water bath method on the stovetop before, but this works with low-acid recipes that cannot be canned on the stovetop. A rack is also included so you can fit more jars when using the cooker for canning.

One thing to mention is that the manual states it can take as long as 17 minutes for the Power Pressure Cooker XL to reach temperature. In a few cases, it did take 20-25 minutes for my cooker to reach the right pressure and start the cooking process.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You will want to clean the pressure cooker soon after using it. The non-stick inner pot prevents burnt, stuck-on bits that are hard to scrub off. The inner pot is also dishwasher safe.

However, it is made of a Teflon material that some users do not want to use because of the possibility of health risks. Teflon also peels and scratches if it is used with metal utensils or overheated. As Teflon material is not safe to ingest, it’s important to follow care instructions carefully.

The outer steel housing can be wiped clean after use and you should wash the lid by hand. You can also store the cord after use because it is completely removable.

Like many other pressure cookers, you’ll need to replace the gaskets as they wear down with use. Maintaining a tight seal is critical for keeping pressure and preventing the cooker from malfunctioning.

You can buy replacement rings on the Power Pressure Cooker XL website but they are a little expensive. Since you cannot tell when the ring will malfunction, you might want to buy one to keep on hand until you need it.

Something else to note is that the warranty for this project is not as long as that offered by some other manufacturers. The Power Pressure Cooker XL has a 1-year warranty.


Comes in 6-quart, 8-quart, and 10-quart models


Several back-up safety features


Buttons and display make this easy to use


The power cord can be removed for easy storage


Wipes clean easily after use


Comes with a cookbook of recipe ideas


Has canning setting and rack included for canning


Replaces several kitchen appliances


Teflon material scratches easily if you are not careful


Takes a little longer to reach pressure than expected


Only comes with a 1-year warranty

Why Should I Buy a Pressure Cooker?

Cooking foods that are tender and infused with flavor usually takes time. Crockpots are a great option for doing this but they can take anywhere from 4-8 hours (or longer) to cook a delicious cut of meat. With pressure cookers, all the steam that is superheated and trapped in the cooker heats food faster. This means you can have delicious food without planning ahead.

In addition to reducing cooking time by as much as 70%, trapping the steam locks in flavor. Usually, vapor from steam when boiling or steaming carries away moisture, nutrients, and flavor. By trapping it in, there is a richer, more natural flavor to the food.

Pressure cookers are also a good investment if you have several cooking appliances taking up your counter space. The Power Pressure Cooker XL, for example, works to cook rice and soup, and can even replace your canning equipment.

There are several health benefits of pressure cookers as well. Pressure cookers trap steam while cooking which also seals nutrients in foods. Additionally, since you can use any liquid in the pot, you’re not limited to using butter and oil to stop food from sticking. This helps you create healthier, lower-calorie meals.

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How Do Pressure Cookers Work?

Pressure cookers work by heating the liquids in the pot to a high temperature. Their tight seal traps the steam and any aromatics or flavors added to the pot. This results in food that is infused with flavor and steam, creating tender, delicious meals.

Electric vs. Stovetop Pressure Cooker

The Power Pressure Cooker XL is an electric model. With stovetop cookers, you may have to adjust the temperature to get it right. Having the heat too high results in liquid evaporating and your food burning, while having the heat too low does not maintain steady pressure.

With electric cookers, you plug them in and set the temperature and pressure. Many (like this one) also have presets that make it easier to adjust the settings.

Of course, stovetop pressure cookers have benefits too. They reach higher temperatures than electric cookers. These also are the types of cookers that are passed down through the family—without any electrical parts, they usually last decades instead of years.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

While I’m not the biggest fan of Teflon-coated products, this pressure cooker is working well for now. I like the wide range of settings and how easy it is to use. The included recipe book has also been fun to experiment with. Hopefully, this Power Pressure Cooker XL review has helped you decide if it is a good fit for your cooking style.