Weber Smokey Mountain Review

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The Weber Smokey Mountain is one of the most popular charcoal smokers for beginners. It is affordable, compact, versatile, and comes from a very reputable brand.

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This Smokey Mountain has a rich history and has been one of the leading smokers around for many decades. The grill was introduced in the market in 1981. Since then, it has undergone some enhancements in terms of its features to make it suitable to the demands of the consumers. 

These include improvement in its materials and construction and arming it with a built-in thermometer. Likewise, it is now available in various sizes to cater to your smoking needs. Nevertheless, the heart of its design remains almost the same and still retains its iconic brilliant design. 

On this Weber Smokey Mountain review, we will get to know the smoker a little deeper. We’ll take a look at its good and bad aspects and the differences between models to help you decide which Smokey Mountain is right for you.

Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker,Black
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Weber Smokey Mountain Overview

Smokey Mountain has always been on the list of the best smokers for beginners for many reasons. It’s a compact, lightweight, and portable charcoal smoker, making it perfect for backyard or campground smoking. That’s why you can always see it used by pitmasters in barbecue competitions.  

The unit is pretty simple and does not come with all the fancy automation that the new players in the game have. But what makes it stand out aside from its beautiful design, is its ease of use. 

However, keep in mind that this is a smoker, and will not work well for grilling burgers quickly. Although you can use it to grill your favorite meats, it is meant for low and slow cooking. 

Notable Features:

  • Allows you to achieve competition-worthy smoked meats.
  • It has a high-quality porcelain-enameled body that will not warp under high temperatures.
  • You have three models to choose from to help you save fuel while cooking plenty of food.
  • It features two cooking grates, providing you with flexibility on the recipes you can cook.
  • Its vertical design is compact.
  • The dampers are rust-resistant and will allow for easy control of temperatures.
  • It also comes with a built-in water pan, which means that your food will keep its moisture even during long smoking.
  • Separate fuel door that makes it easier to add fuel without the need to move your meat.
  • It comes with a long warranty period.
  • It’s compatible with the Weber iGrill 2, giving you the option to add a little technology to your smoking experience.

What’s Included In A Smokey Mountain?

This Weber charcoal smoker comes in three different models:

  • 14.5 inches
  • 18.5 inches
  • 22.5 inches

Thee inches refer to the diameter of each smoker’s cooking grate. All the models have the same design and packed in almost identical features. However, aside from the size, there are also some noteworthy differences in their features, including the number of handles. 

Each model includes the following:

  • Primary cooking chamber
  • Heavy-gauge charcoal grate made from steel
  • Steel-plated cooking grates
  • Porcelain-enameled bowl, lid, water pan, and center section
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Aluminum fuel door ad heat shield that resists rust
  • Silicone temperature grommet
  • Smoker cover

Key Differences Between The Models

The biggest difference is, of course, their physical size. Aside from that, thee 14.5-inch version does utilize the same accessories that are compatible with both the 18.5-inch and 22.5-inch Smokey Mountain smokers.

Here’s a look at their technical specs:

14.5-inch Model:

  • Dimensions (inches): 31.4 H x 14.7 W x 14.7 D 
  • Cooking Area: 286 square inches

18.5-inch Model:

  • Dimensions (inches): 41 H x 19 W x 21 D
  • Cooking Area: 481 square inches

22.5-inch Model:

  • Dimensions (inches): 48.5 H x 23 W x 24 D
  • Cooking Area (inches): 726 square inches

If you’re not sure which is the perfect Smokey Mountain model is for you, simply think about the largest cut of meaty you’ll often cook. The smallest model offers enough space to cook a meal for a family of 4 and some guests. Meanwhile, the 22-inch is ideal for laying an entire rack of ribs or brisket flat on its cooking grates. 

Moreover, all models are compatible with iGrill 2. This Weber thermometer connects to an app and comes with probes that can help you monitor your meat’s internal temperature. It will send you updates and notifications on your smartphone to let you know if your meat has reached the right smoking temperature.

Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker,Black
  • Porcelain enameled lid, bowl, and center section retain heat and won’t rust or peel
  • Two cooking grates provide ample room for smoking two large items at once
  • Silicone temperature grommet monitors the internal temperature of your smoker
  • Control the temperature of your smoker by easily adjusting the dampers. Smokey Mountain large aluminum fuel door allows grill masters to easily add charcoal
  • Fuel door comes off to make adding charcoal or wood easier while smoking

Design And Build Quality

Weber Smokey Mountain has an excellent design in comparison to other smokers available today. The company barely made any changes to it since its inception in 1981. That in itself will tell you that this is one handsome smoker. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use and delivers a top-notch performance as well. 

The primary material on this Weber grill is porcelain enameled steel. Therefore, it can retain heat quite well. It also enables you to smoke as consistently as possible. Its water pan is also constructed with the same material, making it sturdy. 

Meanwhile, its cooking grates tough are tough and resilient thanks to its nickel coating. Additionally, this allows for better cleaning. On the other hand, the dampers are made from aluminum to prevent rust build-up, which is an improvement from previous versions. The latest models are also now equipped with a heat-resistant nylon handle that works very well. 

All of these features and enhancements are no doubt amazing. However, it would have been nicer if Weber can improve the smoker’s charcoal door which still feels somewhat flimsy. Likewise, this can allow smoke and heat to escape. 

Nonetheless, there are very few complaints from users regarding any serious problems or malfunctions. The usual issues they raise are rusting around its the Smokey Mountain’s dampers and wearing out of the handles. 

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