What to Serve with Quiche – 15 Of The Best Side Ideas

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Whether you’re wanting a simple but delicious meal, having a picnic or hosting guests, if you serve quiche you can be certain that it will be enjoyed by most people. This savoury French tart can work either as one of many side dishes or as the main dish in a meal, especially since there are many different types of quiche to suit different contexts. If string quiche then, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by choice and wonder what to serve with quiche?

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What Should You Serve With Quiche?

Of course, quiche can be eaten easily by itself. However, to some people, the prospect of doing so may seem like something of an underwhelming prospect. As such when serving quiche you may wish to do so with some drinks, a side dish or two and dessert for afterwards.

Naturally, what you choose to serve will depend on the type of filling your quiche has. That said though most of the side dishes and accompaniments below should pair excellently with the majority of quiche variations.

What to Serve with Quiche: Some Drinks

Naturally when eating most people typically tend to enjoy a drink with their meal. Whether it’s a warm drink, an alcoholic beverage or just simply cool and refreshing majorly depends on context. That said though some of the most popular drinks options to serve with the versatile dish that is quiche can be found below.

what to serve with quiche

Fruit Juice

This will be especially popular if eating quiche on a warm morning or during a picnic. The options to hand are very wide including orange juice, apple juice, tomato juice and many more. 

However, if you want to take things a step further you can also make yourself some delicious smoothies.  Again something like an orange smoothie is simple, delicious and very refreshing but for a little more complexity something like orange, pineapple and banana can go down a treat.

Iced Tea

A lighter drink option if having a particularly decadent dish of quiche. The beauty of iced tea is that near enough everyone likes it, it’s simple to set up and people can make it their own when provided sugar, ice and a selection of fruits.

Like with fruit juice, this is excellent for a summer’s brunch or during a picnic as it provides a mild and refreshing drink to accompany but not overpower your quiche.


If having a slice of your quiche for breakfast, coffee can make an excellent accompaniment. Whether you like it black or milky the contrasting flavours, smells and warmth from both your quiche and coffee will set you up perfectly for the day.

If you’re having a relaxed day or celebrating the holidays, you can also make it an Irish coffee with either some Irish cream or some whiskey.

what to serve with quiche

Hot Chocolate

Like with coffee, a nice hot cocoa and slice of warm quiche is an excellent way to start your day, particularly if you’re trying to cut down on your caffeine intake. However, alternatively, you can also enjoy this is as an excellent evening snack when winding down for the day.

It’ll also go down great with the kids, especially so if you add a few marshmallows and some whipped cream. For the adults, you can make it a little extra decadent with a small (or not so small) amount of Irish cream.


A light and refreshing alcoholic drink to have during a brunch meet up are some mimosas. This simple cocktail involves mixing citrus juice with some sparkling white wine in equal parts. These refreshing drinks can also be made with something like prosecco or champagne with either choice also working excellently.


If not in the mood for cocktails or in more of a celebratory mood, then champagne is also an excellent choice. The fizz that sparkling champagne adds to your celebration brunch really can’t be understated, especially since it will help set the right atmosphere. 

Aside from being a celebratory drink though, champagne is a delicious and potentially quite a flavourful alcoholic beverage for any social occasion.

What to Serve with Quiche: A Bit On The Side

With many meals, even something as rich as quiche you may find yourself wanting a side dish to accompany your main course. Obviously though, if enjoying a lovely quiche you won’t want your side dishes to overshadow what is supposed to be the main part of your meal. With this in mind, it is best to ensure that you choose something nice yet light to accompany your quiche of choice.

Greek Salad

This light and refreshing salad option is an excellent choice to complement many a meal with a quiche being no exception. In fact, whilst a Greek salad is best suited for a more meat quiche, like quiche lorraine it can perfectly complement cheesy quiche or vegetable quiche just as well.

The beauty of greek salads is that that they are also incredibly simple to make from scratch. At its most basic the ingredients for Greek salad are tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives. All of which is dressed with salt, oregano, pepper and olive oil, although some people will make a separate Greek salad dressing to put on instead.

Now, we know olives are a sort of marmite type of food where they are either loved or hated. Personally whilst I love Greek food and olive oil, I hate olives themselves. However, I still love a Greek salad, although when eating one I’ll avoid olives which I know to some will seem like heresy. My point though is don’t be put off by an aversion to olives, overwise you may miss out on an excellent side option, especially for more Mediterranean inspired quiches. 

Soup Or Stew

A classic accompaniment for something like quiche is a nice bowl of soup or even stew. However, sometimes the soup can end up overshadowing your savoury quiche, especially if you serve it in large quantities. 

That said though, a simple soup that has complimentary flavours for your quiche can really elevate your meal and make it a nice winter treat. 

An excellent idea is to serve a classic tomato soup with a cheese quiche or the ever-popular quiche lorraine. 

However, you should always try to contrast the quiche components as much as you compliment them. As such, if serving something like tomato and basil quiche, maybe serve it alongside something like chicken soup or chicken broth instead. 

Alternatively, you could serve a small amount of bisque with your quiche. Some good options are baked vegetable bisque or butternut squash bisque. 

Another idea is to serve cold soups or bisques with quiche instead of hot ones. Now, this may sound odd but many people find that cold soups work best with quiche rather than warms.

Whatever you decide though, the soup should be in small side bowl portions whilst the quiche is plentiful. This is so that your side doesn’t completely dominate the meal. 

Green Salad

Quiche is made with lots of egg and cheese, along with bacon in many cases. As such when making a side dish for quiche something light and green can help provide a nice balance to the meal.

A few greens such as a baby spring mix or a simple homemade option such as lettuce with a few mixed vegetables of your choice such as onions or baby spinach is all your really need. Top it off with a bleu cheese or balsamic vinaigrette for dressing the perfectly light complimentary side salad is ready.

what to serve with quiche

Roasted Vegetables

An excellent side dish option for near enough savoury dishes is a selection of roasted vegetables. Now some classic carvery roast vegetables such as roast potatoes or parsnips make excellent choices. However, for a real treat, a mixture of different roasted veg can really compliment your quiche beautifully.

An excellent combination to try is red onions, mushroom, bell pepper, broccoli and squash. When seasoned with balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper, these vegetables will come out brilliantly when roasted for around fifteen minutes. However, near enough any combination of vegetables will work excellently.

Crusty Bread And Butter

Naturally, when thinking about side dishes for a French dish (or really any dish), where does your mind go to?

French bread of course!

When cut into thick slices and buttered any kind of crusty bread is always a treat. This is especially true if eating a particularly creamy quiche though as the bread can always be used to soak up those extra flavours.

Whilst this is a very simple meal option, bread really does pair perfectly with most foods. If you want to be a little bold though, why not try focaccia or pumpernickel with your quiche as opposed to the classic baguette. 

Garlic Bread

When questioning what is the secret ingredient that makes so many foods taste so good, the answer is usually garlic (although onion is also up there). Naturally then, as we all know, garlic bread is truly a match made in heaven.

Whilst the sliced baguette and pizza styles are commonly seen, the beauty of garlic bread is that near enough any kind of loaf can be made into garlic bread. With that in mind, if you want your garlic bread to stand out, why not put your own spin on things?

What to Serve with Quiche: Something Sweet

Now you’re done with your main and side dishes you and your company may still have a bit of an appetite. So naturally, it’s time for dessert. Of course when deciding on your sweet though it is often wise to make sure it complements your main. As such, if the main was rich and indulgent, make the dessert nice light, and vice versa.

Fresh Doughnuts

Quiche is very much a savoury dish, with egg, cheese and often bacon which can add a nice saltiness to your main dish. However, for dessert, it’s wise to balance this out with something sweet, and what’s better for that than doughnuts.

Whether filled with custard, a fruity jam or simply sprinkled in cinnamon sugar, some nice sweet doughnuts can be the perfect dish to serve after quiche. This is particularly true if they’re slightly warm from the oven.

what to serve with quiche

Fresh Fruit Salad

If you want a refreshing but still somewhat substantial dessert option then fruit salad is an excellent option. If vegetables or bread were served with your quiche, a nice fruit salad can be an excellent choice to balance things out somewhat. Additionally, this is also a somewhat healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth after a savoury meal.

For something a little more pudding-like, mix some fruits of your choice with some vanilla pudding and some almond and vanilla extracts. Then refrigerate for two hours in order to give your fruit salad a deliciously sweet glaze.

Lemon Curd

Some people may eat this directly with something like Spanish quiche. However, after a large meal, something light and refreshing like lemon curd can really hit the spot. Particularly on a warm day the tangy and sweet taste of lemon curd can make for an excellent end to a hearty meal.

Now We Know What To Serve With Quiche

The beauty of a dish like a quiche is that you can accompany it with nearly any other kind of food or drink. However, to avoid overshadowing your main dish, you’re best off using something simple that complements and contrasts your quiche.

Hopefully the above gives you a solid basis to start with, but why not experiment with other options? You may find that, that the food you least expect to, goes amazingly with your quiche.

FAQ’S – What To Serve With Quiche

What is a good side dish with quiche?

Truly your options for what to serve with quiche are practically endless. However, some good options are mild soups, salads and bread.

How should quiche be served?

Quiche can be served hot or cold, as a side or as the centrepiece of a meal. The beauty of something like quiche though is that it is incredibly versatile and can go with nearly anything.

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