Amsha Kitchen Copper Frying Pan Set Review

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The Amsha Kitchen Copper Frying Pan Set has received great reviews, even though it comes at quite an affordable price. Of course, we were intrigued, so we decided to test out this three-pan set to see if it lives up to the hype.

Complete set of 9 pc Copper Frying Pan with Lids & Spoons - Non Stick Chef Pan 8,10 & 12’'- Heavy Duty Tempered Glass Lid, PFOA Free Skillet, Oven & Dishwasher Safe. 3 Pans, 3 Lids, Spatula & Spoon

We can tell you one thing up front – we were really amazed by the performance of these pans. No piece of cookware is perfect for everything though, and there are always some advantages and drawbacks.

This is why we analyzed all of the features of this set in detail. Hopefully, this review will answer all the questions you have about this set from Amsha and help you decide if it is right for you.

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Amsha Kitchen Copper Frying Pan Set: What’s Included?


An 8-inch copper frying pan


A 10-inch copper frying pan


A 12-inch copper frying pan


An 8-inch tempered glass lid with a detachable stainless steel knob


A 10-inch tempered glass lid with a detachable stainless steel knob


A 12-inch tempered glass lid with a detachable stainless steel knob


A slotted spatula made of silicone


A serving spoon made of silicone


A slotted spoon made of silicone


The Pans

The Amsha Kitchen Copper Frying Pan Set contains three frying pans in three different sizes. All three pans have a copper core covered with a non-stick coating on the inside and on the outside.

These pans also feature a special base made of stainless steel that prevents the pans from warping and allows them to work with induction cooktops. Due to specific technology induction cooktops use, they only work with magnetic cookware.

Copper and aluminum naturally don’t work with induction, which is why the stainless steel base on these pans is a really nice addition that makes them much more versatile.

The non-stick coating on these pans is probably their best feature. The coating used on these Amsha pans is a high-grade ceramic coating that belongs to the new generation of health-conscious non-stick coatings.

Now, you’ve probably heard stories about non-stick coatings posing a health risk. Namely, the first non-stick coatings that appeared on the marked contained man-made chemicals known as PFOA and PTFE.

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These coatings are not dangerous to health in themselves, but if scratched or used at temperatures that are too high, they can start releasing small amounts of these chemicals into your food, which is definitely not good for your health. Luckily, the new ceramic coatings are much safer to use. They are also much harder to scratch which is the reason why the pans are dishwasher-safe too.

The three pans in this set all have a nice long metal handle securely attached to the pan with rivets. There is a hole at the end of each handle which makes them perfect for those who like to hang their cookware.

Hanging your cookware is a great way to save space, but it can also be a nice way to decorate your space, and you’ll surely be happy to display these gorgeous copper pans.

Complete set of 9 pc Copper Frying Pan with Lids & Spoons - Non Stick Chef Pan 8,10 & 12’'- Heavy Duty Tempered Glass Lid, PFOA Free Skillet, Oven & Dishwasher Safe. 3 Pans, 3 Lids, Spatula & Spoon
  • UNIQUE COMPLETE SET - Ultimate Set With Multiple Size Non-Stick Premium Chef Grade Copper Pans. Includes 3 Round Copper Fry Pans - 8, 10, & 12", Matching Oven Safe Tempered Glass Lids & Set Of Three Professional One Piece Design Spatula And Spoon
  • QUALITY TO LAST NON-STICK COATING & INDUCTION – Premium Ceramic Non-Stick Outer And Inner Coating Prevents Food From Sticking To The Pan, Easy Cooking And Healthy Eating With Less Oil Or Butter, Professional Cooking And Convenient Cleanup
  • ONE PEICE DESIGN SPATULA AND SPOONS SET - Premium Non-Stick Silicone Is A Breeze To Clean And Can Be Either Hand Washed Or Tossed In The Dishwasher For The Ultimate In Convenience. Soft Silicone Won't Scratch Non-Stick Cookware Or Your Chef Grade Copper Pans. Won't Chip, Warp Or Melt Like Your Old Plastic Kitchen Utensils Or Bamboo Kitchen Utensils.
  • HEAVY DUTY UNIVERSAL SNUG FIT LIDS - STAINLESS STEEL KNOBS - 8/10/12” Set Of Three Heat-Resistant Lids. The Durable, Heat-Resistant Glass Offers A Clear View Of Frying Pan Contents. The Tempered-Glass Lid And Stainless-Steel Knods Allows The Lid To Be Used In The Oven (Safe To 500°F). These Also Works With Other Brand: Calphalon, Greenpan, T-Fal, Lodge Cast Iron, Farberware, Circulon, Cuisinart And More. Lids are made of Metal and will get VERY HOT please use proper proection before touching.
  • EASY to CLEAN - Use Warm Water And Soap To Clean The Copper Frying Pans. Make Sure To Use Plastic, Nylon, Or Wooden Utensils To Clean The Pan. Avoid Abrasive Cleaners Or Metallic Utensils. Non-Stick Silicone Spatula + Spoon And The Tempered-Glass Lids Are A Breeze To Clean And Can Be Either Hand Washed Or Tossed In The Dishwasher For The Ultimate In Convenience. Detachable Knobs, Easy to Separate For Cleaning.

The Lids

The three pans in the Amsha Kitchen Copper set all come with matching tempered glass lids. The lids have stainless steel rims and detachable knobs. The rims allow them to fit tightly to the sides of the pan, thus effectively locking in moisture.

When you order this set, the lids come disassembled, without the metal knobs attached, that is. However, it is not hard to figure out how to put them on, and the fact that the knobs are detachable makes it much easier to clean the lid.

Tempered glass is glass that has been treated in a specific way that makes it resistant to temperature changes and much harder to break. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to break them, but in normal daily use, it’s almost impossible to do so.

The glass lids are transparent so you can see the food while it’s cooking. Arguably, it is a feature that can make cooking much more fun. The only slight problem with these lids is the fact that the metal knob on top can sometimes get hot while you’re cooking.

However, if you keep this in mind, it shouldn’t be a big problem. Just don’t grab the nob with your bare hands before checking if it’s too hot.

The Utensils

This three-pan set is complemented with three silicone utensils. You get a serving spoon, a slotted spoon and a slotted spatula. The utensils feature a special one-piece design that makes them hard to break.

Moreover, they are made of heat-resistant silicone, which doesn’t chip or melt with use. Silicone is also the best material to use with non-stick coatings since it doesn’t cause them any damage. The slotted spatula is perfect for making eggs and flipping pancakes.

The slotted spoon really comes in handy when you are frying something with larger amounts of oil since it lets you drain the oil out when taking out the food.

Use and Maintenance

The three Amsha copper non-stick pans are quite lightweight and really fun to use. The handles are quite comfortable and the pans are well balanced which makes it super easy to move them around the kitchen. Most importantly, the non-stick coating really works great, thus minimizing the need for oil and making clean-up much easier.

For best results, Amsha recommends adding a small amount of margarine, butter, or spray-oil into the pan before heating it up. The pan should then be heated on low to medium heat for about 2 minutes before adjusting the heat further and adding the food.

When you are done, you can wipe off the oil with a paper towel, and wash the pan with warm soapy water. Although these pans won’t be ruined if you put them in the dishwasher, we do recommend washing them by hand to keep the non-stick coating lasting longer.

Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure – this copper pan set from Amsha will certainly be useful in any kitchen. The sizes of these pans all work well for preparing various everyday meals. The 8-inch and 10-inch pans are perfect for making eggs for breakfast, while the 12-inch pan is perfect for frying meat or making a stir-fry.

Moreover, the glass lids allow these pans to become ever more versatile. With the lids, you can also use these pans for braising and making stews. Finally, the silicone utensils are a nice addition that allows you to start using these pans right out of the box.

Overall, this is a nice, functional set, perfect for beginners and seasoned chefs alike.