Best Dutch Oven for Induction Cooktop

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Perhaps you have decided to invest in an induction stovetop. After all, they are faster, safer and more energy-efficient than your standard gas or electric stovetop. However, will you be able to use your Dutch oven on it? The answer is mostly yes and in this article, we will tell you about the materials which can be used and give you our top choices. Hopefully, you will find one to suit your induction hob.

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In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid – Dual Handles – Oven Safe up to 500° F or on Stovetop - Use to Marinate, Cook, Bake, Refrigerate and Serve – Indigo
  • YOUR GO-TO DUTCH OVEN: A flawless pairing of form and function that doesn't quit. The Lodge Dutch Oven not only makes your kitchen look good but is an enameled cast iron classic great for preparing and serving memorable meals. Broil, braise, bake or roast your favorite meals in the oven up to 500 Degree F.
  • WHAT IS PORCELAIN ENAMEL ON CAST IRON. It is glass that becomes bonded to the cast iron at high temperatures. A particulate of glass, called frit, is applied to the cast iron vessel and then baked at temperatures between 1200 and 1400° F. The glass frit melts and fuses to the cast iron, forming a bond. Porcelain enamel on cast iron is heat tolerant and impervious to water and other consumables.
  • EASY TO COOK AND CLEAN: The porcelain enameled interior has a smooth finish that minimizes sticking, promotes caramelization and resists staining. Although enameled cast iron is dishwasher safe, hand washing with warm soapy water and a nylon scrub brush is recommended to keep your Dutch Oven in tip top shape
  • HEAT RETENTION: The cast iron vessel has superior heat distribution and retention, evenly heating throughout both the bottom and sidewalls. The tightly fitting lid seals in moisture for scrumptious pot roast, stews or a large batch of beans. Our heat retention also reduces the amount of energy needed for cooking.
  • FAMILY-OWNED. Lodge is more than just a business; it’s a family. The Lodge family founded the company in 1896, and they still own it today. From environmental responsibility to community development, their heads and hearts are rooted in America. Products made with non-toxic, PFOA & PTFE free material.

Best Dutch Oven for Induction Cooktop – Runner Up

Our rating:

Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven with Lid and Dual Handles, Heavy-Duty, 6-Quart, Blue
  • Dutch oven in Blue; ideal for roasting, baking, sautéing, cooking, and more
  • Heavy-duty cast iron retains heat well and distributes it evenly; smooth enamel finish provides lasting strength
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Medium 6-quart capacity serves 4-6 people; perfect for tossing pasta, frying chicken, or making soup
  • Hand wash only; avoid metal utensils and wash in warm, soapy water for best results; avoid citrus-based cleaners

Best Dutch Oven for Induction Cooktop – Comparison Table

Best Dutch Oven for Induction Cooktop – Reviews

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid – Dual Handles – Oven Safe up to 500° F or on Stovetop - Use to Marinate, Cook, Bake, Refrigerate and Serve – Indigo
Our rating:

This Dutch oven is made from cast iron so it will work well on an induction hob. It has a porcelain enamel coating. This is glass that has been bonded to the cast iron at a high temperature of between 1200F and 1400F. This makes the cast iron heat tolerant and impervious to water. It also takes away the need to season the cast iron which will save you time. Also, the porcelain enamel coating doesn’t react to acidic foods so you can cook anything without the risk of a metallic flavor in your mouth. There are 3 layers of this porcelain enamel and they are chip and scratch-resistant.

You can use this Dutch oven in the oven up to a heat of 500F. On your induction stovetop, you can roast, fry, braise, sauté and simmer. In fact, you can make a wide variety of dishes from a stew to roast chicken.

This Dutch oven cooks evenly so you won’t get any hotspots that can burn your food with. It also retains heat well even when the hob is switched off. This is great if you plan to have seconds. It reduces the amount of energy you have to use which saves money in the long run.

It isn’t difficult to clean this Dutch oven. After cooking, allow it to cool. It is dishwasher safe, but it’s still better to wash by hand as this lengthens the lifespan of your Dutch oven. Use warm soapy water and a nylon scrub brush to clean it. Don’t use citrus-based cleaners as they can dull the appearance of your oven. If there is food residue use a nylon scraper to get it off. Metal shouldn’t be used as it can scratch the surface. When you have cleaned it, dry thoroughly. If you don’t do this, it can rust.

  • Even cooking
  • Good heat retention
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t need to be seasoned
  • A few people complained that it was made in China
  • One customer complained that it lost the enamel quickly
Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven with Lid and Dual Handles, Heavy-Duty, 6-Quart, Blue
Our rating:

This Dutch oven is made from durable cast iron which distributes heat evenly all the way from the wide flat base up to the sidewalls. It also retains heat well, so you won’t have to reheat your food if you want seconds. It has an enamel finish which doesn’t react to any foods, so you won’t get strange tastes in your mouth. 

The lid is secure fitting and keeps moisture, heat, and nutrients inside. This Dutch handle has loop side handles which are also secure. It is easy to lift the pot by the handles even when wearing oven gloves. 

Don’t use metal utensils in this Dutch oven as they can scratch and chip the enamel. Instead use wood, plastic, or heat-resistant silicone. If you have to remove food use a scraper or a non-abrasive pad. Don’t use metal scouring pads. 

The Dutch oven shouldn’t be put in the dishwasher. Instead, wash it in warm soapy water. When you have rinsed it out, make sure that you dry it thoroughly otherwise it could rust. 

  • Retains heat
  • Cooks evenly
  • Secure lid
  • Durable
  • Not non-stick
Cooks Standard Dutch Oven Casserole with Glass Lid, 7-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot, Silver
Our rating:

This Dutch oven is made from stainless steel, but it has a multi-layered bottom including an aluminum disc. The aluminum ensures that it heats evenly and retains the heat. You won’t get any hot spots and burnt food.

It has a tempered glass lid so you can keep an eye on your cooking without letting the heat out. There is a steam hole vent in the lid and a lip for easy pouring. The handles are securely riveted making it easy to remove from the stovetop.

As well as working on induction hobs, it is oven safe up to 500F, the lid to 350F.

  • Heats evenly
  • Retains heat
  • Glass lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not non-stick
  • One customer claimed that it burnt her food
Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven - Pre-Seasoned 5-Quart Set – 2-in-1 Multi-Cooker: 5-Qt Deep Pot + 10' Skillet - Frying Pan Converts to Lid of Combo Dutch Oven – Grill, Stove Top, BBQ and Induction Use
Our rating:

This Dutch oven is great value as the lid doubles up as a frying pan. It is made of durable cast-iron and both heats evenly and retains heat long after you switch off the hob. It comes pre-seasoned so you can use it straight out of the box, but you will have to season it yourself at regular intervals. It is heat resistant up to 480F so you can put it in the oven.

The Dutch oven is not dishwasher safe, but it is easy to clean. Wash in warm water, using a stiff brush. Don’t use any soap or detergent as they can make the oven go rusty. Make sure that you dry it thoroughly as it can also rust if not dried properly.

  • Retains heat
  • Heats evenly
  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Lid doubles as a frying pan
  • A few customers complained that the bottom wasn’t smooth
Tramontina 80110/224DS Gourmet Induction Aluminum Nonstick Covered Dutch Oven, Made in Italy, 5-Quart, Slate Gray
Our rating:

Here is a cold-forged heavy -gauge aluminum Dutch oven that does work on induction stovetops. This is because it has a high base magnetic bottom. Like all aluminum, it heats evenly and retains heat well.

The interior is made of PFOA-free Teflon which makes it non-stick. The oven has a glass lid which is heat and shatter-resistant. It allows you to watch your cooking without removing the lid. The handles are made from stainless steel and are securely riveted to the oven.

This Dutch oven is safe in the oven up to 350F and is also dishwasher safe.

  • Heats evenly
  • Retains heat
  • Non-stick
  • Dishwasher safe
  • One customer complained that the lid didn’t fit
  • Another customer complained that it would only work on the smaller burners on her induction hob

Best Dutch Oven for Induction Cooktop – Buyers Guide

Dutch ovens are very versatile. You can make casseroles and stews in them, boil, bake, fry, and even roast your Sunday dinner. Just remember to coat your Dutch oven in oil or butter to prevent food from sticking.

How Does an Induction Hob Work?

Magnetic energy is the key to an induction hob. There is a coil of wire underneath the hob through which an alternating current is passed. The base of a magnetic Dutch oven allows the magnetic energy to pass through and this produces heat. The heat is confined to the cookware. It is a safe and energy-efficient method of cooking. It provides instant heat, uses 50% less power and cooks food faster than any other conventional stovetop. 

Materials that are Suitable for Induction Cooking

Cast iron will always work with induction hobs and it is in fact, the most popular material for Dutch ovens. This is because iron is magnetic. The only real downside is that cast iron is very heavy and can scratch the surface of your induction hob. If you want to avoid this happening, cook with something in-between the hob and the Dutch oven, for example, a paper towel, a piece of newspaper or parchment paper. Because induction uses magnetic fields, the cooking surface doesn’t get hot, so you won’t have to worry that the paper is going to be set alight. Instead, you’ll get a stovetop that’s scratch and splatter-free.

Carbon steel Dutch ovens and those made from enameled cast iron and graniteware also work well. If you have old cookware and want to check that it will work on an induction hob, all you have to do is hold a magnet to the bottom of the pan. If the magnet sticks, the oven will work on your induction stovetop. Nowadays the instructions will tell you if the Dutch oven will work on an induction hob.

Now we come to stainless steel and this a tricky one. Some stainless steel works with induction while others don’t. This is because there is a great variety of stainless steel. If the alloy is made from iron, then the stainless steel Dutch oven will work. If it’s made from nickel it won’t work as nickel isn’t magnetic. Your Dutch oven should tell you if it works with induction, but if you have an old one and aren’t sure, try the magnetic test.

Aluminum cookware doesn’t work on induction stovetops as they don’t have any magnetic compounds. However, some aluminum Dutch ovens have an iron core so they might work on induction. It all depends on how big the iron core is. The instructions should tell you if your aluminum Dutch oven works on induction. If not, try the magnetic test. 

Most copper and ceramic cookware doesn’t work on an induction stovetop unless the base is made of iron.

If you are determined to keep your non-magnetic Dutch oven when buying an induction stovetop, you can also purchase an induction disk. This is a metal plate that you put on your hob. It transfers heat indirectly from the induction stovetop to the Dutch oven. 

How to Clean Your Dutch Oven

It is extremely easy to clean both your stovetop and the Dutch oven itself. Because of the cooking method, there will be very little mess on your stovetop. Wash the Dutch oven with warm water, but if it’s cast iron don’t use any detergent as it will cause the oven to rust. This doesn’t apply to enamel-coated cast iron. Dry it completely and for a cast iron oven add oil. It will then be ready for your next use.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are usually questions that people want to ask so we’ve tackled some here now. If we haven’t answered your questions, feel free to contact us.

Should my Dutch Oven Have a Flat Bottom?

Yes, it is a good idea to ensure that your Dutch oven has a flat bottom. This ensures a good transfer of electromagnetic energy. A round-bottomed Dutch oven won’t work as well. It is also important to make sure that the bottom is smooth. If it isn’t, use sandpaper to smooth out the base. 

What are the Advantages of Using a Dutch Oven on an Induction Stovetop?

You get precise heat control and it also cooks the food in half the time required for a conventional stovetop.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and have found a Dutch oven to suit your induction stovetop. Induction is the way to go even if it is a little more expensive than other stovetops. It will save you money in the long run as it heats straightaway and uses less power.

We stand by our top pick of the Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven. It is a little more expensive than the others, but you get what you pay for. It is made from durable cast iron with an enamel coating making it non-stick. It retains heat well, heats evenly and because of the enameled coating, you don’t need to season it, saving you time.