Best Frying Pan for High Heat

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High heat conjures up delicious images of Chinese stir-fries, seared steak, and sautéed mushrooms and onions. However, to be able to have these flavorful dishes you need to have the right equipment. Some materials just won’t do the trick and it could even be dangerous to use the wrong equipment. 

In this article, we are going to look at some frying pans which are suitable for cooking on a high heat.

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In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:

Lodge 10 Inch Cast Iron Chef Skillet. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pan with Sloped Edges for Sautes and Stir Fry.
  • Sloped sides with tear-drop handle
  • Pre-Seasoned and ready-to-use
  • Superior heat retention and even cooking
  • Use on all cooking surfaces, grills, campfires and oven safe
  • Made in the USA

Best Frying Pan for High Heat – Runner Up

Our rating:

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Signature Iron Handle Skillet, 6 1/3", Marine
  • Heavyweight fry pan requires very little oil, making it an excellent choice for low-fat cooking
  • Optimized for steady, even heat, Le creuset's improved enamel interior resists staining, dulling, and wear and tear
  • Black enamel interior requires no additional seasoning, unlike other cast-iron cookware.
  • New large loop helper handle facilitates lifting the pan and provides a better grip even while wearing oven mitts.
  • Enameled cast-iron construction provides superior heat retention. Dishwasher safe for fast, convenient cleanup.

Best Frying Pan for High Heat – Comparison Table

Best Frying Pan for High Heat – Reviews

Lodge 10 Inch Cast Iron Chef Skillet. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pan with Sloped Edges for Sautes and Stir Fry.
Our rating:

This skillet is made of cast iron which is an excellent material if you want to cook on a high heat. Not only can you sear, sauté and stir fry in it, but you can use it in the oven, on the grill or over a campfire. It can be used on gas cookers as well as electric, induction hobs and ceramic glass hobs. Cast iron is one of only two metals that can be used on an induction hob, the other being stainless steel. Be careful if you are using it on a glass hob as it could scratch the surface. 

The pan comes pre-seasoned which means that vegetable oil has been baked into it by an electrostatic sprayer on a very high temperature. This allows the oil to penetrate the skillet and you get a non-stick surface. 

It holds the heat well so it will keep your food hot for a long time. It also means that it will sear meat perfectly. The pan allows even distribution of heat so everything will be cooked at the same temperature. 

The pan is 10 inches in diameter and has sloped sides, with a teardrop handle. It comes in black which will suit most decors. Also, it adds extra nutritional iron into your diet.

It is simple to clean. Use a stiff nylon brush and water. Avoid any harsh detergents and soap and don’t use the dishwasher. When washed, dry with a tea towel and rub a little vegetable oil into it while it is still warm.

  • Can be heated to a high temperature
  • It can be used on an induction hob
  • It is pre-seasoned
  • It is easy to clean
  • A few customers have said it isn’t pre-seasoned enough
  • Some people have said that the surface is rough
Le Creuset Enameled Cast Signature Iron Handle Skillet, 6 1/3', Marine
Our rating:

Enameled cast iron doesn’t need to be pre-seasoned, but it still requires very little oil. This frying pan distributes heat equally so all your food will be cooked evenly. It also retains the heat which means that you will be able to have second helpings without reheating your food. It also keeps food cold and can be put in the freezer. It performs well at higher temperatures so you can sear, stir fry and sauté with ease. It can be used on any type of cooker including an induction hob. 

This pan is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning easier. If there is food residue left in the pan, pour in some warm water and leave for 20 minutes before you put it in the dishwasher. Don’t use scourers or put abrasive cleaning agents on it. In addition, don’t put the hot pan in a bowl of cold water. The frying pan is extremely durable, but thermal shock may cause it to crack or lose the enamel.

This Le Creuset frying pan has a hoop helper handle which gives you a better grip.

  • It requires very little oil for cooking
  • It gives a steady and even heat
  • It can heat to a high temperature
  • Easy to clean
  • There have been a few people who have claimed that food sticks
  • The handle gets hot even with a silicon handle cover
BK Pre-Seasoned Black Steel Carbon Steel Induction 11' Frying Pan Skillet, Oven Safe, Black
Our rating:

Professional chefs like carbon steel. It is durable and lighter than cast iron. Like cast iron, it is pre-seasoned and ready to be used after a quick wash. In time it will develop a non-stick patina layer which makes cooking very easy especially at high heats. You should easily be able to sear a steak or stir fry vegetables. The patina layer enhances the non-stick qualities and makes the pan even more durable. 

Black carbon steel is 3 times denser than aluminum and is stronger than gray carbon steel. It has a black iron oxide layer which means that it won’t corrode or become stained. The handle is coated in cast iron and is very strong. 

Cleaning is simple. All you have to do is pour hot water on it and then wipe and dry.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Heats to a high temperature so you can both sear and stir fry
  • It’s safe to use with metal utensils
  • Cleaning is simple
  • Some customers have complained that the metal is too thin

Best Frying Pan for High Heat – Buyers Guide

It can be overwhelming trying to choose the right frying pan if you want to cook at a high heat. There are so many products out there so how do you decide? Well, you do need to get the right material and here I’m going to tell you what the best for cooking at a high heat is.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is very heat-resistant so is a good choice. You can easily stir fry and sear in a cast-iron frying pan. It is very versatile, and you can use it on any type of hob, including induction. You can even put it under the grill and in the oven.

It is heavy so takes a bit of getting used to. It comes pre-seasoned, but you do have to put a little oil on it each time after it has been washed.

Cast iron isn’t very expensive and is durable, so you should have a pan made from cast iron for years.

Carbon Steel

For those who feel than cast iron is a bit heavy, carbon steel is a good alternative. It is lighter than cast iron, but a little heavier than copper, aluminum or stainless steel. You can easily cook at a high temperature on carbon steel. You do have to pre-season after each use, but that only means rubbing a little vegetable oil on it. The pre-seasoning does give you some delicious meals and takes little effort.

Enameled Cast Iron

These pans have a cast iron base with a ceramic enamel cooking surface. This gives you good heat conductivity enabling you to cook at high temperatures. It also cooks evenly so one half of your meal won’t be cool while the other is hot. There are a couple of downsides, however. It doesn’t have the natural non-stick qualities a cast iron pan has. It is also a bit more expensive than cast iron.

Stainless Steel Combinations

Stainless steel is another material that can be used on a high heat if it is combined with other materials such as copper and aluminum. Stainless steel on its own has too much insulation for high heat cooking, but copper and aluminum conduct heat very quickly. Together they are perfect for cooking food on a high heat. 

These pans are usually dishwasher safe. Also, they are reasonably priced. Stainless steel is usually quite cheap while copper and aluminum are more expensive. Combine the two together and you have a good price.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has given you an idea of what types of frying pans there are out there for cooking on a high heat. Choose between cast iron, carbon steel, enameled cast iron or stainless-steel combinations and you should be well on the way towards getting a delicious meal.