French Copper Cookware Brands

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Copper cookware is the all-time favorite of many professional chefs, and there are some good reasons for this. First of all, copper is one of the most heat-sensitive materials available. It has the ability to heat up very evenly across the cooking surface.

Moreover, it heats up very fast and cools down just as quickly which allows for incredibly precise temperature control while cooking. These properties make copper cookware so versatile that you can use it to prepare almost any dish.

Copper cookware is also very durable which makes investing in some high-quality pieces an investment you’ll definitely won’t regret.

Copper cookware has traditionally been used in French cuisine for hundreds of years and France also has a long tradition of making best copper cookware in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for the very best, you should definitely consider French manufacturers.

These are our favorites.

Mauviel Cookware

Mauviel is definitely one of the leaders in the copper cookware market. The company was established almost 200 years ago in Villedieu-les-Poêles, a village known for its long history of metal-work, especially for producing copper cookware and basins. Today, Mauviel makes high-quality cookware that is used in professional kitchens all over the world.

Mauviel makes a wide range of kitchen products, but their Heritage cookware collection is probably the most popular. This collection includes pots and pans in a variety of sizes made from a combination of copper and stainless steel.

The 2.5 mm thick copper body allows the cookware to heat up and cool down extremely fast, while the thin stainless steel lining on the inside keeps your food safe and makes cleaning easier.

All the pieces are carefully designed without any room for mistakes. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that even the handles are made with exceptional attention to detail. They are weighted to provide added balance and made from stainless steel with an iron electroplated finish which remains cool to the touch.

Mauviel cookware is really amazing, and you don’t have to take their word for that – every piece of cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The only downside is that copper cookware can’t be used with induction stovetops. However, Mauviel does offer an interface disk that allows you to adapt your induction stovetop to be used with copper cookware.

Baumalu Cookware

Baumalu is another French cookware manufacturer with a long tradition of making high-quality products.

They make cookware and various kitchen utensil with a focus on traditional French cuisine, which means their pots and pans are also made in the old-school style. Their pots and pans are made mostly with 1.7 mm copper walls lined with lead-free tin and equipped with riveted handles that provide a secure grip.

De Buyer Cookware

De Buyer was founded during the 1830s in France. Today they are selling a wide variety of kitchen products all over the world, including knives and various utensils, but their main focus remains copper cookware. De Buyer offers a wide range of copper cookware divided primarily into two collections.

The INOCUIVRE collection offers standard copper cookware with stainless steel lining, similar to that of other manufacturers. The copper is 2 mm thick and the inside layer of stainless steel is food-safe and very durable.

There is no doubt that there is some high-quality cookware in the De Buyer INOCUIVRE collection, but their Induction PRIMA MATERA range is what makes them really stand out among other manufacturers of copper cookware.

This collection offers a revolutionary solution that brings copper to the induction stove. The pots and pans in this collection are made of copper with special ferromagnetic stainless steel bottoms that allow them to work with induction cooktops as well as with any other kind of cooktop.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you are looking for a saucepan, a stock pot, an all-purpose frying pan or a whole collection of cookware, French copper cookware is definitely something you should consider if you want the very best.

However, there is one major problem when it comes to using copper cookware in modern kitchens – it doesn’t really work with induction cooktops. There is no need to worry, though, as there are solutions for this problem too.

If you are cooking on an induction cooktop, you can either purchase an interface disk that allows you to use copper cookware or opt for De Buyer copper cookware that has been adapted for induction cooktops.  

Copper cookware can be a bit pricier than some other types, but investing in such a piece is definitely worth it. A good copper pan can become your favorite cooking companion for many years to come!