Granite Rock Pan Review

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‘As Seen on TV’ frying pans are always so appealing thanks to the glitzy marketing and phenomenal TV demonstrations. They slide eggs and bacon around a pan without any help from a utensil. They wipe the surface clean with a mere paper towel.

They smash the surface with hammers! Who could resist? But they’re not always what they seem when you get them home and test them out in the reality of your own kitchen.

One particular ASTV frying pan we are intrigued by is the Granite Rock Pan. They absolutely have utilized the eye-catching marketing mentioned above (a link to the official infomercial below).

We have studied the Granite Rock Pan to figure out if it’s truly a miraculous non-stick pan…hint, the results are pretty great, if somewhat varied.

Let’s figure out the ins and outs of the Granite Rock Pan!

Granitestone 2149 Shallow Square Pan, Ultra Non-stick & Scratchproof Aluminum Fry Pans, Mineral-enforced, Oven & Dishwasher Safe with Cool Touch Handles, PFOA-Free Cookware - As Seen On TV (12 inch)
  • ULTIMATE NONSTICK EXPERIENCE The Granitestone Diamond non-stick square frying pan features a mineral-infused granite surface which ensures the ultimate release of food, everything just slides right off the pan even without oil or butter.
  • 100% TOXIC FREE All materials that are used for Granite Stone products are free from PTHE, PFOA, PFOS, lead and cadmium, allowing you to cook and prepare healthy food for your family.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE It is made of heavy-duty Triple layered granite coating that is infused with diamond and it is thicker than standard pans, extremely durable, scratch-proof & metal utensil safe.
  • HEATS QUICKLY & EVENLY Made of professional grade aluminum alloy that conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control and no hot spot, food fries quickly and evenly across the surface of the pan.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE The Titanium-reinforced frying pan interior makes it extremely easy to clean after use, just slip them in the dishwasher after use and they'll be clean in no time.


What does the infomercial claim?

You can see for yourself! Here’s a link to the infomercial. They claim that “nothing sticks” to the Granite Rock pan, even without the addition of any fat.

They show melted hard candies simply wiping away, eggs sliding around, and an upside-down pizza coming out without a trace left in the pan. They show a piece of steak being sliced in half in the pan to show that it is metal utensil safe.

However, as video reviewers have shown us, the instruction manual actually states that “no sharp objects of any type should be used on the inside or on the outside of granite rock cookware”.

This tells us that wood, silicone and nylon utensils should be used exclusively, and the metal utensils should stay in the drawer.

Are there different shapes and sizes?

Yes, there are square and round pans available in both 10 and 12 inch sizes.

Note: there is also the brand named Granite Stone, which is the same thing. If you compare the packaging and marketing materials, they’re the same. What’s more, they’re both made by Emson Inc. (the blue logo seen on both brands).

They have an identical image of the pan with 2 eggs sliding out of it. It’s safe to say that they both have identical features regardless of a different branding name. Just thought I’d clear that up as there are many questions regarding the two throughout comment sections.

What’s it made of?

The pan is made from an aluminum base with 3 layers of the ‘Granite Rock Finish’. Aluminum is a great choice because it conducts heat evenly and thoroughly. Some customers have been suspicious that the aluminum base is too thin, contributing to warping.

The “Granite Rock Finish” is a little vague in terms of what exactly it is made from. Some sources claim that it is indeed made from Granite (aka natural mineral material), while others believe it to be made from heat-fired porcelain enamel and made to look like rock as an aesthetic finish.

It is described by some sources as a “rock-like” finish, or simply “granite rock finish” with no specification of what this actually consists of. What we do know is that the finish contains titanium, which is a durable and safe material.

The “Granite Rock Finish” is coated with a nonstick coating. This is where it gets a little dicey. We do not know what the non-stick coating is made from, because Granite Rock doesn’t reveal this information.

They do tell us that the pan is PFOA-free (it has to be, PFOA is banned), but we’re unsure if it has PTFE in it or not. Keep reading, more on safety and PTFE below!

If you want to be sure that your pans are safe and non-stick, you might want to consider a ceramic frying pan instead.

Is it really non-stick without any oil or butter?

To see the pan in action, I highly recommend checking out this unbiased video review. He demonstrates all of the cooking processes in the infomercial (eggs, melted cheese, melted candies) with pretty great results!

Sure, the eggs don’t slide around unassisted, but they definitely don’t stick. It’s not as completely over-the-top as the infomercial shows, but it certainly lives up to the “it just doesn’t stick” catch phrase.

However, there are mixed reviews concerning the non-stick nature of the Granite Rock Pan. Some customers have found that it does indeed stick, and they need to use oil or butter to somewhat prevent this. There are a few furious reviews stating that their food stuck terribly to the pan.

Before totally condemning the Granite Rock Pan, consider that these cooking failures could have been due to the way the pans were used. Perhaps the heat was too high, or the pan wasn’t sufficiently preheated.

I think that the number of positive reviews regarding the non-stick nature are enough to justify giving this pan a go, as long as you don’t expect it to be completely like the infomercial!

Pros and Cons


non-stick (debatable)


Great price, budget friendly


Compatible with metal utensils


Heats evenly and quickly


Oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit




Dishwasher safe


Cool-touch stainless steel handle


Risk of sticking when used without fat


Prone to warping


Mysterious non-stick coating (what’s in it?)


Doesn’t come with a lid


Not induction compatible

Is The Granite Rock Pan Safe?

This question links back to the “what’s it made of?” question. Because we’re not entirely sure what the non-stick coating is made from, we can’t confidently say whether or not the pan is 100% safe.

We do know that it is PFOA-free, which is great. If it does contain PTFE, then that’s not entirely the end of the world. PTFE (aka Teflon) is not dangerous unless the pan is heated above a certain temperature (570 degrees F).

I don’t know exactly what’s in this pan, so I can’t give a definite “yes, it’s safe”. However, I am confident in saying that I doubt it’s dangerous or unhealthy when used correctly. If you are concerned about PTFE then I would go for a pan which specifically states that PTFE is not included.

How do I clean and maintain it properly?

  • Don’t use it over a high heat, just stick to medium. If there is PTFE present in the coating then it’s best to stay at medium temperatures. What’s more, a medium heat will give a better chance at a non-stick performance, and it will help to prevent warping
  • Don’t plunge the pan into water before it cools down or you risk warping
  • Stick to non-metal utensils even though it specifies that it is metal utensil compatible in the marketing. Softer utensils will help to preserve the finish and the non-stick performance over time
  • Don’t use cooking sprays as they can leave a sticky layer of residue on your pans
  • Hand wash your Granite Rock pan to help prevent warping, scratching and compromising the non-stick performance. Even when cookware brands state that their products are dishwasher friendly, it’s always best to stick to good old hand washing with a soft brush and mild detergent

Is the Granite Rock Pan worth it?

Because of the low cost, the Granite Rock Pan isn’t a high risk purchase, and there’s a high chance it will turn out to be awesome. However, there’s also a chance that it will disappoint, and won’t deliver the non-stick performance as promised.

We think that if you use it on a low-medium heat, preheat it sufficiently, and add a little oil or butter, your chances are pretty great.

One thing we think is an oversight from the brand is that the pans do not come with lids! This is annoying because it means you either have to use another pan lid (which likely won’t fit), or use a plate and risk burning your hands.

We love that you can use this pan in the oven, as it means you can use it for baked goods, meats and veggie dishes when you’re short on baking pans and trays.

If you want to be 100% sure about what’s in your cookware, I would go for something a little less vague. Ozeri, Cuisinart Green Gourmet and GreenPan are good choices to look into.

What about a warranty? What are your options if you find that your Granite Rock Pan just isn’t up to scratch? Granite Rock provides a “90 Day Money Back Guarantee with lifetime replacement”.

Note: if you have an induction cooktop, the Granite Rock Pan won’t work for you. You will need a stainless steel or cast iron cookware. Don’t worry, there are so many brands selling high-quality non-stick cookware fit for induction cooktops.


Don’t expect the Granite Rock Pan to yield the same results as what you see on the infomercial. However, you can expect a decent non-stick result. Make sure that you read the instructions and maintain the pan properly for the best results.

The Granite Rock Pan could be a fantastic new addition to your kitchen, if the promised claims are fulfilled. However, be aware of the mixed reviews before making your final decision!