How to Store Pots and Pans

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Pots and pans are probably the most important cooking utensils in the kitchen and come in different varieties. It is not uncommon to see a dozen pots and pans in one single kitchen. Because of this reason, it becomes a little difficult for homeowners to conveniently store all the pots and pans, especially when there is limited space in the kitchen.

In this article, we will be discussing three different ways in which you can store your pots and pans by making the best use of the space that is available to you and making your kitchen look tidier.

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Your first choice should be the cabinets that are present in your kitchen. This will keep the plethora of utensils out of sight, thereby giving your kitchen an uncluttered look.

Here are some ways you can store pots and pans in cabinets:


If there is enough space in your cabinets, then you can always stack your pots and pans in them without any hassle. You can also stack them on top of each other; however, be careful when stacking them on the top shelves.

One important thing that you must bring into constant practice is putting paper towels or some other soft material in-between all the utensils to prevent them from getting damaged from the lingering moisture.


A more efficient way to store pots and pans inside the cabinet is by hanging them to little hooks. If you are installing hooks inside the cabinet, them you must ensure that they are strong enough to bear the weight of each individual cookware. Another thing that you must keep them in mind is that your cabinet is big enough to fit your pots and pans when they are hanging vertically.


To make reaching out to your pots and pans more convenient, you can also invest in an organizer that is designed specifically for storing different types of cookware. Some of these organizers look just like normal racks, which are large enough to fit pots and pans of any size.


If you are out of cabinet space or are looking to add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen, then you also have the option of hanging your pots and pans using a rack. However, hanging pots and pans will only look good if you have a large kitchen with lots of empty space.

The best thing about this idea is that it isn’t really necessary to buy a new rack, as you can make a rack by yourself using copper pipes, wire shelving or even a ladder.

Here are some places where your hanging pots and pan will look good in your kitchen:

Island or Countertop

Perhaps the best place to hang your pots and pans is over the island or the countertop. This is mainly because it becomes super easy to reach out to them whenever you start cooking.


Other than installing a rack on the ceiling, you also have the option of putting up a rack on a wall. The best thing about linear rack is that they take much less space as compared to a rack that hangs on the ceiling. You can place them on almost any empty wall on the kitchen, which will not only provide you with easy access to the pots and pans but greatly increase the aesthetics of your kitchen.

If you have too many cooking utensils but very limited wall space you can also put up two racks together, one on top of the other. This will create a tiered storage system in your kitchen and help you use your wall space much more efficiently. However, when installing two racks together, make sure that the utensils hanging above do not hit the rack that is directly below them.


Another place where you can hang your pots and pans is by putting a rod over your kitchen window. This option is best if you don’t have much wall space and have a very large window. You can use a normal curtain rod and install brackets into it using a drill and screws.

If you hang your pots and pans on the window, it will obviously eclipse most of your view. Therefore, it is essential that you are fine with the new view before actually installing the rod.

Unconventional Storage Solutions

Who says that you can’t be creative when it comes to storing your pots and pans. Here are some unconventional storage solutions that homeowners are known to use:

Peg Board

A peg board may be one of the best ways to store all your pots and pans if there are some empty walls in your kitchen. You will not only be able to place as many pots and pans on the peg board, but will look great too. One good thing about a peg board is that you can customize it to suit your kitchen theme as well as the dimensions of your kitchen walls.

Ladder and S Hooks

If you have an old ladder lying vacant in your home, then that can come handy as well. You can place the ladder on a certain wall, just like when you use it to climb and place S hooks on the steps for hanging the pots and pans.


If you aren’t a big fan of having your pots and pans out in the open, then you can always store them in the pantry. You can either stack them in the corner or place a rack inside the pantry to hang them. You can also install an entire peg board inside your pantry if there is adequate wall space.

Whatever you choose to do, your pots and pans will be hidden away and you won’t have to bear their sight.

Magnetic Knife Strip

If constantly find yourself scrambling for the lids of your pots and pans to cover them up while cooking, then you can use a magnetic knife strip to stick these lids and covers on knife strip. However, you must ensure that the lids are not too heavy as they may fall off causing some sort of accident.

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