How Long Can Sushi Sit Out? Plus Easy Ways to Store It

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Sushi is a food loved by individuals around the world. It has a unique flavor profile and a delicacy that will leave you appreciating the ingredients in it. Plus, many chefs use their artistic skills to create beautiful pieces that you will love to see.

Sushi is one of the most healthy foods that you can consume. Often, it has raw ingredients in it, such as fish, vegetables, and other types of seafood. To ensure your meal lasts, you need to learn how long can sushi sit out and how you should store it properly.

Raw sushi like sashimi can be refrigerated for up to 2 days. Sushi with cooked fish or seafood can last for up to 4 days in the fridge. We advise you that you don’t let any sushi type sit out at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

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How Long Can Sushi Sit Out?

If you want to make your sushi rolls at home, you may wonder how long you can leave it sitting out on your counter. You can make it in the afternoon, for example, if you do not want to eat the meal until dinnertime.

Thankfully, in most instances, you will be okay to eat your sushi as long as there is less than a two-hour timespan between when you eat your meal and when you made it. Ensure that you do not let your house get too hot, especially in the summer. Any high temperatures can ruin your sushi rolls.

How Long Can Sushi Sit Out? Plus Easy Ways to Store It

Believe it or not, chefs first used the sushi rice to keep the seafood and vegetables fresh for a couple of hours. It was not until recently that individuals began to eat the outside portion of the food. This cause is likely why you can leave your sushi for a couple of hours.

The vegetables in sushi do last longer than the seafood and meat. If you decide to get a vegetarian option, you can likely leave it out a little longer. Raw fish, however, starts to decay as soon as you defrost it.

How Long Can Sushi Rolls Be Out of the Fridge?

If you already put your sushi in the refrigerator, you may wonder if you can take it back out and leave it sitting. You may want your meal to warm up some, especially if your house is cold. The opposite applies too in that you should not leave the sushi unrefrigerated for more than two hours.

When you put your sushi in the refrigerator, it will only last for so long too. You do not want to run the risk of getting sick because your seafood went rotten. Typically, in the refrigerator, you do not want to leave your sushi rolls for longer than 48 hours at a time.

Technically, sushi in your refrigerator for up to 48 hours is perfectly safe to eat. Some of the ingredients do, however, start to change. The more time they spend in the cold temperatures, the firmer the components will become, especially the sushi rice.

If you can help it, try to keep the sushi rice out of the refrigerator. It will start to harden quickly, and you will lose the quality of the meal you hoped to enjoy. If you can help it, only put the inner ingredients, including the seafood and the vegetables, in the refrigerator at one time.

How Long Can Sushi Sit Out at Room Temperature?

You should only keep your sushi rolls out for two hours if your home is at room temperature. Most experts agree that your meal will still be safe to consume if you leave it out for up to six hours.

The temperature in any given room of your house will likely be warmer than the temperature of your sushi. For this reason, your meal may start to contaminate over time. You could get seriously sick if you eat this sushi when it is too warm. You may run the risk of salmonella or some other type of food poisoning.

How Long Can Sushi Sit Out? Plus Easy Ways to Store It

Do note that how long you can keep your sushi out will depend on the types of ingredients you use in your meal. If you use cooked meat even, you should not leave the dish out for more than two hours. Eventually, this protein will also start to become rotten.

If you intend to host a party where gluten-free sushi is the main dish for your guests, do not leave it sitting out overnight. Put it in the refrigerator the night before, and bring it out about an hour before you get together with your loved ones. You do not want them to become sick.

How Long Can California Rolls Sit Out?

California rolls do not contain raw fish. Typically, they only have imitation crab meat and vegetables in them. You can leave this type of cooked sushi rolls sitting in your kitchen for up to two hours, just as you can for any other kind of meal like this one.

California rolls can go in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. The vegetables and sushi rice will start to harden over time, making them almost inedible for you and your loved ones. Some people report that they even leave their California rolls in the refrigerator for up to two days, and they remain perfectly safe to eat.

How Long Can Sushi Sit Out? Plus Easy Ways to Store It

It is easy to know when a California roll goes old. You will notice a strong smell coming from the crab meat. As mentioned, the rice will also be hard to touch, making it not good to eat.

The best way to store California rolls to ensure that you can make them last for as long as possible is to press the rolls tightly together. Wrap them in plastic and place them in an air-tight container. This method will help to eliminate bacteria growth from your sushi.

How Long Can Raw Sushi Sit Out?

Raw sushi is the type of sushi that you need to keep out for the least amount of time possible. If you can help it, only keep this variant at room temperature for no more than 30 minutes. You may be able to push it to two hours, but you must smell your meal before consuming it.

Only keep raw sushi in your refrigerator for up to 48 hours as well. It will become old if it is left to sit in the cold for too long. Try to keep the sushi in an air-tight container to avoid bacteria growth if you can help it.

You will immediately notice when the raw fish becomes rotten. It will have a powerful stench to it that you will not be able to withstand. The meat will also start to become gray in appearance.

Be careful consuming raw fish anyways, so ensure that you follow the proper precautions when preparing the meat. You may run the risk of contracting an infection or other illnesses anytime you eat it. For this reason, pregnant women and children shouldn’t eat raw seafood.

How Long Can Sushi Sit Out? Plus Easy Ways to Store It

How Do You Know Sushi Went Bad?

It is easy to find out when raw or cooked sushi is old and rotten. First, you need to check the texture of every component. After you can perform a smell test on each part of the sushi. Take the time to look at the appearance of your sushi to ensure it is still fresh.

When checking the texture of your sushi, you need to ensure that the sushi rice is not hard. After, you can press on the raw fish to see if there is still spring in it. If the seafood feels mushy, it is not good, and you should not eat it.

Next, you need to inspect the smell of your sushi. If it is stagnant or the fish has a funky smell, you need to throw it away. Even though you use seafood in your recipe, your fish should not have an overly fishy smell. Here you can check what raw salmon tastes like.

Finally, pay attention to the appearance of your sushi. If the sushi rice starts to turn brown, you should know it is not good to eat. If the fish is gray and the vegetables are brown, do not eat your meal. Overall, it is relatively easy to see when sushi becomes old.

Easy Ways to Store Your Sushi

It is easy to store your sushi as long as you perform the appropriate steps. There are plenty of tutorials available to help you learn how you need to keep your sushi closed. Ultimately, remember, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator when possible.

Even if you only cut the ingredients and do not put them in the sushi roll at first, you need to put them directly in the refrigerator. If not, you need to make your meal right away. After you make your sushi, be sure to eat it as soon as possible to keep it fresh. You can combine your sushi with some good wine.

If you need to store your raw or cooked sushi, make sure that you press all the pieces close together. After, you can wrap them in plastic wrap or place them in a baggie, so long as there is no space for air to spread.

When you have your sushi pieces tightly together, you can place them in an air-tight container. Use a box with a lid or freezer to seal your sushi if you want it to last as long as possible. If necessary, you can even freeze your pieces in this manner so that you can go back and thaw them later.

Keep Your Sushi Safe

If you want to consume raw or cooked sushi, you need to ensure that you eat it safely and appropriately. Only keep your sushi in the open air at room temperature for up to two hours at a time. You can also put it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours if you want to keep your sushi fresher.

When you want to store your sushi, make sure you keep it in the refrigerator. Put your food in an air-tight container and close the lid tight. Press all of the pieces against each other and cover them in plastic wrap or place them in a baggie.


Is It Safe to Eat Sushi that was Left Out All Night?

If you accidentally left sushi out all night, you need to throw it away immediately. It runs the risk of contamination and bacteria growth. You could become seriously ill when you consume sushi.

If you made sushi the night before for a get-together or some other event, you need to place it in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Make sure that you use the storage methods aforementioned to put your meal in an air-tight container with the lid closed and tight. Your food will stay fresh for as long as possible.

How Long Can Sushi Go Without Being in the Fridge?

You should not keep your sushi out of the refrigerator for more than two hours. If you have raw sushi, you should try to avoid keeping it out any longer than 30 minutes. If the sushi you make has cooked seafood in it, you may stretch the time it is out of the refrigerator to six hours.

It is best to put your sushi in the refrigerator right away or prepare your ingredients first. If you use these methods, you will avoid the risk of becoming sick from cross-contamination and other health concerns.

Does Sushi Go Bad if Not Refrigerated?

If your sushi has been in an environment at room temperature for more than two hours, it may start to become rotten. You need to throw it away if you notice discoloration or a powerful smell. Never attempt to eat the food.

If you take a bite from the sushi, it will likely taste unappetizing. Avoid this problem by immediately throwing away your meal and spitting out the food. Again, if you continue to eat the sushi, you will become sick very quickly.

What Happens if Sushi Gets Warm?

For the most part, sushi is safe to eat as long as you do not keep it at room temperature for too long. It will become a little warm, at least, while at room temperature, but it should not get hot. If the weather is hot outside and you do not have air conditioning, your sushi may not last the complete two hours.

When you place the rice on your sushi, you should not do it while warm. Sticky rice is okay to eat while cold, so long as the ingredients inside of your sushi are still safe to consume.

Ultimately, you need to make sure that your sushi is not rotten and will not make you sick. It should not smell, have an unsightly appearance, or have any other issue. Following the tips listed above will ensure that you enjoy your meal when eating sushi.