What To Serve With Ahi Tuna? 28 Delicious Side Ideas

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Ahi tuna steaks are one of the finest cuts of seafood you can find with many people who aren’t typically seafood lovers finding them to be delicious. That said when deciding what to pair with an ahi tuna steak many people are unsure what to choose with some professional chefs not always being one hundred percent certain. With that in mind then, you may be wondering what to serve with ahi tuna steaks?

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What Is Ahi Tuna?

Ahi tuna steak is often considered to be the seafood equivalent of the finest cuts of beef steak such as tenderloin. Unlike your typical grey canned tuna, this tuna steak will come from the Hawaiian ahi that is also known as yellow tuna. 

Additionally, it is not the same as mahi-mahi, despite the similar name. Ahi is often considered to have a stronger flavour profile meanwhile mahi mahi will typically be fleshier. 

Often to ensure maximum flavour you will typically see seared ahi tuna steak that is uncooked in the middle. The reason for this is that the flavour and texture are often considered to be at their pinnacle when cooked in this manner.

Due to being edible raw, when it is seared, tuna steak will have a wonderful contrast in flavour. The inside will be raw, buttery and tender, meanwhile. the seared and blackened outside that is slightly tougher like a steak.

However, when fried like a normal steak, the results are less than desirable. This is because when cooked all the way through it has a texture that is likened to cardboard with a significantly diminished flavour.

What Goes With Ahi Tuna?

Seared tuna steak is often the preferred way of cooking is due to the aforementioned reasons. However, how it is served is another matter entirely with many different chefs and home cooks preferring to serve it in different ways.

For example, commonly it will be served as a thick steak, filleted into thin strips or chopped into smaller pieces. Additionally, it will also often be served raw with sushi-grade ahi tuna being a heavily coveted dish.

Additionally whilst methods other than searing are rare, many do also cook tuna steak by grilling, sauteing, drying, smoking, broiling or baking it. Along with this though, since this cut of meat is eaten all around the world it will often be seasoned or coated with a variety of different marinades.

With all this in mind, you may find it tricky to pinpoint exactly what to serve with ahi tuna. However, the important thing to remember is that you should always try to pick ingredients that will provide a complimentary taste and texture. Sometimes this means mirroring those already present, although just as often delicious combinations are found via the contrast of vastly different ingredients.

What To Serve With Ahi Tuna? 28 Delicious Side Ideas

What To Serve With Ahi Tuna?

The above might seem somewhat overwhelming. However, like with other gourmet seafood dishes like swordfish or shark, there are a variety of different options to choose from to serve with tuna steaks. For some ideas of what to serve alongside tuna steak though, check out the options listed below:

  1. Garlic Fries
  2. Lightly Salted Chips
  3. Sweet Potatoes
  4. Lemon Roasted Potatoes
  5. Garlic Parmesan Duchess Potatoes
  6. Stuffed Peppers
  7. Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
  8. Risotto Stuffed Mushrooms
  9. Vegetable Kebabs
  10. Fried Green Beans
  11. Brussel Sprouts
  12. Roasted Tomatoes
  13. Stir-Fried Vegetables
  14. Unwrapped Sushi With Soy Sauce
  15. Roasted Artichokes
  16. Cauliflower Fritters
  17. Roasted Butternut Squash
  18. Sauteed Bok Choy
  19. Ratatouille
  20. Margherita Flatbread PIzza
  21. English Muffins, Avocado And Eggs
  22. Pasta Salad
  23. Winter Citrus Salad
  24. Tomato And Cucumber Salad
  25. Brown Rice
  26. Lobster Bisque
  27. Cream Cheese With Garlic And Herb
  28. Mexican Salsa

Garlic Fries

Garlic fries are as the name implies are potato fries (chips in the UK) that are infused with the delicious taste of garlic.

Sure these aren’t exactly healthy but just like fries go wonderfully with beef steak, they will also pair excellently with ahi tuna steaks. This is because the crispy exterior and fluffy interior of potato fries contrast excellently with the textures found within tuna steak. Meanwhile the flavours of garlic and potato pair wonderfully with those of ahi tuna.

Garlic fries are not only delicious but also incredibly easy to make. This is because all they require of you is to sprinkle some garlic powder on top before frying or baking. Alternatively, drizzling some garlic flavoured sauce on some already cooked fries can also work.

What To Serve With Ahi Tuna? 28 Delicious Side Ideas

Lightly Salted Chips

For a slightly lighter potato-based side, some lightly salted chips (crisps in the UK) are a delicious option. 

The reason that this works so well is that the chips add a delicious crunchy texture which contrasts wonderfully with the tender ahi tuna. Meanwhile, the salty potato flavours will enhance the flavours already present with the ahi tuna without overwhelming it like flavoured potato chips. 

This is a great option when you want to serve you ahi tuna steak as finger food. When doing so, thin slices of tuna steak alongside chips, potentially in a sandwich is a delicious way to consume it.

Sweet Potatoes

If you’re not too struck on regular potatoes or just want something similar but distinct, then sweet potatoes are an excellent choice.

Sweet potatoes are typically much crunchier than your typical potato along with having a taste that is noticeably sweet along with being somewhat earthy. Both of these traits are excellent when paired with ahi tuna steaks as the sweet flavour pairs great with the buttery and lightly fish tastes of the tuna steaks. Meanwhile, the crunchy texture plays off well with the tender tuna.

The wonderful thing about sweet potatoes though is that they can be prepared in several ways with common variations being roasted sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries. No matter how you prepare them an excellent way to really emphasise the sweet flavours is to drizzle them with honey before cooking.

Lemon Roasted Potatoes

A delicious and zesty greek dish like this might seem simple at first glance. However, this tasty side treat is not only delicious but also actually quite healthy.

The combination of lemon zest with the natural earthiness, crispy exterior and fluffy interior of roasted potatoes makes for a truly delicious pairing with near enough any dish. 

In particular, though, lemon juice and seafood are a classic combination. As such along with the wonderful textures and tastes classically associated with roast potatoes makes them a perfect side for ahi tuna steaks.

What To Serve With Ahi Tuna? 28 Delicious Side Ideas

Garlic Parmesan Duchess Potatoes

If you want a potato dish that is somewhat fancier to go alongside your ahi tuna steaks then some garlic parmesan duchess potatoes are an excellent choice. Now, these may look intimidating at first but they are actually quite simple to make and will definitely impress.

These will add some delicious creaminess to your dish along with some slight crispiness into your meal that will pair with tender and buttery ahi tuna steaks. Additionally, when seasoned with garlic and parmesan then these duchess potatoes will have extra delicious flavours that also pair wonderfully with ahi tuna.

Stuffed Peppers

A deliciously varied and multilayered side dish that you can serve with your ahi tuna steaks is a wonderful stuffed pepper. Truly this is a wonderful option no matter the occasion since these a surprisingly simple to make whilst also being incredibly delicious and seeming quite fancy.

Really you can experiment with all sorts of ingredients to find a stuffed pepper recipe you adore. However, when serving seafood such as ahi tuna steaks ingredients such as tomatoes, cream cheese, onions, quinoa and rice make for an excellent choice.

The sweet and crunchy peppers contrast with the ahi tuna. Additionally, though,  the stuffing ingredients chosen also add some extra depth to the meal that let this tuna steak shine.

Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

We’ve mentioned cheesy options in a few of the different options above which is of course because it goes just as well with ahi tuna steak as it does with beef steak. However, another ingredient that goes wonderfully with both is mushrooms. Naturally then, a combination of both is an excellent choice.

The umami flavour of mushrooms, combined with the delicious melted cheese is a wonderful combination by itself. However, when paired with ahi tuna steak the contrasting flavours and textures practically dance inside your mouth.

To really add some extra layers to this dish though using an assortment of different cheeses is a wonderful way to do so.  Some excellent options to combine in this manner are cream cheese, parmesan and cheddar.

What To Serve With Ahi Tuna? 28 Delicious Side Ideas

Risotto Stuffed Mushrooms

Another option for stuffed mushrooms is to stuff them with creamy risotto rice in order to make a deliciously hearty side dish.

As mentioned above mushrooms go wonderfully with ahi tuna steak. Additionally, risotto is often paired with both mushrooms and various forms of seafood making this combination an iconic choice.

In particular, barley risotto is an excellent choice for making this dish truly heavenly as the creamy, umami and herby flavours of this side make for a wonderful supporting dish to ahi tuna steak.

Vegetable Kebabs

If you’re planning to grill your ahi tuna steaks then making skewer kebabs with them and some vegetables is an excellent way to serve them. 

When doing so, using the grill adds wonderful smokey flavours. Meanwhile, the cut-up pieces of ahi tuna will seep fat that will be absorbed by the veggies, thereby adding extra flavour.

Really a wide array of veggies will go well with ahi tuna steaks served in this manner. However, in particular, tomatoes, onions, eggplant, cucumbers are great options. Especially so when seasoned in a marinade made of olive oil, garlic, basil, oregano, salt, and pepper before grilling.

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Fried Green Beans

Another classic side dish to serve with seafood is of course green beans. In particular, though, they work so well ahi tuna steak because they provide an excellent source of extra crunchy texture. Additionally, they add a lovely earthy taste and when fried or sauteed in butter this delicious combination of tastes pairs excellently with the buttery and tender ahi tuna.

If you want to try something slightly different though, then tempura fried green beans are an excellent way to go.  This is essentially a Japanese variant of battered and deep-fried foods that are commonly used on meat or seafood. However, when green beans are cooked in this manner the results are truly scrumptious.

Brussel Sprouts

For another option for adding some green vegetables with an earthy flavour to your meal, brussel sprouts are an excellent choice. Now, these veggies don’t exactly have the best reputation, however, when roasted they are truly delicious. 

When well roasted, brussel sprouts become wonderfully crispy which in a similar way to fried green beans, adds some wonderful diversity to the texture of your meal. Additionally, the nutty, smokey and slightly sweet notes of brussel sprouts will emerge when cooked in this manner. All of which will add extra nuance to your meal.

This can be then be topped off with a light sauce of some kind. Some good examples of this are barbecue or sweet chilli.

Roasted Tomatoes

Ahi tuna steaks are one of those types of meat that can and should be cooked quickly. As such, it makes sense that you would prepare a side dish that is not only tasty but also quick, right?

With that in mind, a pan of roasted tomatoes is an excellent choice to serve with your ahi tuna steaks. This is not only because they’re quick and easy to make but also due to being incredibly delicious and providing a wonderful tart flavour to the dish.

With a topping of garlic powder, parmesan cheese, some fresh herbs and a little vinegar you can prepare a side dish exploding with flavours. All of which sharply contrasts with the ahi tuna steaks in delicious ways.

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Stir-Fried Vegetables

The beauty of something like ahi tuna steaks is that not only are they delicious but also very versatile. As such, whilst they go well with many western side dishes they can also pair beautifully with Asian dishes such as stir-fried vegetables or the aforementioned tempura green beans.

An assortment of various veggies can be used when stir-frying such as mushrooms, broccoli, onions, scallions, tomatoes, etc. With the inclusion of some seasonings such as sesame oil, ginger, soy sauce and garlic you can really make something special. Additionally, to add even more flavour using an Asian sauce such as teriyaki can further enhance things.

Unwrapped Sushi With Soy Sauce

If you’re having thinly sliced ahi tuna that has seared medium-rare then this is an excellent way to serve it. Sushi-grade ahi tuna will often be wrapped up with white rice, cucumbers, carrots, and nori to create something truly delicious. 

However, for something simple but still delicious these ingredients can be served together without wrapping them. Especially so if you choose to serve it with some wasabi and soy sauce on the side.

Roasted Artichokes

Artichokes are a delicious vegetable that comes from the immature flower bud of the thistle plant. These are deliciously crunchy and deliciously salty, earthy and bitter-tasting which wonderfully contrasts with the buttery and slightly fishy tastes of the ahi tuna.

In particular, roasted artichoke leaves are delicious. Especially so when they are paired with small pieces of ahi tuna and a creamy dip such as garlic mayo as it adds some extra creamy tastes to the meal.

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Cauliflower Fritters

Another delicious crispy vegetable option is to serve cauliflower fritters alongside your ahi tuna steaks. These add some crispy texture along with some creamy, garlic tastes.

Additionally, they are also incredibly simple to make since the only ingredients required are cauliflower, eggs, flour, scallions, garlic and olive oil. These will then be mixed together and made into patties and fried.

Then like with roasted artichokes, they can be served with a creamy sauce or other dishes. Some examples include sour cream, yoghurt, or even garlic mayo.

Roasted Butternut Squash

Another delicious veggie option is to use some roasted butternut squash. These are wonderfully simple to do and delicious to make in a similar way to roasted tomatoes. However, here there is a delicious tender texture with wonderfully smokey flavours.

Every bite is truly a wonderfully tender experience with a variety of delicious flavours. If though, you want to add some extra sweetness to your roasted butternut squash then adding some cinnamon and brown sugar before roasting is an excellent way to do so.

Sauteed Bok Choy

Bok choy is Chinese cuisine and Asian cooking in general. It has tender dark leaves and crisp white stems that provide a fresh taste but bitter taste and deliciously crunchy texture. 

When serving with ahi tuna steaks a great way to serve bok choy is to saute them in olive oil or butter, salt, pepper and garlic. The combination of which adds an assortment of different flavours to the dish.

You can then use this as a foundation for experimenting with other ingredients and seasonings. Some potential possibilities being tarragon, cashews, fennel seeds, and rosemary.

What To Serve With Ahi Tuna? 28 Delicious Side Ideas


Ratatouille is a vegetable stew that will typically consist of bell peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, onions and courgettes along with fresh herbs such as basil and thyme.

This dish can be quite complex at first. However, if you’re familiar with it or just want a new challenge then this is a perfect side dish. The result is a wonderfully delicious option that elevates the overall dish by adding a large amount of flavours variety to the dish.

Just like in the movie Ratatouille, this wonderfully rustic dish is sure to be a warming dish that is both comforting and incredibly delicious.

Margherita Flatbread Pizza

Let’s be honest, everyone loves pizza. As such, if you’re looking for an Italian dish or bread to have on the side then a simple margherita flatbread pizza makes for a wonderful choice.

This is the flatbread that is essentially topped with tomato sauce and margherita pizza along with potentially some other ingredients of your choice. Some great options are artichokes or bell peppers.

All of these flavours are brilliant with each other but also pair excellently with ahi tuna. As such, this can be served as a topping on the pizza or just on the side.

English Muffins, Avocado And Eggs

On the theme of bread-based options, English muffins are an excellent way of serving thin layers of ahi tuna steak. Especially so if also pairing it with avocados and eggs.

These elements all contrast with ahi tuna steaks in a wonderful way which adds an assortment of different taste and texture sensations. 

Additionally, if you want to make it even richer using poached eggs and adding some hollandaise sauce is an excellent way of doing so. Alternatively, a creamy lemon or a parmesan cheese sauce.

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Pasta Salad

If you’re wanting a light salad and hearty pasta but can’t decide between the two then this is a happy middle ground. As the name suggests this dish is a combination of pasta and fresh and crispy vegetables, along with some mozzarella and a delicious dressing.

The beauty of this dish is that it is deliciously varied in flavour and textures. However, it is also incredibly simple and quick to make something good from this recipe.

To make a traditional Italian pasta salad simply mix some cooked short pasta such as rotini with cherry tomatoes, cubed salami, red onions, olives, parsley and a vinaigrette dressing. However, for a pescatarian version then just stick with the tuna steak.

Winter Citrus Salad

For much more light and zesty salad option though, a winter citrus salad is an excellent choice to pair with ahi tuna steak.

As mentioned above, lemon juice and seafood are a well-known and well-loved combination in the culinary world. As such pairing, an assortment of citrus fruits along with some veggies and avocado with your ahi tuna along with a dressing of your choice is an excellent way to add a more tropical spin to the dish.

Tomato And Cucumber Salad

Another brilliant salad option to pair with ahi tuna, especially in warmer months is a lovely sliced vegetable and cucumber salad. 

Along with a few other veggies and a light dressing this option is great for when you want a salad that is delicious and refreshing. Additionally, the mild flavours and distinctive crunchy texture helps your ahi tuna steaks to really shine.

Brown Rice

If wanting to have a hearty but healthy side dish alongside your ahi tuna steaks then some nice steaming brown rice is an excellent choice. Some may be slightly averse to this, however, brown rice is known for having much more of a distinctive flavour and nutritional value than its white, processed sibling.

As a result, brown rice is rich in essential nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, fibre, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants meaning it is perfect for making this dish healthy. Not only that though, but the earthy flavour of brown rice is also very distinctive and contrasts well with the buttery and slightly fishy flavour of ahi tuna.

Lobster Bisque

If you want to double down on the fish theme and also serve your ahi tuna steak with some creamy soup then lobster bisque is the perfect way to accomplish both. 

The hearty, warming and rich bisque is divine on its own but with ahi steak, the flavours combine in a truly unique way. Naturally, the rich and sweet lobster contrasts the buttery tuna steak beautifully, however, the various veggies and herbs add extra layers to this decadent seafood feast.

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Cream Cheese With Garlic And Herb

For a lighter creamy side dip to serve with ahi tuna steak, cream cheese with garlic and herb is a delicious and wonderfully flavourful option. This rich and creamy dip makes for a nice contrast in flavour and makes for a great side either by itself or with another option such as the lightly salted chips.

Additionally, a big risk when serving sauces, creams and dips is that they can overpower the meat itself. However, that is not a concern here as the creaminess accentuates the butter taste, meanwhile the herby, garlic and cheese complement wonderfully.

Mexican Salsa

On the other end of the spectrum though a dip like Mexican salsa adds a variety of flavours. All of which will contrast sharply but deliciously with the fatty, smokey and buttery nature of the ahi tuna.

The salsa adds a cool, fruity and refreshing taste to the meal. However, it also adds that little bit of spiciness that helps all the flavours present to truly shine.

Answered: What To Serve With Ahi Tuna?

Ahi tuna steak is truly a delicious form of seafood that is often compared to beef steak texturally. Flavour-wise it is also incredibly rich, tender and full of butteriness that will ultimately pair well with many different dishes.

As such, there are a wide variety of options to choose from with the above examples merely being some excellent choices to start with. With that in mind mixing and matching various sides, whether recommended here or from your own preferences is always good to try. After all, cooking is just as much an art as a science. 

FAQ – What To Serve With Ahi Tuna?

What Can I have tuna with?

Tuna can pair with a wide variety of different dishes from veggie dishes to salads and dips. As such sides like pasta salad, lobster bisque or Mexican salsa can all be excellent choices.

Is it healthy to eat ahi tuna?

Ahi tuna fish is quite healthy and is often considered a better option than many processed red meats such as bacon or beef steak. Additionally, it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are great for regulating cholesterol and heart health.

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