Best 4-Burner Gas Grills

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No matter if you’re new to grilling or somewhat of a bbq expert, a gas grill is a good choice for everyone. The simplicity of use and the ease of cleanup are only some of the advantages avid gas grill fans rave about. Furthermore, a gas grill can last you a really long time, when properly taken care of. In our opinion, a 4 burner gas grill is a great place to start – it’s large enough for most people’s needs and it’s very versatile. In this article, we’ve chosen the top five best gas grills on the market.

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Best 4-Burner Gas Grills – Comparison Table

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Best 4-Burner Gas Grills – Reviews

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Blackstone 36' Cooking Station 4 Burner Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle with Built in Cutting Board, Garbage Holder and Side Shelf (1825), Black
Our rating:

For all you griddle lovers out there, here’s a model that has everything you might need. First, let’s talk about size. With 720 square inches of cooking area, this model is huge. You can easily cook for 8 people, and still have plenty of space left. But what’s even better, you can cook anything you want, all at the same time. Pancakes, burgers, eggs, grilled cheese – all prepared one next to another. 

Four independently controlled burners are to be thanked for the versatility this griddle offers. Each burner puts out 15,000 BTUs, and depending on how many people you cook for, you can use just one or two burners at a time. Furthermore, you can choose the option to keep the food warm on the grill, while preparing something else.

The griddle comes with two side shelves, which is expected from a large grill. But Blackstone has gone the extra mile, and added some unique accessories to this grill’s side shelf. The shelf on the right side features a removable cutting board, underneath which you can find garbage bag hooks. This makes cleanup a piece of cake. A paper towel holder on the front side of the shelf is a nice addition. The bottom shelf is also worth mentioning, as it provides you with plenty of space for all of your cooking utensils, serving platters and what not.

Another thing that makes this grill stand out is the ease of portability. Four industrial-strength caster wheels help with moving the grill around your backyard. But, you can also take this 134-pound griddle on a camping trip. Remove the griddle top, fold up legs and place it in your car trunk.

Blackstone 36" Cooking Station 4 Burner Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle with Built in Cutting Board, Garbage Holder and Side Shelf (1825), Black
  • NEW FEATURES - This unit comes equipped with Blackstone's new and improved side shelf giving the user a removable cutting board, convenient paper towel holder, and strategically placed trash bag hooks. PLUS Blackstone's new rear grease management system to help eliminate mess.
  • RESTAURANT STYLE COOKING - With 720sq inches of flat top grilling, this griddle is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cook eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese, steak, potatoes, teppanyaki style foods and more. Also enjoy a bottom shelf, side shelf and the NEW side shelf with cutting board, paper towel holder and trash bag hooks.
  • REPLACE YOUR STANDARD GRILL - Replace your grill or BBQ with a Blackstone griddle and never look back! This grill is simple to use and easy to assemble, so you'll be cooking in no time. Eliminate the hassle of kerosene, charcoal and matches; This grill includes an easy start, battery powered push button ignition. With the simple push of a button your griddle is ready to go! Take the headache away from outdoor cooking and spend more time enjoying the outdoors
  • HEAT RESISTANT HANDLE - The durable plastic handle is heat resistant allowing you to safely grab the handle bare handed. Plus, this high quality stainless steel construction can handle high heat, resists odors/stains and is dishwasher safe
  • TRANSPORT WITH EASE - Easily wheel around your yard or transport from your backyard to the campsite thanks to the removable griddle top, fold up legs and four industrial strength caster wheels


  • Huge grilling area
  • Versatile cooking
  • Easy portability
  • Ample storage and prep space
  • Only a 90-day warranty

Weber 62010001 Genesis II E-410 LP Gas Grill, Black
Our rating:

The E-410 from Weber has 646 square inches of cooking surface, covered in porcelain-enameled cast-iron reversible grates. One side is thinner and great for seafood, while the other, thicker side is perfect for those sear marks we all love on our steaks and burgers. You also get an additional 198 square inches of a tuck-away warming rack. You can use this rack to warm up burner buns, and when not needed, simply fold it down.

The Genesis series features a GS4 grilling system, which is made out of four components. The first part of this system is the Infinity Ignition, which makes lighting the grill super easy. The second component are high-performance burners. They can generate up to 48,000 BTUs, and their tapered shape provides a consistent gas flow that cooks the food evenly. 

The third part is the Flavorizer bars, which protect the burner from drippings, which get vaporized, providing the food with a smoky flavor. The juice that does drop down, gets funneled into the fourth component, the grease management system. Under the cookbox, there’s a catch pan with a removable grease tray. This system makes clean up easy, while also preventing the inside of the grill from corroding. 

The model has an open-cart design with plenty of room for storage. The bottom shelf offers enough space for your cookware. The grill also has shelves on both sides, which are great for food preparation. Furthermore, they have integrated tool hooks, where you can hang all your grilling tools.

Last but not least, the grill features the iGrill3 Bluetooth system. It allows you to monitor the temperature as well as the fuel level on your mobile device. Download the Weber app, connect via Bluetooth, and enjoy the comfort of your couch while the grill does the rest.

Weber 62010001 Genesis II E-410 LP Gas Grill, Black
  • GS4 Grilling System includes four high performance stainless steel burners with porcelain enameled Flavorizer bars and new Grease Management System reduces risk of dangerous flare-ups and makes grease removal easy
  • Porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates provide 646 square inches of cooking space with 198 square inch Tuck-Away warming rack overhead
  • Infinity Ignition ensures that by turning the knob, the gas will ignite and start each burner with ease, and is backed by a generous warranty and serves 8 to 10 people
  • Stainless steel side prep workspaces feature integrated hanging storage hooks for your barbecue tools and Assembled Depth-31 inch,Assembled Width- 61 inch,Assembled Height-61 inch.
  • Dimensions - lid closed (inches): 45H x 61W x 29D. 10 year, 100 Percent Weber Guarantee ; Battery type :AA


  • The grease management system helps with cleaning
  • Lots of storage space
  • Temperature tracking via app
  • Generous 10-year warranty
  • A bit pricey
Char-Broil Performance Series Convective 4-Burner with Side Burner Cart Propane Gas Stainless Steel Grill - 463377319
Our rating:

This model comes with 425 square inches of main cooking area. When you add another 150 square inches of swing-away warming rack, you get plenty of cooking space for a family dinner. Furthermore, there’s a side burner on the left shelf, which is great for preparing a side dish. When not used, simply fold down its lid, and use it as a prep space. Both sides of the grill feature ample side shelves, so you can have everything you need close to hand. 

The grill has a modern design, featuring a stainless steel body that is both sturdy and sleek. It’s somewhat heavy, but two 7-inch wheels are helpful when moving the grill around the patio (not as handy as a grill with 2 burners). The lid comes with a heat-resistant handle, as well as a built-in thermometer for keeping an eye on the temperature. The burners are made out of stainless steel and together they can generate up to 36,000 BTU. RIght above, there are heat tents that protect the burners from food juices while dispersing the heat equally around the grilling area. 

Easy cleanup is always a welcomed trait of every grill. This unit comes with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates which are rust-resistant and simple to clean. Underneath the grill, there’s a stainless steel grease pan, that collects all the juice drips from grilling. After use, you can easily remove it and clean it up. 

Char-Broil Performance Series Convective 4-Burner with Side Burner Cart Propane Gas Stainless Steel Grill - 463377319
  • GAS GRILL: Powered by liquid propane gas, this grill runs on a 20-pound propane tank, not included. It reaches cooking temperatures quickly, delivers high temps and maintains even heat.
  • COOKING AREA: Grill up to 24 burgers, 20 chicken breasts or 12 steaks on 475-square-inches of primary cooking space. Cook meats and larger items on the primary grates and use the 130-square inch warming rack to cook with indirect heat and keep food warm.
  • BTU RATING: This grill has a 36,000 BTU rating.
  • SIDE BURNER: A 10,000 BTU side burner lets you keep your sides and sauces warm while you grill. You can also use it to boil water, sauté vegetables or brew a pot of coffee. When not in use, flip the lid down and use the surface as an additional workspace.
  • SIDE SHELF: A large side shelf provides ample space to set plates, tools, sauces and rubs while you grill.


  • 5-year warranty on burners
  • Easy to clean
  • Side burner is great for cooking additional dishes
  • No handle for easier mobility

Royal Gourmet GD401 Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo with Side Table | 4-Burner, Folding Legs,Versatile, Outdoor | Black 66 Inch
Our rating:

Whether you prefer grates or griddles, this Royal Gourmet model has got you covered – it has both. Both sides offer 292 square inches of cooking area and depending on what you’re cooking you can use either one or both. The grilling surface is large enough for a family meal, and you can prepare anything on this grill, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is possible thanks to four independent stainless steel burners that put out up to 12,000 BTUs each. So-called flame tamers are responsible for even heat distribution. 

Both griddle and porcelain-coated cast-iron grates are great for easy cleaning. Another thing that helps you reduce the cleaning time is the oil channel system. The grooved drip tray funnels grease all the way to a grease cup underneath. After use, simply remove the cup and clean it up.

This grill has a collapsible design. This means you can fold down the legs, and it becomes portable. However, this doesn’t mean you can easily carry it around. The grill weighs 103 pounds, and that’s not what we would say, lightweight. However, it can fit into a smaller car trunk, which couldn’t be said for most grills on this list.

The grill comes with all the important features. First, it has side shelves, a feature most models do anyway, and for a good reason. You need a lot of stuff close at hand when cooking, and prep space is always a plus. The grill comes with a tool hanging bar, which frees up shelf space for other things. Bonus points go to Royal Gourmet for adding a bottle opener, as every bbq enthusiast likes to have their drink close. 

Royal Gourmet GD401 Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo with Side Table | 4-Burner, Folding Legs,Versatile, Outdoor | Black 66 Inch
  • Combination of gas grill and griddle with two individual cooking zones | Easy assembly required
  • Product dimensions – 66.1" L x 21.8" W x 43.7" H | Clearance space around product – 36” | Product weight – 103.6 lbs. | Cooking area (Two) – 292 sq. inches each | Gas tank size – 20 lb. | Burners output (4) – 12,000 BTU each
  • Automatic ignition system delivers fast and easy start-up with four big knobs on the stainless-steel control panel
  • Two fixed side tables provide ample space for food preparation. Lower bar design keeps your grilling accessories within arms’ reach
  • With fold-down legs for compact storage and four locking casters for easy moving, it is ideal for cookouts | Removable oil management system facilitates easy cleanup


  • Very versatile
  • Easy cleaning
  • Portable
  • Has a bottle opener
  • 1-year limited warranty
Cuisinart CGG-7400 Propane, 54 Inch, Full Size Four-Burner Gas Grill
Our rating:

This Cuisinart model is decent sized for everyday use. It comes with 443 square inches of primary cooking area, along with a 167 square-inch warming rack. The grates are made out of cast-iron, which is a great heat-retaining material. Cast-iron is quite durable, but it can be susceptible to weather conditions, making it rust-prone over time. Therefore, make sure you keep the lid closed when not used.  The burners on this model generate 11,000 BTUs each, and can be set independently, which allows you to cook at different temperatures simultaneously.

The grill has a sturdy, stainless steel body, which is designed to endure all kinds of weather conditions. The choice of material is obvious, as it won’t rust, and the cart has an enamel paint finish, which makes it easy to upkeep. The grill is rather lightweight with 72 pounds, and two wheels allow you to easily move it around the patio.

The nice thing about this grill’s design is that the propane bottle is hidden from the view with a black panel (but not built-in gas). Let’s be real, those things aren’t pleasant looking, and it’s also smart to keep them away from the weather conditions. Although the grill doesn’t have a bottom rack, side shelves are decent-sized for your grilling utensils and cookware. It does, however, have a bottle opener, which is now a staple of Cuisinart units. A built-in thermometer is also a nice addition, although those things are never quite on point.

Cuisinart CGG-7400 Propane, 54 Inch, Full Size Four-Burner Gas Grill
  • COOKING POWER: Four 11, 000 BTU burners provide a total 44, 000 BTUs of cooking power
  • COOKING SPACE: The grill is equipped with 443 square inch of cooking space with an additional 167 square inch warming rack
  • CAST IRON GRATES: Heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates are great for retaining heat
  • PREP SPACE: Two 18" x 13" side tables provide ample space for food prep
  • CONSTRUCTION: Stainless Steel lid and control panel. Actual product may vary from images shown due to product enhancement.


  • Very lightweight
  • Decent cooking area
  • Comes with a bottle opener
  • 3-year burner warranty
  • Grates can corrode

Best 4-Burner Gas Grills – Buyers Guide

You’ve seen our top five best 4 burner grills on the market, but choosing the right one is still not an easy task. Here are a few features you should consider before making the final choice.

BTU Value

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it’s what we’re using to measure heat. In theory, we would say the more, the better. But in reality, it requires a bit of math. You should divide the total BTU of the burners by the total square inches of a cooking area. Anything between 80 and 100 per square inch is good. 


This depends on what you plan on using the grill for (maybe as a tabletop grill). For everyday meals for a small family, you won’t need anything bigger than 400 square inches of cooking area (like 3 burners gas grills have). But, if you like to host Sunday bbq parties, then that grill won’t suffice your needs (but a gas grill with 6 burners will). 

The good thing about grills with multiple burners is that you can use as many burners as you want at a time. Have a large grill but you’re cooking just for yourself? Turn on only one burner, and avoid wasting gas on a full-powered grill. 


Obviously, this is the most important factor to consider when buying a grill. The amount you plan on spending on the appliance will determine the features you get, as well as the overall quality of the material the grill is made out of. If you spend a bit more, you’re surely getting yourself a grill that will last. On the other hand, if you’re new to gas grilling and just planning on trying it out, you might not want to spend a pretty penny on something you’re not sure you’ll want to keep.


Maybe less important but not irrelevant, accessories are what usually affect the final decision. Storage space, utensil hooks, built-in thermometers, mobility wheels, or even bottle openers – it’s not unusual for these features to be the make-or-break factor.

Final Verdict

In general, 4 burner grills are a great addition to every backyard. Besides being very versatile, they usually have a modern design, which makes them an eye candy of every patio or backyard. In our opinion, Blackstone 36″ Propane Gas Griddle Cooking Station has everything you need in a gas grill.But, if you’re not much of a griddle fan, and prefer your meat to have that searing mark, Weber 62010001 Genesis II E-410 might be a better choice for you. Nonetheless, we hope this guide has helped you gain more insight into the most important features of a 4 burner gas grill, and whichever you choose, will be the grill you’ll love.

We aim to help so we have made other reviews to help all find the right gas grill. Check them out!