Best Electric Smokers Under 200

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The best electric smokers under $200 make it more convenient to smoke your food. You’ll be able to cook your meat and veggies with a fantastic smoky taste easily and quickly. 

Smoking doesn’t have to hurt your pockets. You can get your hands on a top-notch electric smoker within your budget that allows you to cook amazing meals. 

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And despite its price, these budget-friendly smokers has plenty to offer. So with that in mind, here are the best electric smokers below $200 that stand out from the rest.

  • Our Pick: Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker
  • Runner Up: Cuisinart 30-Inch Electric Smoker
  • Smoke Hollow 26-Inch Electric Smoker
  • Masterbuilt 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker
  • Landmann Smoky Mountain 26-Inch Electric Smoker

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Runner Up

Best Electric Smokers Under 200 – Comparison Table

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Best Electric Smokers Under 200 – Reviews

Our Pick


Char-Broil® Analog Electric Smoker, Black - 18202077
Our rating:

Whether you’re a beginner to smoking food or just want a simple way to smoke your meals, this electric smoker is a great choice. The Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker will make it easy for you to create deliciously smoked food. 

Our second best electric smoker under 200 has 544 square inches of cooking space. It also has an insulated cooking chamber and a large capacity wood chip box. This means that it can maintain an even smoking temperature while infusing your food with a smoky flavor.

Moreover, the unit comes with three chrome-plated cooking grates, providing you with the versatility to cook for your small family or a large gathering. And check this out, it also has a door-mounted temperature gauge so you can monitor its internal temperature with ease.

But there’s more to this analog electric smoker than these attractive features. The Char-Broil electric smoker’s cooking chamber is insulated with dual heavy-duty door latches, side carrying handles. Additionally, its entire construction is sturdy as it is made of quality materials, to ensure it’ll last you for many years.

Char-Broil® Analog Electric Smoker, Black - 18202077
  • COOKING SPACE: 544 square inches of cooking space
  • POWER: 1200 watt heating element and insulated cooking chamber
  • GAUGE: Door-mounted temperature gauge
  • GRATES: 3 Chrome-plated cooking grates
  • CLEANING: Aluminized steel water pan, wood chip tray and grease tray


  • 544 square inches of cooking space spread across 3 chrome-plated cooking grates
  • Large-capacity wood chip box allows for hours of smoke with less refilling
  • Aluminized steel water pan helps prevent the meat from drying out and keeps food juicy
  • Made to last and powered by a 1200-watt heating element
  • Removable drip tray makes for easy cleanup
  • The temperature on the thermometer may be hotter than indicated
  • Cooking coil is a bit smaller than others
Cuisinart COS-330 Vertical Electric Smoker, Three Removable Smoking Shelves, 30', 548 sq. inches Cooking Space
Our rating:

Our top pick for the best electric smokers under 200 allows even first-time smokers to achieve that smoky goodness flavor with ease (being the best cheap smoker in this category). 

The Cuisinart Electric Smoker is lightweight and very user-friendly. You don’t any previous experience or training to get excellent results every time. Just load your food in, add water and wood chips to the tray, set the temp, and it’ll do all the hard work for you.

This smoker has a 1500-watt heating element that can produce temperatures ranging from 100 to 400 F quickly. What’s more, its front door features a large, highly readable thermometer. This means that you can easily monitor the internal temp with a quick glimpse. 

Another feature you’ll like about this Cuisinart smoker is its removable chrome racks. You can arrange them to accommodate large cuts of meats and even whole birds. 

This electric smoker may be compact, but it is generous in terms of cooking space. With its 548 square inches interior cooking area, you’ll have ample room to smoke a wide array of meats and veggies. 

No doubt, the Cuisinart 30-Inch electric smoker is perfect for your outdoor kitchen, deck, or patio. It is efficient and can smoke just about everything, from beef and pork to seafood and whole birds. It’ll deliver sumptuous smoked foods within hours minus the hassle of managing messy charcoal.

Cuisinart COS-330 Vertical Electric Smoker, Three Removable Smoking Shelves, 30", 548 sq. inches Cooking Space
  • 548 SQUARE INCHES OF INTERIOR: The spacious 548 square inch interior means there is plenty of room to smoke a variety of meats and vegetables. The vertical footprint makes it a perfect size for patios and barbecue kitchens.
  • THREE REMOVABLE SMOKING SHELVES: Three chrome plated steel racks can be easily removed for smoking large cuts of meat. Racks are dishwasher safe, making cleanup easy
  • BUILT-IN THERMOMETER: Features easy-to-read thermometer on the front door for accessible monitoring of the internal temperature.
  • 1500-WATT HEATING ELEMENT: Featuring a heating coil that provides the 1500-watt heating element able to produce a temperature from 100°F to 400°F easily controlled with a dial.
  • STAINLESS STEEL TRAYS HOLDS WOOD AND WATER: Stainless steel trays hold the wood chips and water, so clean-up is easy after use. Smoker requires wood chips when grilling.


  • Offers you total control over the heat
  • It’s very easy to use. Simply plug it in, set the temperature, and relax with your friends.
  • Roomy 548 square inches of interior space
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • It can smoke a whole variety of foods, including vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, ribs, seafood, fish, large cuts of meat, and whole birds
  • The water tray is a bit shallow, so you need to refill it often
  • Some users say that the door thermometer is sometimes inaccurate
Smoke Hollow 26142E 26-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control
Our rating:

Few electric smokers can boast a combination of powerful performance and a wide temperature range. And one of those is the Smoke Hollow 26-Inch Electric Smoker, which offers a range of 175 to 325 F.

This is one of the best electric smokers under $200 that enable you to cook almost all types of meat quickly. And thanks to its 1500-watt heating element, you can be assured that your food will be cooked to perfection. 

Furthermore, the smoker features two chrome-plated cooking grates that allow for a decent cooking surface. It also has a completely adjustable heating element. Thereby, you’ll be able to smoke your food at the right temperature all the time.

Meanwhile, the porcelain-coated chip tray and water pan can withstand wear and tear. This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Also, these parts are of commercial quality, so you can expect to achieve the best results for smoke-style cooking. 

To top it all off, the electric smoker comes with a fully-welded welded steel cabinet that has side handles with a sure-lock latch system.

Smoke Hollow 26142E 26-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Includes 1500-watt heating element with fully adjustable temperature control
  • Two (2) chrome-plated cooking grids are included and can be Adjusted to variable heights
  • Full range heat indicator
  • Side handles and cool-touch spring wire door handle with latch system
  • Porcelain coated water pan


  • Includes 1500-watt heating element with fully adjustable temperature control
  • Two chrome-plated cooking grids that you can adjust to variable heights
  • Full range heat indicator
  • Porcelain-coated chip tray and water pan
  • Extensive temperature range
  • Some users experience inconsistency with the electric smoker’s cooking temperature
  • You need to pay attention to your food while cooking unlike with others on this list
Masterbuilt MB20071117 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller
Our rating:

Masterbuilt is known for its quality and innovative products. One of those is their Electric Digital Smoker with a top controller. 

The best electric smokers under 200 have good construction, an accurate temperature control, holds heat well, and comes with extra features. You can find all of these on this Masterbuilt model.

Not all electric smokers at this price point include a wood chip compartment at the sides. This gives that off smoky goodness to your meal as it cooks. Also, it comes with four smoking racks that let you have enough room for almost all kinds of food. 

There’s also its drip pan that will catch excess juices and grease, allowing for easy cleanup after cooking. You only need to remove the pan to clean it. It’s that easy. 

What’s more, this Masterbuilt electric smoker is equipped with a push-button precision digital control panel. Likewise, it has an 0-24 hour digital timer with auto shut-off. 

These features provide a handy and safe way of cooking your foods. On top of that, it is entirely insulated for energy-efficient cooking. And with the help of the add-on remote control, you will be able to manage its thermostat digital temperature and timer.

Masterbuilt MB20071117 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller
  • 730 sq. Inches of cooking space with 4 chrome-coated racks and 800 watt heating element
  • Digital temperature and timer controls
  • Thermostat temperature control for even cooking from 100 to 275 degrees F
  • Convenient side loading wood chips, removable drip pan and top air damper
  • Ideal smoker for all experience levels


  • Massive 730 square inches of cooking space
  • 4 chrome-coated racks
  • Digital temperature and timer controls
  • The thermostat temperature control allows for even cooking from 100 to 275 F
  • Comes with a handy side-loading wood chips
  • The heating element is only 800 watts
  • It is not rain-proof
LANDMANN MCO 32954 Landmann Smoky Mountain 26' Electric Smoker-Black-OPP w/Viewing W
Our rating:

If you’re looking for mid-sized best electric smokers below $200, the Landmann Smoky Mountain may just be what you need. 

No matter what your smoking food experience is, this smoker helps you create the most delicious smoked food as simple as possible.

The Smoky Mountain has several features that you can benefit from. Its window display is the most obvious one, enabling you to monitor your pieces of meat while smoking much easier. 

What this means is that you don’t need to open and close its door to check on your meat. Hence, you don’t have to worry about letting much of the heat and smoke out. Even more, this smoker holds consistent temperatures, so you’ll always get even results. 

And because of its compact size, this electric smoker from Landmann is perfect if you have limited space. Moreover, its wrought iron side handles make the smoker easy to transport and carry around.

LANDMANN MCO 32954 Landmann Smoky Mountain 26" Electric Smoker-Black-OPP w/Viewing W
  • 3-in-1 combination tray
  • Non-insulated cooking chamber
  • Product is 26 inches


  • Includes temperature gauge on the door for optimum temperature control
  • Separate heating element and removable variable temperature controller
  • 3 chrome-plated steel cooking grates
  • Door includes adjustable door latch and viewing window
  • Adjustable feet for accurate leveling on uneven surfaces
  • Smoking temperature is a little lower than most electrical smokers
  • According to some users, the door tends to pop open while cooking

Best Electric Smokers Under 200 – Buyers Guide

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Electric Smoker Under 200


Power is one of the most necessary technical specifications you need to check in an electric smoker. Basically, it’s what defines the electric heater’s wattage. This, in turn, is what controls how quickly your smoker heats up, as well as how hot it gets.

The maximum heat capacity of the majority of electric smokers at this price range is 275F, and that’s high enough. Nevertheless, some models offer up to 400F for faster cooking.

Temperature Controls

Controlling and maintaining the internal temperature are two of the most vital things that your electric smoker should be able to do. Most units come with a built-in thermometer, letting you see its internal temperature all the time

Temperature controls generally have two types: 

  • Analog controls, which typically consist of a simple dial for increasing and decreasing the temperature.
  • Digital controls, which are easier to utilize and also enable you to adjust the temperatures more accurately.

Overall Dimensions and Cooking Area

The best electric smokers below 200 dollars are available in various sizes and shapes. Some are designed to cater to larger families and gatherings. On the other hand, some are enough to create a meal for small families and still have extra for a guest or two. 

You can find models with more than 500 square inches of cooking space. But if that’s too big for you, something with about 280 square inches can handle two racks of ribs, four chickens, or an entire turkey. 

Electric barbecue smokers are lightweight. Likewise, they’re easy to operate and use. Hence, if you’re space is limited, you won’t have trouble moving your unit out of the way when you’re done with your cooking session.


High-quality electric smokers are made with thick metal to ensure it is well sealed and insulated. Likewise, it helps to distribute the heat evenly across its cooking chamber. So when your smoker has excellent insulation, you won’t have any issues in terms of temperatures fluctuating.

Durability and Warranty

A lot of electric smokers are under a 1-year warranty. Nonetheless, you can find some units covered for up to three years. Most of the electric smokers on this price range have a durable stainless steel construction. This material tough, but you won’t be able to avoid encountering issues with the smoker’s electrical components and hardware from time to time. So make sure to take some time to carefully go through your warranty to learn which parts are covered and which ones are not.

What Can I Expect From An Electric Smoker Below $200?

The best electric smokers under 200 are just a powerful as those more expensive models. These cooking appliances pretty much use the same principles of operation. In fact, in most instances, the smoky flavor they produce are quite similar in taste. 

However, the biggest difference here is in terms of cooking space. Larger electric smokers that can accommodate enough barbecue for your big family are pricier. Another factor that sets expensive smokers from budget-friendly options is the inclusion of settings or an electric thermostat for automating your cooking time. 

Electronic features like these are common among pricier bbq smokers. But only a few of the best electric smokers under 200 come with these controls.


These are the best electric smokers under 200 available on the market today. They’re a great option if you’re on a budget and can provide you with almost the same wonderful smoky flavor that the more expensive ones offer. Keep in mind that a higher price tag doesn’t always mean you’re getting the most reliable product. In fact, some of the best are priced below 200. Consider reading our pick of electric smokers under $300