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The best grill covers can help ensure that your priced grill stays in great shape. These grill accessories can protect your equipment from acquiring, dirt, dust, and other elements. This, in turn, can help prolong the lifespan of your investment.

Aside from covers, we have researched also the best bbq Bluetooth thermometer even the best brisket slicing knife, and in the end, the best grill lights to help you get all accessories.

However, the market for grill covers is huge, and choosing the right one can overwhelm anyone. So to end your search, we research long and hard to bring you the top grill covers you can get your hands on.

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Why Do I Need A Grill Cover?

When you place your grill outdoors, you’re exposing it to harsh weather conditions. These elements can damage even a heavy-duty or the most durable grill. Buying a good grill cover is one of the best decisions you can make to preserve the beauty of your outdoor cooking equipment.

Aside from the sun, rain, and snow, dust and other particles can harm your grill. These elements may settle on your grill, which may lead to it not working properly. 

However, rust is the biggest enemy of all grills. Aside from making your unit unattractive, rust can also significantly shorten its life. So covering your gill will ensure that all its vital metal components are safe from wet weather. Moreover, it deters those annoying critters from settling down comfortably in your grill.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 78 Inch Island BBQ Grill Head Cover, Grill Cover, Grill Cover for Outdoor Grill, BBQ Cover
  • Fits left or right island barbecue grill heads 78"L x 42"D x 48"H
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Gardelle Fabric System features an elegant fabric top with a water-resistant laminated backing and a protective dark splash guard skirt
  • Click-close straps snap at front to secure cover on the windiest days
  • Elastic hem cord for a tight and custom-like fit

Best Gas Grill Covers – Runner Up

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iCOVER Grill Cover, 600D Heavy Duty with Mesh Air Vent, 60 inch Waterproof Barbecue Gas Smoker Cover, UV and Fade Resistant, for Weber Char-Broil Nexgrill Brinkmann and More
  • UPGRADED HEAVY DUTY FABRIC - Our grill cover is made from 600D heavy-duty oxford polyester canvas fabric with a water-resistant PVC coating and water repellent finish.Fabric is extremely Sturdy and Heavy-Duty, rip resistant, water repellent. It provides reliable protection for your grill in all types of weather conditions.
  • Wide Compatibility - This universal grill cover measures 60 (W) x 23(D) x 42(H) inch ,which fits most grill up to 60in in length like Brinkmann, Char Broil, Weber, Holland , Jenn Air, etc. Please note this cover is not designed to cover the entire wheels.
  • Air Vent Design - Our grill cover features concealed mesh air vents on each side, promoting air circulation and allowing moisture to escape. This design helps to keep your grill dry, preventing the accumulation of moisture and potential damage.
  • Wind Resistant & Sides Straps Design -The cover is equipped with straps on two sides, ensuring a snug and secure fit. These straps prevent your BBQ grill cover from being blown away during strong wind seasons.
  • Rip resistant & UV Protection: Our griddle cover features double solid stitching with a bound edge, offering durability and water resistance. This design protects the cover from ripping or leaking, ensuring long-term use. The UV resistant material withstands the damaging effects of sunlight, preventing fading and keeping the cover looking good over time.

Best Gas Grill Covers – Comparison Table

Best Gas Grill Covers – Reviews

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 78 Inch Island BBQ Grill Head Cover, Grill Cover, Grill Cover for Outdoor Grill, BBQ Cover
Our rating:

The Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover, with sizes ranging from xs to xxxl, can protect your grill from various elements. You can use it on grills from well-known brands like Char-Broil, Brinkmann, and Jenn Air.

The fabric of the cover is woven polyester, enabling it to repel water. Hence, it ensures that moisture is kept away from the metallic parts of your grill. 

Another feature you’ll like about the product is its elastic hem with toggles. What you’ll like about this is that you can custom the fit of the cover to your grill with ease.

This grill cover from Classic Accessories also features vents that reduce the risk of wind lofting and condensation buildup. Meanwhile, its padded handles let you slide the cover off easily and more conveniently. 

To hold the cover in place even when its windy outside, simply snap its click and close straps over the wheels of your grill. Not only is the Veranda grill cover durable, but it also has a stylish design with accessories to match. Plus, you can store your grilling tools on the cover’s top zippered pocket. 

Our top pick for the best grill covers is a classic choice equipped with desirable features. It can help maintain the beauty of your unit while keeping it safe from unwanted elements.

  • Fashionable design with matching webbing
  • It has an interior bound seams for strength
  • High-density stitching for durability
  • Padded handles for comfort
  • Click-close straps snap at the front to secure cover on the windiest day
  • Elastic hem cord with toggles allows adjustment for a tight and custom-like fit
  • Air vents reduce inside condensation and wind lofting
  • It does not cover the entire legs of your grill
  • No protection from UV
iCOVER Grill Cover, 600D Heavy Duty with Mesh Air Vent, 60 inch Waterproof Barbecue Gas Smoker Cover, UV and Fade Resistant, for Weber Char-Broil Nexgrill Brinkmann and More
Our rating:

iCover Grill Cover has a simple, all-black aesthetic without any markings. It may not be as stylish as some models, but it boasts a construction of the utmost quality and UV protected.

The fabric of the second-best grill covers is made from 100% heavy-duty oxford polyester canvas. What’s more, it has a water-resistant PVC coating and water repellent finish. And to top it all off, its concealed air vent design keeps your grill safe from the rain

This cover can cater to your smoker grill for up to 75 inches in size (maybe a solid option for charcoal smoker grill also). You don’t have to worry about this iCover product giving up on you any time soon as all its seams have double stitching. 

That extra strength is combined with Velcro straps at the cover’s ends to guarantee a secure and snug fit. And check this out, its front even has a mesh window to let airflow while keeping moisture away. We all know that moisture eventually leads to mildew or rust.

The iCover grill cover is perfect if you want a high-quality grill accessory minus the frills. It can cover most grills from major brands and packed with plenty of key features you’d want in a grill cover. Also, because of its premium make, this product will be able to protect your grill for numerous years.

  • Heavy-duty, UV and rip-resistant polyester fabric
  • Mesh air vents that allow air circulation and let moisture escape, which will keep your grill dry
  • Features velcro closure straps at two sides for a better fit
  • Padded heavy-duty handle at each side for easy on and off
  • You can use handles for storing or hanging
  • Rain can go through the mesh vents
  • Warranty is not as long as others
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It’s hard to go wrong the budget-friendly Homitt Gas Grill Cover in terms of holding the worth of your precious barbecue grill. This heavy-duty best grill cover is waterproof, rip-resistant, and offers one of the best protection for your investment. 

You may think that just because this grill cover is inexpensive, the material is low in quality. On the contrary, it’s crafted from heavy-duty and long-lasting 600D Oxford fabric. Likewise, the material can withstand water and cracks despite harsh weather conditions. 

Furthermore, Homitt designed this bbq grill cover with Velcro straps at its sides to secure it to your grill cart. Plus, you won’t see it getting blown away by winds. Just don’t forget to attach the straps tightly.

Another thing you can cross out from your worries is the cleaning and maintenance of your grill cover. It’s a breeze to clean as long as you’re careful with its pad handles and Velcro straps, you won’t have any problems.

The grill cover can take care of your Weber, Char-Broil, Royal Gourmet, Brinkmann BBQ grills, and so much more.

  • Made of heavy-duty waterproof 600D oxford fabric and PVC layer
  • It can protect your grill from water, snow, ultraviolet, dust, and more
  • UV resistant design prevents sun damage
  • Handles at two sides of the cover make it easier to fit and remove
  • Durable and rip-resistant
  • Some users complain of some fading to the grill cover after a few months of use
  • Corners tend to acquire small holes over time
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Our next best grill cover is from VicTsing, which works for well-known brands like Weber, Char-Broil, Holland, and more. This one is heavy-duty and has a 600D polyester fabric. Aside from these, it’s also heavy-duty, rip-resistant, weather-resistant, dust-proof, and has UV protection. 

One of the things you’ll love about this cover is the secure fit it offers. Hence, your barbecue grill is not only protected, but it will stay clean and dry all the time. 

Additionally, it comes with Velcro straps, making it wind-resistant as well. Simply tighten it up and your gas grill cover will stay in place and not get blown away. Plus, it also features padded handles allowing you to remove it with a lot of ease.

You won’t have trouble cleaning up this outdoor accessory. You only need to hose it down with water to get rid of any dirt accumulation. It’s worth noting that this VicTsing grill cover is durable and will provide your grill with complete protection against elements and cracking.

  • LHeavy-duty and made of 600D polyester fabric which is weather-resistant and dust-proof
  • LIt can protect your grill from the elements of forces, such as wind, sand storms, sun, rain, etc.
  • LUV resistant design
  • LPadded handles and straps to keep grill cover stay in place
  • LEasy to clean
  • The color will fade eventually
  • Expect its edges to deteriorate over time
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Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553 | 7107 Cover for Weber Genesis E and S Series Gas Grills Includes Grill Brush, Tongs and Thermometer
Our rating:

The KingKong Gas Grill Cover may be a bit expensive, but it’s well worth the extra investment. It’s one of those best gas grill covers that offer value for money. It has a solid construction and comes with many attractive features.

One, it’s material is heavy-duty and high-quality. Thereby, it can withstand various weather conditions. On top of that, its premium vinyl material is UV-resistant, water-resistant, and will not crack. However, keep in mind that just like any covers out there, storing if for a long time may cause some ripping to it. 

Another good feature of this KingKong grill cover is its Velcro straps. This will make sure that it is tight and securely attached to your grill. Also, the straps will prevent the winds from blowing it away, which is something others don’t offer. 

Furthermore, any grill enthusiast will love the fact that this product come with some essential grilling. These include stainless steel tongs, a cooking thermometer, and even a grill brush. This KingKong bbq grill cover is made to fit the Weber Genesis E and S series grills. Nonetheless, you can also use it on other gas grill models as long as it’s the appropriate size.

  • Fits most grills with 3 to 4 burners
  • Resistant to water and high temperature
  • Durable enough to protect your barbecue grill from rain, snow, sun, as well as  tear and fading
  • Easy to clean.
  • Velcro straps to keep grill cover secure on the grill
  • It’s more expensive than other best grill covers
  • A bit limited in terms of grills it can accommodate

Best Gas Grill Covers – Buyers Guide

Things You Need To Consider When Looking For the Best Grill Covers

When on the market for the best grill covers, one of the first things you need to check are loose ends. If it has loose ends, you’ll see the edges of your bbq cover tearing up prematurely. 

Likewise, it will expose your unit to dirt, wind, and rain. So make sure to buy one exactly the size of your grill, designed specifically for it, or with Velcro straps.

Fabric is another factor you need to look at closely. This is pretty significant if you’ll place your grill outdoors. Hence, you want something that provides superb protection against severe weather elements like the heat of the sun. 

With this in mind, look for a cover with a fabric that’s both waterproof and water-resistant. Additionally, polyester fabric is a good choice but vinyl may last longer. Thicker grills are also long-lasting, so never compromise it by getting a thin, cheaper model.

Another feature you may want to consider is air vents. This will prevent your barbecue grill cover from ballooning during windy days keep dust from accumulating. Also, breathable fabric allows moisture to escape easily. Hence, this feature can also help prevent rusting and corrosion.

Benefits Of Using A Grill Cover

Protects your grill from the sun and harmful UV rays

The best grill covers offer protection from the scorching heat of the sun and UV rays. Exposing your investment on these elements may potentially harm it, which may make your grill unfit for grilling for a few months. Also, it may hurt your pockets if it needs to be repaired.

Shields your grill from rains and thunderstorms

The must-have grill accessory can also help protect your bbq grill from the rain, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes. This is especially true if your cover is made from high-quality and durable material with straps so that it won’t easily get blown away by strong winds. Moreover, it can prevent water-logging and rusting.

Keeps mold and mildew at bay

Getting the best grill covers on the market will ensure that those unwanted molds and mildew will not settle in your grill. Also, it can help prevent unnecessary bacteria and viruses from building up on the surface of your grill when you’re not using it for some time. 

Dust is another element that tends to accumulate in your grill. This can potentially destroy it, so it’s a good idea to buy the best possible grill cover you can buy to prolong the lifespan of your grill.

What About Warranty?

Although your grill cover will just sit there protecting your outdoor cooking equipment, it is exposed to different elements. This can cause its material to suffer. 

The best barbecue grill covers should have a warranty. A longer warranty is a good sign that the manufacturer is confident about its product. Thereby, never opt for a cover without a warranty no matter how attractive its price tag is. This usually means that it has poor construction and made from low-grade materials.


These are the best grill covers available today. Not only will they protect your investment from unwanted elements, but they can also help preserve its beauty and make it last longer.

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