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The best grill lights make it even more relaxing to enjoy bbq with the entire family as the sun goes down. Barbecuing at night can be a lot of fun but it’s not without dangers, especially if you don’t have enough light.

No matter how careful you are, the smoke from your grill and low lighting combo can have an effect on your sight. Not only will it result in an overcooked or undercooked meal, but it may also cause a fire accident. 

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Most grills out there do not have lights. This extra grill accessory can help prevent unnecessary disasters when you’re grilling at night. So if you want your steak to come out perfectly during your nighttime barbecue gathering, you need one of the top-notch grill lights on our list.

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Zeust sirius 1. 0 barbecue grill light - 10 super bright led lights, durable, weather &...
Our rating:
Best grill lights 8

The second place on our list of the best grill lights is the Zeust Sirius 1.0. With 10 high-output LED lights, it’s one of the brightest barbecue lights out there. 

But aside from that, many other things make this product a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality grill light. First, instead of cheap plastic, this one is made of durable nylon glass fiber, making it very durable.

The Sirius bbq grill light can pump out an impressive 105 lumens. Additionally, it comes with an auto-shut feature to help preserve its battery life. 

What’s more, it features the MeltGuard technology allowing it to withstand the extreme heat of your grill. So no more worrying about warping and melting. You can just focus on ensuring your steak is cooked to perfection.

You can mount this outdoor tool by screwing it on your grill. This is common in lamps, but Zuest took it to the next level by an adjustable zinc-alloy screw clamp which makes it suitable on any bbq handle. 

You can easily set the barbecue lamp in minutes. On top of that, it’s extremely fun and easy to use, thanks to its SmartTOUCH technology and high-quality workmanship.

So if you want something versatile and durable that you can use all year-round, even in the dead of northeast winters, then this is the grill light for you.

Zeust sirius 1. 0 barbecue grill light - 10 super bright led lights, durable, weather &...
1,089 Reviews
Zeust Sirius 1.0 Barbecue Grill Light - 10 Super Bright LED Lights, Durable, Weather &...
  • FOR ALL THE GRILLERS LIKE US who hate barbecue grill lights that are not bright enough, melt easily, are cheaply made,...
  • POWERFUL & SMART! Are you constantly taking burgers and steaks into the kitchen to see if they're done? Our bbq lamp...
  • UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! Thanks to our unique MeltGuard technology which combines nylon with glass fiber, our bbq light...
  • PRACTICAL & EFFECTIVE! Are you fed up with those run-of-the-mill flashlights or phone flashlights that are not bright...
  • A SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR ALL BBQ LOVERS! With each purchase of a Zeust Grill Light, not only do you get our special 2-year...

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  • Super easy to install
  • It has 10 Ultra-BRIGHT LED lights with 105 lumens output
  • Made out of durable nylon glass fiber and strong zinc alloy
  • SmartTOUCH technology with auto-off feature saves you money and makes it very easy to turn on and off, even with your hands full
  • Comes with the MeltGuard technology which combines nylon with glass fiber
  • It will not warp or melt and will outlast other similar lights on the market
  • Some users say that it eats up the battery quicker than other options
  • You may find its clamp design difficult to use on tabletops and other flat surfaces

Kosin barbecue grill light magnetic base super-bright led bbq lights-360 degree flexible gooseneck,...
Our rating:
Best grill lights 11

The Kosin Barbecue Grill light comes with an interesting pair of lights. It has that gooseneck design, which makes its heads quite flexible. Usually, this type of light tends to droop if you leave it in place for a few seconds. Hence, you need to make small adjustments every time. 

However, the best grill lights from Kosin has a stiffer construction, eliminating the annoyance of having to adjust constantly. Aside from this, there are many things to love about this grill accessory. 

First is its pair of 2 identical glare-free, wide light, and super bright lights to illuminate your cooking surface. Then, there’s its magnetic base, which means that you don’t have to fiddle with any clamps. 

Simply slap the grill lights on the side of your grill and adjust the neck to ensure your food is properly lit. Then with a single press of its easy to reach switch button, you’re all set to grill your heart out at night. 

What’s more, when you’re done cooking, you can even use this Kosin grill light as a handheld flashlight. This is pretty useful when you’re navigating your way around your dark backyard or camping area. 

It uses a standard AAA battery. So you don’t need to charge it. Still, the downside of this is that it can give out without any warning. 

Kosin barbecue grill light magnetic base super-bright led bbq lights-360 degree flexible gooseneck,...
10,110 Reviews
KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light Magnetic Base Super-Bright LED BBQ Lights-360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck,...
  • [Super Bright]The BBQ light features 9 high-density LEDs. It provides a super bright and glare-free, wide light beam to...
  • [Powerful Magnetic Base and Flexible Gooseneck]This feature allows you to easily mount your torch without any...
  • [water resistance and durability]The material making this torch is an aluminum alloy, it is resistant to extremely hot...
  • [Portable and Multi-Purpose]The light is not fixed in one place. When not using it at the BBQ you can use it to light...
  • [Batteries Included and After-Sales]Our products are equipped with 6 durable AAA batteries so you don't need to buy...

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  • 9 very bright LEDs that can illuminate your grill area throughout the night
  • Strong magnetic base to enable fixing to most metal surfaces easily and securely
  • Bendable gooseneck adjusts and holds to nearly any position
  • Made from durable, heat-resistant aluminum alloy
  • A multi-purpose bbq grill light that you can also use for biking, camping, reading and any other things you would want to do at night
  • Some users say that the grill light does not stay in place after adjusting it
  • The battery insert material is not high-quality

Bright eyes - magnetic barbecue bbq light set for grilling - 6 alkaline aaa batteries included -...
Our rating:
Best grill lights 12

If you’re not into the clamp-mount style, then you’ll definitely like the next best grill lights on our list. 

This Magnetic Barbecue Light from Bright Eyes is a versatile, easy to install, all-around light that you can stick anywhere. And since its base is magnetic, you can attach the outdoor light to almost all types of grills except stainless steel models. 

Even more, its neck is made from flexible steel instead of a swiveling head. This means that it enables you to be more specific where you want it to illuminate. 

You can get this bbq light as a set of two lights bright magnetic LED lights. So that’s double the light you’ll get whenever you’re grilling at night. This is especially fantastic if your grill has a larger cooking area, or you just want to keep an eye on your chops. 

And check it out, it’s quite light so it’s easily portable, and comes in a convenient reusable case.

Bright eyes - magnetic barbecue bbq light set for grilling - 6 alkaline aaa batteries included -...
1,538 Reviews
BRIGHT EYES - Magnetic Barbecue BBQ Light Set for Grilling - 6 Alkaline AAA Batteries Included -...
  • BRIGHT-BRIGHT-BRIGHT: Bright magnetic LED lights for quality grilling. Works on most grills, with an exception to...
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: 6 AAA Alkaline Batteries INCLUDED!! FREE durable, reusable CASE also included.
  • DURABLE: Very Durable Steel, with Flexible Steel Neck for allowing optimal Lighting.
  • THE ORIGINAL: Our BBQ Light is the FIRST Magnetic light on all of Amazon. DON'T buy imitations.
  • AWESOME GIFT: Great gift idea for Dad, Friend, Neighbor, Girlfriend's Dad, etc...

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  • Bright magnetic LED lights at 150 lumens
  • Flexible steel Neck for optimal lighting
  • Illuminates the grill surface properly
  • Magnetic so you can place this grill light just about anywhere
  • Long battery life
  • Lot weather or heat-resistant and the plastic material may melt when too close to extreme heat
  • It doesn’t have an auto-off feature

Led concepts bbq grill lights magnetic base super-bright led lights-360 degree flexible gooseneck,...
Our rating:
Best grill lights 12

The LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light is one of those best grill lights that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Using this barbecue light presents immediate illumination whenever you need it to make your grilling experience at night even better. 

It features an adjustable screw clamp making it possible to use on non-metal surfaces. On the other hand, its heavy magnetic base means that you can use it even if your grill has no handles or side platforms. It offers a wide range of adjustments as well. Hence, this gadget is multi-purpose. 

Another great thing about this barbecue light is its 12 bright LED lights. This is all thanks to its 22-inch, flexible gooseneck that you can adjust 360 degrees. 

Plus, Not only can it illuminate any part of your grill’s surface, but the LED lights are also energy-efficient. Likewise, they will last longer than regular bulbs. 

The lightweight grill lamp is easy to install and uses three triple A batteries. It has a heavy, sturdy, and weather-resistant construction. Furthermore, it will not bend, crack, or melt even when exposed to high temperatures. 

Led concepts bbq grill lights magnetic base super-bright led lights-360 degree flexible gooseneck,...
2,366 Reviews
LED Concepts BBQ Grill Lights Magnetic Base Super-Bright LED Lights-360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck,...
  • GRILLING & BBQ LIGHT – Perfect for outdoor grilling and BBQ – Provides instant illumination exactly where you need...
  • MULTI-FLEX NECK – 22 Inch Goose-neck that adjusts 360° to illuminate any task
  • ADJUSTABLE SCREW CLAMP – Sturdy adjustable clamp that attaches to various surfaces to ensure that the weight of the...
  • MAGNETIC BASE – Attaches and holds to most metal surfaces – Cordless task light made of weather-resistant aluminum...
  • LED LIGHT TECHNOLOGY – 12 LED energy efficient lighting that lasts longer than regular light bulbs – Provides even...

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  • Provides instant illumination exactly where you need it
  • 22 Inch Goose-neck that adjusts 360 degrees to illuminate any cooking task
  • Sturdy adjustable clamp that attaches to various surfaces
  • Magnetic base attaches and holds to most metal surfaces
  • 12 LED energy-efficient lighting
  • According to some users, the magnet of the base is not that strong
  • Not entirely weatherproof

Lightaccents barbecue grill light by light accents - battery operated led bbq light aluminum clamp...
Our rating:
Best grill lights 12

In comparison to the other best grill lights, this Barbecue Grill Light from Light Accents is a bit expensive. But as they say, you get what you pay for. It is perfect for all grill masters who love to bbq after the sun goes down. 

The construction of the barbecue light is military-grade aluminum and high-impact ABS plastic. Thereby, you can expect the design of this grill gadget to be durable ad sturdy.  

This adjustable LED grill lamp swivels 180 degrees. Meanwhile, its head can rotate a full 360 degrees, enabling you to cast the light exactly where you need it. Simply twist its head to illuminate your prep area or side heaters, then just twist it back into place to light up your cooking surface.

This unique grill light has an adjustable clamp that can fit most grill handles. Moreover, the solid aluminum clamp has inner rubber grips to secure the light in place and prevent slipping.

Whether you barbecue occasionally or you’re always cooking outdoors, this grill light is a must-have.

Lightaccents barbecue grill light by light accents - battery operated led bbq light aluminum clamp...
509 Reviews
LIGHTACCENTS Barbecue Grill Light by Light Accents - Battery Operated Led BBQ Light Aluminum Clamp...
  • 🍔 SUPER BRIGHT 10 LED BULBS: This Barbecue Light Features 10 High Powered Led Lights That Are Adjustable To Position...
  • 🌭 ADJUSTABLE 180 DEGREES: The BBQ Lights Clamp Fits Most Grills With Its Adjustable Solid Aluminum Clamp. Place It On...
  • 🥩 PIVOTING 360 DEGREE: The Cooking Light Clamps To Your Grills Handle And The Pivoting Head Puts Light Exactly Where...
  • 🍗 PROFESSIONAL GRADE QUALITY: Barbeque light Uses 3 AA batteries (not included) you have used other grill lights for...
  • 🍖 MEASURES: L:10.2 in. x W:3 in. x H:1.7 in. Use on the handle of your aluminum bbq grill, it is a battery powered...

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  • Features 10 high powered LED lights
  • Adjustable solid aluminum clamp fits almost all types of grills
  • Pivoting 360-degree head puts light exactly where you need it
  • Made from military-grade aluminum and high-impact ABS plastic
  • Casts a wide beam of light around your barbecue
  • The clamp may scratch the handle of your grill
  • Some users say that the light can get too hot for the touch

Best Grill Lights – Buyers Guide

Why Should I Buy The Best Grill Light?

You need high heat when grilling. On the other hand, smoking needs low heat, and you also want to make sure that the coals are away from your meat. 

These cooking methods require careful monitoring, from coals, and where you place your food. Hence, you must be able to see what you’re grilling and how your meal looks while cooking it.

When you grill at night time, it’s highly likely that you’ll burn, overcook, or undercook your meat since you can’t see it properly. The best grill lights are specifically created for safety, and not the grill itself. 

This grilling must-have can illuminate your prep and cooking area so that you can cook your favorite steak to perfection.

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What To Consider When Looking For The Best Grill Lights


Before making any purchase, check and see your backyard’s current light condition is at night or where your outdoor grill is placed. Then, determine the amount of light required when you cook at night. 

The barbecue light’s brightness is measured in lumens. So the higher the lumens, the brighter your outdoor light will be. As a rule of thumb, your grill lights should provide at least 100 lumens. 


One of the factors that will determine the longevity of any grilling tool and accessory is its construction. 

Some of the best grill lights on the market are made of aluminum alloys, which are sturdier and better at withstanding heat and weather conditions. 

Meanwhile, some use plastic and fiberglass. However, plastic is not as sturdy, can get damaged easily, and tends to warp on high heat.

Power Source

Most barbecue lights use triple AAA batteries. These are common and readily available. Moreover, you also have an option to get rechargeable ones, especially if you’re always grilling at night to save money. 

Adjustment and Fit

It won’t make sense to get a bbq light that does not fit your grill since you’ll just inconvenience yourself. You’ll also find it difficult to cook if it’s not able to illuminate the entire cooking area. So make sure to opt for a unit with a mounting capability that’s easy to remove. Likewise, it should be able to lighten up several grills at once.

Additionally, you may consider the best grill lights with a gooseneck design. This style is the best option if you’re after adjustability. It’s easy to adjust exactly where you want it to light. 


The best grill lights allow you to enjoy your nighttime barbecues even more. Not only will it be easier and safer for you to cook, but it will also ensure that your meats are cooked the way they’re supposed to. Consider checking our list of best essential smoker accessories to have an insight into all grilling tools, or simply start exploring the possibilities with:

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