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The best knife sets under 200 can rival the performance of those expensive ones. Knives with higher price points tend to last for more than a decade because they’re crafted from premium steel. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that cheaper knife sets are not made from high-quality materials as well. 

Finding a quality set to upgrade your current knife collection or stock up your new kitchen doesn’t have to your pockets. So with that in mind, here are the top knife sets you can buy without the need to spend over $200. 

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In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set, Tempered Glass Block
  • Ergonomic Santoprene handle offers superior comfort and a non-slip grip, even with wet hands. Will not break down from exposure to kitchen oils and is able to withstand hot and cold temperatures
  • High carbon, no-stain German X50 Cr Mo V15 cutlery steel resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration
  • Precision forged construction for better strength and durability with a full tang that runs the entire length of the handle for superior balance
  • Taper-ground edge allows for added stability, easy honing, long lasting sharpness, and increased efficiency when cutting and chopping

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Best Knife Sets Under 200 – Runner Up

Our rating:
Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Classic Forged Triple Rivet, 15 Piece Set, White
  • Set Includes: 8" Chef Knife, 8" Slicing Knife, 7" Santoku Knife, 5.5" Utility Knife, 3.5" Paring Knife, 2.75" Bird's Beak Paring Knife, 4.5" Steak Knives (6), 8" Sharpening Steel, All-Purpose Household Shears, Wooden Block.
  • Superior high-carbon forged stainless steel blade for precision and accuracy
  • Durable extra-wide safety bolster for perfect stability and control
  • Stainless steel rivets to secure the full-tang blade to the ergonomically designed handle

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Best Knife Sets Under 200 – Comparison Table

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Best Knife Sets Under 200 – Reviews

Our Pick
Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set, Tempered Glass Block
Our rating:

It’s easy to see whey the Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Knife Block Set is one of the best knife sets under 200. It’s the perfect blend of modern technology and finely crafted German steel. 

The set comes with five of the most popular Genesis knives and a tempered glass storage block. It has all the essential knives to help make your meal preps a breeze. These include pairing, utility, bread, boning, and chef’s knives.

Every knife has a sharp blade and a superb balance. Likewise, you’ll like the grip of the handles. What’s more, its glass see-through storage block allows you to find the knife you need quickly and easily. 

This Mercer Culinary Genesis collection doesn’t have shears or honing steel. Nevertheless, you’re getting impressive knives that can outperform even those triple its price. On top of that, it’s from a brand that constantly supplies knife kits to a lot of culinary schools.

  • High carbon, non-staining German steel resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration
  • NSF-certified knives
  • Glass see-through windows make it easy to find the right knife
  • Performance is as great as expensive sets
  • Provides great balance
  • No shears or honing steel
  • Some users report rusting on the smallest knife after a few months

Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Classic Forged Triple Rivet, 15 Piece Set, White
Our rating:

This Cuisinart Classic Forged Triple Rivet Cutlery in white by Cuisinart is a gorgeous best knife sets under 200. The blades of these knives are made from premium quality carbon stainless steel. Thereby, you can expect precise and accurate performance all the time. 

Cuisinart’s Triple Rivet Collection features knives with tapered ground blades. On top of that, they gradually narrow down to offer you an extremely fine yet sharp edge. 

Another notable feature of this knife set is its excellent stability and control. Every piece is created with an extra-wide forged safety bolster. Additionally, the stainless steel rivets secure the blades while providing a comfortable grip.

The versatile kitchen tool set comes with some professional knives. You’ll get a chef’s knife, Santoku, pairing, bird’s beak pairing, and utility knives. It also includes steak knives, kitchen shears, sharpening steel, and a wooden block.

  • It has a beautiful aesthetic
  • Superior high-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Durable extra-wide safety bolster
  • Stainless steel rivets to secure the full-tang blade
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Knives may not be as sharp as others on this list
  • Rusting is also an issue with this knife set according to users

Calphalon 321, 12 Piece, Silver
Our rating:

There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to stop in the middle of preparing your food just to sharpen your knife. If you hate this as much as the next home chef, then the Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Cutlery Knife Set is perfect for you. 

Thanks to Calphalon’s Sharpin technology, this best knife sets under 200, it provides you with properly sharpened knives every time. This makes your meal preps easier and quicker. Also, the kitchen tools will give you precise and clean cuts whatever ingredient you’ll slice, dice, or chop (even the brisket). 

The 12-piece knife set comprises of standard pieces such as a chef’s knife, a Santoku knife, and a serrated utility knife. You’ll also get steak knives and kitchen shears. These knives are stain proof with triple-riveted handles and made from carbon steel of the utmost quality. 

But one of the most standout features of this product is the ceramic sharpeners built directly in its block. Hence, the edges of your knife will get some sharpening whenever you get it out and place it back in the block. 

  • Ceramic sharpeners are built right into the block
  • Automatically sharpen straight-edge knives with every use
  • Knives are made from forged, high-carbon
  • Most knives feature labeled handles for easy identification in the block
  • Beautiful blonde rubberwood knife block
  • It tends to rust when cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Some users say that the knives incur stains

Chicago Cutlery Fusion High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set, 12-Piece
Our rating:

The Chicago Cutlery Fusion Series is another best knife sets under 200. This professional-grade 12-piece collection is well-known among home cooks and professional chefs alike. Aside from being budget-friendly, it comes with essential knives to assist you with different cooking.

There are many reasons why the Chicago Cutlery made it on our list. On top of it is the blades made from high-carbon stainless steel. The shape and balance of these knives are superb. Hence, they can take on several kitchen tasks. 

What’s more, the knives boast a perfect blend of sleek style and precision performance. It is also incorporated with the brand’s Taper Grind edge technology for precise cutting. You can also expect the edge of each knife to last long.

This affordable knife set under $200 includes a wide variety of knives to cover a various range of your food preparation needs. It includes a chef’s knife, a utility knife, a bread knife, a paring knife, steak knives, and a woodblock.

The golden-brown stained woodblock itself is compact and leaves a small footprint. It’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of counter space for that clutter-free look.

  • Made from stainless steel with a high carbon content
  • It has a forged designed ensuring great balance and weight
  • Cushion-grip handle provides a sturdy, non-slip grip
  • Signature 26-Degree Taper Grind edge for optimum sharpness
  • Metal bolster for added balance and safe handling
  • Handwash only
  • It doesn’t have a built-in sharpener
  • Some users report that the handle of the larger knife snapped while cutting certain types of foods

HENCKELS Modernist 14-pc Self-Sharpening Knife Set with Block, Chef Knife, Paring Knife, Bread...
Our rating:

J.A. Henckels International Modernist is a high-quality best knife sets under 200. This set combines exceptional value with top performance. It comes with 14 utensils, such as paring, serrated utility, utility, Santoku, bread, chef’s, steak knives, and kitchen shears. 

You’ll surely enjoy the self-sharpening knife block included in the block set. This sharpens the knife automatically when removing or storing them in the lovely golden-brown stained woodblock. 

Furthermore, the satin-finish of the blades is not only beautiful but can withstand rust fairly well. Meanwhile, the padded, non-slip grip of the cooking utensils combined with black poly handles, making your meal preps more comfortable. It also boasts of self-sharpening slots with built-in ceramic honing wheels. 

Another worth noting is the fully forged construction of the knives, which means the transition from blade to handle is seamless. Additionally, this provides balance while your hands will not get tired cutting ingredients because of their traditional triple-rivet handle.

What stands out from this J.A. Henckels cutlery set is the inclusion of a carving fork. At this price point, that’s quite unusual. Still, it’s a nice addition, especially if you and your family love grilling. 

  • Stylish brushed stainless steel cap 
  • Stained ash wood base
  • Self-sharpening slots that sharpen each time a knife is removed or replaced
  • All knives have a forged construction except for the steak knives
  • Includes a carving fork and a sharpening rod
  • The quality of the steak knives are not at par with the rest of the knives
  • Not dishwasher safe and some users say that the knives acquire rust after a few months of use

Best Knife Sets Under 200 – Buyers Guide

Essential Features To Consider

Finding the best knife set under $200 is not as easy as it may seem. That’s because the majority of the cutlery sets include plenty of knives and other tools. This, in turn, makes the set a little pricier than a chef’s knife. 

But before purchasing your set of knives, make sure to keep the following factors in mind. Knowing these will ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Blade and Material

Every company utilizes various high-quality materials to make the blade of their knives razor-sharp and durable. The best knife set below $200 can be made from carbon steel, stainless steel, and ceramic. 

No doubt, ceramic blades are sharp. Still, they tend to break easily. That’s why two of the most popular materials today are carbon steel and stainless steel.

There’s a slight difference between the two in terms of the blades they’ll produce. Both also come with their own sets of pros and cons. But professional chefs prefer carbon blades because they’re extremely sharp and durable.

Carbon steel is also easy to sharpen. However, its biggest drawback is that the material is prone to rust. Knives made of carbon are also heavier. On the other hand, stainless steel is more lightweight, affordable, and durable. But you may find stainless steel knives more difficult to sharpen. 

So at the end of the day, it will all boil down to your preference.


Before, sets of knives consist of heavier blades. Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can now find lightweight yet very sturdy knives.

One of the biggest advantages of a lighter knife is that it lessens hand fatigue and cramping. Likewise, it’ll be easier for you to cut meats and veggies that are malleable. Knives with a heavier weight, on the other hand, are ideal for cutting denser and thicker ingredients.


The best knife set under 200 with quality handles are comfortable to hold and grip even for long periods. 

Wooden handles are beautiful and comfortable. That’s why a lot of manufactures use the material in their knives. Nonetheless, it’s not as durable as stainless steel. Also, stainless steel handles will not get damaged when submerged in water or if you accidentally drop it off.


Balance is another important factor you need to consider. The balance of your knives should be allotted evenly between their handle and blade. This will offer you a secure and comfortable grip, and at the same time, decrease any cramping in your arm and hand.

Storage Block

The best knife sets under $200 without a storage block is hard to imagine. The reason for this is because block sets offer different knives on top of other cooking tools. 

Additionally, a storage block is a handy way to organize your knives while saving you precious space in the kitchen. Most storage blocks are made of wood, while some are acrylic. You can also find a lot of woodblocks with a built-in knife sharpener.

How Can Preserve The Condition Of My Knives?

You can prolong the life of your knives with proper care and maintenance. Doing so will also provide you with the best possible results and performance every time you use them.

To keep your best knife set below 200 dollars in good condition, make sure to wash the cutlery very quickly after each use. Check if your knives are dishwasher safe before throwing them in the washer. But even so, it’s much better to handwash them since it’ll give your kitchen tools a much effective cleaning.

Moreover, consider using hot water with detergent when washing them. This extra step will give your knives an extra shine, especially if you just used it with sticky foods. 

Remember to clean them using a soft cloth and leave them to air dry right away. Avoid storing your knives after washing. Also, if you will not use your cooking tools for a long time, you can prevent corrosion and rust by applying them with knife oil. Plus, this will also ensure that they stay sharp until the next time you use them.


These are the best knife sets under 200 available on the market today. They are very reliable and will provide you a cooking experience that’s both enjoyable and hassle-free.

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