Green Mountain Grills Vs. Traeger

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Green Mountain Grills vs. Traeger always come to mind when looking for the best pellet grill brands on the market. Both brands have excellent grill products under their belts. 

When you’re shopping around a new pellet smoker grill, you will definitely come across these names. With that, you’ll be faced with the challenge of choosing between the two. And that’s not an easy job. 

Both companies produce some top-notch grills. But which is better? Which should you opt for? To help end your confusion and make your life easier, we’re going to compare the two brands (as we compared the Spirit vs Genesis by Weber).

We’ll dig deeper into their differences and check out their best of the best offerings. 

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Green Mountain Grills History

When the patent of Traeger expired, Green Mountain Grills is one of the first companies to manufacture pellet smokers. Since its establishment in 2008, the brand made a 100% commitment to producing all things associated with pellet smokers.

They took the risk, and it paid off pretty well. Today, Green Mountain Grills is one of the topmost manufacturers of pellet smokers in the world. Furthermore, their models are available at highly competitive prices without compromising quality.

Traeger History

Traeger has a rich history. The company is known as the first-ever to introduce pellet smokers in the market, and boast of acquiring its patent for many years. 

Moreover, the brand is the one responsible not only for designing this type of smoker but developing it as well. Traeger has been around the industry since 1985. Nevertheless, they still remain as the brand to beat with regards to pellet grill sales.

Craftsmanship Quality

When you look at Green Mountain Grills, it will seem like it has a slightly better quality of workmanship. Keep in mind that their products are a bit more affordable than Trager.

Nevertheless, there have been reports from some users that the quality of Traeger grills are not the same as the earlier models. It’s still premature to conclude its durability. 

But one look at their units, and you can tell that there’s an improvement on their craftsmanship. Unfortunately, when you compare it to some of its competitors, the quality to price ratio is not what you’d hope it to be.

Marketing Strategy

In terms of marketing, Traeger has cemented its brand across the USA. It seems like every American knows about the company. The reason behind this is the many years of marketing efforts and the fact that they are brought the pellet smoker in the market. 

Furthermore, Traeger is always present in many grilling events. Likewise, their name appears in the patio of a lot of well-known and respected individuals in the barbecue industry. So when it comes to trust and brand awareness, backed up by sales stats, Traeger is unmatched.

Nonetheless, Green Mountain Grills is not far behind. Although the brand’s main focus is on pellet smokers and its accessories, its’ popularity is growing every year. The reason for this is because they offer quality products at an affordable price, which won the bbq fanatics over.

Green Mountain Grills offer mid-range to premium pellet grills jam-packed with features. One of their best-selling products is their mobile pellet smoker, which is a big hit among those who want a portable pellet smoker.

Top Features Comparison


Traeger grills come in a wide variety of series, so you are sure to find a size suitable for your grilling needs. 

The majority of its series are also available in various configurations, making it even easier to choose the right grill for your home. Most of their grills have more than 600 square inches of cooking area and grates. 

Meanwhile, the pellet grills of Green Mountain Grills are much smaller in size. They offer some universal sizes, that are especially ideal when you go camping, tailgating, or for grilling and smoking before a big game. 

These grills usually offer more than 200 square inches of cooking area. However, your options here are not as many as Traeger’s. Still, you will be able to find a grill that can meet your size requirements.

Temperature Range

The products of Green Mountain Grills sport a digital display that will show the temperature of what you’re cooking. There are small buttons you can use to select your desired temperature.

The minimum temperature is 150 F while the maximum is up to 500 F. You will be able to adjust and control the temperature of your unit even when you’re miles away from it through its downloadable app. 

Traeger grills also feature a LED display. However, their grills offer a smaller range of temperatures. You can expect your Traeger pellet grill to provide you with only up to 375 F. Nevertheless, it does come with a setting for high and maximum, which is perfect for baking.

Ease of Use

Traeger grills lean more towards the traditional type. This means that you will see yourself adding wood pellets to the hopper. You’ll also need to choose your desired temperature using the knob or dial of your grill. 

Then, you have to watch over your meat throughout the cooking process. Cleanups are pretty easy since most Traeger grills come with an ash pan that collects all the ash that will fall off the barbecue grill.

Green Mountain Grill takes the cake with regard to ease of use. This is all thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity feature of their grills. So if you want to manage the temperature of your unit, simply use the app on your smartphone to turn its timer on or even turn off the grill entirely. 

Hence, you don’t have to run back and forth to check if you have the ideal temp for your foods. And the beauty of it is that you can download get the app on your other gadgets as well. 


You may not be aware of it but Green Mountain Grills has an excellent small-sized mobile pellet smoker under its line. Its Davy Crockett unit has a structure designed with portability in mind. Hence, it will work very well for your camping trips. In fact, most users say that this is by far the best one out there in terms of mobility. 

Not to be outdone, Traegers also has a compact and small pellet smoker. Although it is a good grill, it is not as well-designed as its competition. Nonetheless, its features and performance are enough to meet most people’s expectations. 

But in comparison to the Davy Crockett, there’s no doubt that the latter is the better choice.


There are several models of Green Mountain Grills you can choose from. They vary a lot in form and price range. On the other hand, Traeger grills are a bit pricier. In comparison to other brands, the price of the smallest pellet smoker from Traeger is a whole lot more.

However, Traeger has some series that boasts of innovative technologies and unique features. But of course, it’ll cost more than what other brands offer. 

Grill Legs

Most grilling aficionados may not find this feature as important. But the leg of a grill is a deciding factor on its stability and how easy it will be to move from one spot to the next.

Some will tell you that the legs of Green Mountain Grills are the best. Not only can you fold them and support the unit, but you can also use them as handles. 

However, you may prefer the legs of the Traeger grills. What makes them better is that two of the legs of the bottom come with wheels, which makes it easier to move around.

Best Traeger Grills

Traeger Grills Lil Tex Elite Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

The Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite Pellet Grill enables you to craft amazing wood-fired recipes. You can grill your favorite steaks with it, as well as smoke ribs and even bake an apple pie. 

This is set it and forget type of grill that allows any home chef to cook just about anything with ease. It packs in 418 square inches of cooking space that can comfortably fit up to 16 burgers, 4 whole chickens, 24 hot dogs, or 5 racks of mouth-watering smoked ribs.

Moreover, it features an electric auto-start ignition for quick and easy lighting. You only to flip its switch to turn the pellet smoker on or off, and you’re all set. 

In terms of construction, the Lil’ Tex Elite Pellet Grill is made from steel and has a durable powder coat finish. Additionally, its grill grates have a non-stick surface, making them easy to clean after smoking a saucy rack of ribs or juicy burgers.

Traeger Junior Elite Pellet Grill

The Traeger TFB29LZA Junior Elite Grill is perfect for your small patio or apartment balcony. It offers 300 square inches of cooking area for smoking and grilling. This size big enough to accommodate up to three full racks of ribs, 12 burgers, 4 small chickens, and 18 sausages or hotdogs. 

This pellet grill has a dial that lets you choose from varying temperatures. However, as you turn it, the digital LED screen of the unit will show the temperature change. This is a unique and convenient feature, particularly if you’re cooking a recipe that requires a specific temperature. 

Additionally, this Traeger gill comes with an ash bucket, two-wheeled legs, and foldable legs for easy storage and mobility.

Traeger Pellet Grill Series:

  • Pro Series. This series lets achieve the wood-fire flavor easily. The grills in this series come with the WiFIRE technology so that you can control and monitor your unit anywhere through the Traeger app. Plus, the D2 Controller can help maintain the temps for perfect results all the time.
  • Ironwood Series. For this series, Traeger packed their grills with extra features to bring your cooking to the next level. The double-sidewall insulation will ensure the heat levels are steady for consistent results. On the other hand, the Super Smoke mode allows you to enhance the wood-fired flavor further with a push of a button.
  • Timberline Series. The grills on this series have three tiers of durable stainless steel grates that can handle feast-worthy amounts of meats. Their construction is fully insulated to maintain steady temperatures in any weather conditions. You can also monitor the level of your pellet via the Traeger app.

Best Grills From Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Davy Crockett WiFi Control Portable Wood Pellet Grill

The Davy Crockett is the ultimate portable grill. It features a digital WiFi controller for controlling and monitoring your unit through the iOS or Android app of the Green Mountain Grills. 

What’s more, it is equipped with a meat probe, a peaked lid for stand-up foods, and a handy tray with hooks for your utensils. It also includes Sense-Mate, which is a thermal sensor that constantly monitors the temperature of the grill. 

The pellet grill also has a hopper for holding as much as nine pounds of wood pellets. With 219 square inches of cooking area, you’ll be able to cook up all the hot dogs and burgers for everyone. Plus, it will look great in your backyard and an excellent choice for your camping excursions, and any kind of cookouts. 

Green Mountain Jim Bowie

The Jim Bowie model also comes with digital control, a meat probe, a peaked lid for stand-up chicken or rib racks, and a tray with utensil hooks. Its Sense-Mate technology will ensure that once the weather gets cold, the grill will go into its Turbo mode. This means that you don’t have to wait long for it to heat up.

On top of that, it has a venturi-style firebox for cyclone combustion. Meanwhile, the front casters and pressure hopper fan will prevent burn-back. This grill also comes with a convenient fan-only mode that will with automatic grill shut-off to blow ash out of the firebox after you finish grilling. 

With its 640 square inches of cooking area and 13.5 inches of inside clearance, you’ll be able to satisfy your hungry family and friends with your delicious creations. 


So who wins the Green Mountain Grills Vs. Traeger battle? This will depend on your needs and budget. Traeger offers some attention-getting products. However, these may put a dent on your budget. On the other hand, Green Mountain Grills offers budget-friendly yet quality options. 

Both grill manufacturers produce excellent grills that will make your barbecues taste amazing. So when choosing which one to get, think about the features you want from a grill while putting consideration to your budget.

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