Thermoworks Thermopop Review

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Thermoworks offer some of the best meat thermometers on the market, including the ThermoPop. The company was able to pack the top features from its best line of thermometers in a very portable and budget-friendly product. 

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The ThermoPop is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable and accurate meat thermometer with a lower price tag (not a temperature controller). So what makes it stand out from its competitors? Find out everything you need to know about it on this Thermoworks Thermopop review.

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ThermoPop Overview

ThermoPop was designed with both serious home and professional chefs in mind. It has a carrying case that resembles a pen, allowing you to stash it easily so that you don’t prick yourself when it’s not in use.

The build of this thermometer screams quality, particularly with regards to reading temperatures, making it perfect for grilling and barbecuing. Don’t be deceived by its very simple appearance as it boasts some brilliant features that make it easy to use.

With a push of a button, you can rotate its screen. Doing so will make reading its display pretty handy from any angle, which is an automatic feature you can find on the much expensive Themapen.

On top of that, the screen will display temp readings in large digits. Plus, it is backlit for night time use. You can also switch units from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or vice versa.

What’s In The Box

The ThermoPop comes in a small ThermoWorks branded box with a clear front that lets you see the Thermometer right away. Once you open it up, you’ll find that its packaging is quite simple. You get the thermometer, plus safety housing, and a laminated card that includes a few suggested cooking temperatures.

Technical Specs:

  • Accuracy: ±2.0°F (±1°C) from -4 to 248°F (-20 to 120°C); ±4.0°F (±2°C) thereafter
  • Probe: 4.5 L x 0.12 inch dia. reduces to 0.08 inches dia. (114 L x 3.0 mm dia. reduces to 2.0 mm dia.)
  • Display: 0.95 dia. inches (24 dia. mm); Digits: 0.35 H inches (9 H mm)
  • Water Resistance: IP 66 (splash resistant)
  • Battery: CR2032 (3V) lithium coin cell (included) x 1, 5,000 hours
  • Dimensions: 7 H x 1.8 W x 0.8 D inches (178 H x 45.2 W x 20 D mm)

The size of the probe is 4.5 inches in length. This enables you to acquires precise internal temperature reading even on large brisket cuts.

Thermoworks Thermopop Essential Features

Here are some of the convenient features of this meat thermometer:

  • Rotating display.  Every time you press the button on the back, the display will rotate 90 degrees.
  • Fast temperature reading response time. The ThermoPop is very quick. In fact, it is a second faster than most of its competitors.
  • IP66 waterproof rating. The ThermoPop has an IP rating of 66. This means it is rated to withstand water splashes but not full submersion in water. Likewise, its buttons and seals are molded-in so, allowing it to withstand most kitchen conditions.
  • Long probe. The main stem of the probe of the ThermoPop is noticeably thinner than other meat thermometers out there. This thinness makes it excellent for checking thin cuts of meat.
  • Backlight. Its backlight will come on automatically when turned on and will stay illuminated for about 10 seconds. You then need to press the button on the front every time you want to illuminate the display.
  • Auto-Off. This handy feature allows the meat thermometer to shut itself off if idle for more than 10 minutes.

Ease Of Use

The Thermopop is extremely easy to use. It has a single button that even the most tech-illiterate individual will not have any problems using. Moreover,  the instructions on the manual also do a good job of quickly taking you through the operation of the device and best practices.

While it is nearly as easy to use as the Thermapen, it does a fantastic job for its price point.


As previously mentioned, on this Thermoworks Thermopop review, the meat thermometer has an IP66 waterproof rating. This means that it will be able to withstand being left out in the rain or water splashes. 

However, never wash it directly under a running faucet or submerge in water. You can get rid of residues easily using a wet paper towel and some soap.

One of the things that you may have an issue with is the thinner probe. Still, it does come with a sheath for storage, so this should not be an issue when storing it in your kitchen drawers. 

As what you’d expect from any Thermoworks thermometers, ThermoPop is remarkably well-made, and you can expect it to serve you for a long time. 

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Thermoworks Thermopop Review: Pros And Cons

What You’ll Like About Thermopop

  • Nic range of features, including the rotational display and backlit screen.
  • Fast, reliable temperature readings within a wide range of temperatures.
  • Exceptional build quality and comes with a nice cover accessory, making it even more portable and handy.
  • For its price, the specs of Thermopop are great.
  • Its advertised read times of 3 to 4 seconds were accurate.
  • The adjustable display angle, ergonomic design, and backlit screen make the thermometer very easy to use.
  • The lithium battery should last you about  5,000 hours, and once you hit that, replacing it is hassle-free.


  • There are other cheaper alternatives. However, you’re paying for its performance, longevity, and quality.
  • You may find its button for rotating the screen can be a little inconvenient at times.


This Thermoworks Thermopop review only shows that this meat thermometer is quite outstanding. It is accurate with fast read times and a quality build to match. For its price, it can go head to head with some pricier thermometers today. So if you’re looking for an everyday meat thermometer that can take care of your kitchen and grilling needs, then you’ll appreciate what Thermopop has to offer. Plus, it can take care of the job swiftly and precisely. 

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