Weber Spirit Vs. Genesis

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Weber Spirit Vs. Genesis is probably a debate going on in your head when looking to invest in a new grill. There are many available brands of the grill on the market, but there’s no doubt that Weber is one of the most recognizable brands out there. 

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Weber is a household name when it comes to grills. They are known for offering high-quality and durable products with efficient performance to match. Moreover, you’ll find a gas grill in virtually every category and price range you could imagine, making it difficult to narrow down your choices.

However, Weber’s Spirit and Genesis Series are two of the most popular grill lines of the brand. Both lines have been around for many years. Over time, we’ve seen them evolved with notable improvements in their quality and features. Today, these grills are considered to be some of the best on the market.

In today’s article, we’ll compare the Spirit and Genesis Series and look at their differences to help you choose the best grill for your needs.

Weber History: How It All Started

The name Weber is synonymous with backyard barbecues. However, the company started out producing various metal products, from wagons to hinges. 

It was in 1952 that the world was introduced to the popular Weber BBQ grill. It was the brainchild of George Stephen, who is a welder at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago. 

Stephen welded a couple of buoy halves together to craft a charcoal kettle grill. He created plenty of unsuccessful prototypes until coming up with a grill that works. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Fast-forward to 30 years, the company introduced the Weber Genesis series. The focus of this line is on grills with built-in angled metal bars and gas tubing. Its metal bars are designed to help prevent flare-ups from happening. 

Likewise, it’s what we know today as the Flavorizer Bars, which distributes the heat evenly while preventing your food drippings from going to the flames.

Meanwhile, the Weber Spirit series comprises of standard grill models. This means that they don’t have fancy features and advanced technology, making them the more affordable option.

Weber Spirit Vs. Genesis: The Key Differences

The Weber Spirit line includes grills that feature two or three burners. In comparison to older models, the control panel of the latest versions underwent a design makeover. Furthermore, they have porcelain-coated cast-iron grates grills.

Grills under the Spirit series have a stainless steel construction. Hence, they are extremely durable and reliable. When it comes to performance, they’re nothing short but excellent. On top of that, you’ll find their standard design attracted combined with an artistic finish.

When it comes to the Genesis series, Weber equipped each grill on the line with different features. The grills on this series are the brand’s best-sellers, thanks to their performance, design, construction, and quality. 

One of the ways to differentiate the models is through the letter that comes with their model number. E pertains to the basic grill models while the S models are the sophisticated ones. 

Nonetheless, all of Genesis grills are consistent in terms of quality, performance, design, and construction. Additionally, they all come with three burners and Flavorizer Bars for that smoky goodness. Meanwhile, the BTU they offer can vary depending on the model, and they’re available in both propane and gas versions.

Essential Information

All models from both series have a few things in common. On top of that is the impressive Weber 10 year warranty. Additionally, most models also have the G4S Grilling System, which Weber developed. It comprises of the following upgrades:

  • The infinity ignition utilizes heavy-duty wire coatings that improve the heat resistance of the grills. It also allows for easy battery replacement, protects the ignition module, and improves the electros, eliminating the frustration of not being able to light up your unit due to a dead ignition.
  • Their upgraded burner with reversible tapered cooking grates offer consistent and even heating. Weber redesigned the burners in response to the complaints of users about uneven heating.
  • The triangular Flavorizer Bars are placed under the cooking area. So when grease drips, they’ll ensure that it doesn’t reach the burner, keeping flare-ups at bay. What’s more, they’ll add more flavor to your food by catching the drippings and letting the sizzle and smoke add flavor back into the food you’re grilling.
  • Lastly, is the grease management system. This is where the Flavorizer Bars continue to roll down whatever is not vaporized into the centralized drip tray. This is easy to clean and allows for safer cooking.

Both the Spirit and Weber series are also compatible with iGrill 3. This is a simple yet smart way to monitor what you’re grilling. You only need to mount the iGrill 3 thermometer to the side of your grill. It’ll then communicate with the app on your smartphone. 

You’ll be able to monitor your grill’s internal temps for up to four various pieces of meat without the need to go back and forth to your grill. Plus, you’ll get a notification on your gadget when your meats are done.

Head To Head Comparison


Price is one of the main differences when we talk about Weber Spirit vs. Genesis. As mentioned, the Spirit line is cheaper and ideal as a starter grill for anyone looking to begin their grilling journey. These grills are simple to operate, and you can cook just about anything with it.

Grills under the Genesis line boast a more sophisticated technology. They are the best grills to get if you’re a more serious griller. Nevertheless, these grills are hassle-free to use as well. Plus, they are more long-lasting, which justifies their higher price tag.


Several factors come into play when it comes to a grill’s performance. These include its number of burners, BTUs, and convenience, to name a few. 

When comparing the two Weber series, you can expect the grills to provide you with optimum performance. Their burners sport a distinct shape, delivering steady heat throughout the grills. 

The difference in this Weber Spirit vs. Genesis comparison lies in the size of the cooking area. Spirit grills have a smaller grilling surface. Likewise, you have limited space if you want to get additional attachments. On the other hand, Genesis models come with a built-in iGrill 3 Ready system which enhances their grilling performance.

Style and Design

You’ll only notice a slight difference when it comes to the style and design of the Spirit and Genesis. This is especially true in their displays, knobs, and small details. 

Spirit grills come with an upright design with its tank inside, and accessible via a door. This make is beneficial for the tank since it’s protected from the weather. Also, it is constructed from cast aluminum, which makes it sturdy.

Meanwhile, Genesis models feature an open-cart design. When compared to the Spirit models, this is not as attractive. Plus, the design places the tank outside. However, these grills have other high-quality components, such as burner knobs, lid handle, thermometer dash, and badge.

Quality and Construction

All grills from both series, just like with any equipment, require proper care and upkeep. Every Genesis model is durable and built with premium materials. They tend to be more long-lasting than the Spirit models and can handle different weather conditions.

Still, they need proper maintenance to serve you for many years. Therefore, you must arm yourself with the right cleaning tools like a steel wire brush, brash wire grill brush, and so on, to give your grill the cleaning it needs after every use.

Top Weber Spirit Grills

Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Propane Grill

This Spirit II model features the GS4 grilling system, making it easy to fire up. The gas grill has three stainless steel burners producing a total of 32,000 BTU heat output. They’re also spaced thoroughly for superb heating to the whole grilling area and each comes with its own controls, allowing various cooking settings. 

The expansive cooking area of this grill is 424 square inches. This means that you can roast your veggies and meat or cook an entire 20-pound turkey on it. This propane grill is sturdy and has a good construction with porcelain-coated, cast-iron grates.

Weber Spirit E310 Propane Gas Grill

This is the entry-level of the Spirit series, which has gotten a design makeover in 2013. It has 3 stainless steel burners that can generate a heat output of up to 32,000 BTUs. Meanwhile, its 424 square inches main cooking area is quite decent. Plus, you get an extra 105 square inches of additional space for warming your foods.

The Spirit E310 comes with the basic features of the series. These include the Flavorizer Bars, enameled grates, battery-powered ignition, single door enclosing a cart, stainless-steel work surface, and built-in tool hooks. Overall, it’s an efficient grill with sturdy construction.

Top Weber Genesis Grills

Weber Genesis II E-315 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

This top-notch grilling machine is outfitted with 3 robust engines. Its cast-iron cooking grates and black porcelain-enameled lid are easy to clean. Furthermore, Genesis II E-315 has three burners that generate 39,000 BTU heat output.

It also comes with a closed cart design with doors made entirely with painted steel. You also get a couple of shelves where you can place your grilling tools. But what makes it stand out is its technology that includes the GS4 grilling system, infinity ignition, and stainless steel Flavorizer Bars.

Weber Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

The Genesis II S-435 is also available in the E-series where the E model has a lower cabinet in porcelain-enameled black steel. Whereas, the S model is made of stainless steel.

This Genesis grill has stainless steel rods cooking grates, which you’ll love. It means that you’ll be able to achieve more beautiful grill marks while making cleanups easier. 

You also won’t have any problems with rusting since it’s stainless steel. In terms of performance, the propane gas grill offers even heating and minimal flare-ups just like with all Genesis grills. 

What’s more, it has an excellent construction combined with a sleek style and numerous features. However, all of these wonderful things do not come cheap. But if you have the budget and space, it’s well worth your investment.


So which comes on top in this Weber Spirit vs. Genesis battle? Well, both series offer excellent grills, from built and quality to their performance. All grills are durable, and Weber put careful thought on their designs. 

The Spirit series is more affordable and perfect if you have a small space. If you want something with more BTUs and cooking space, then a Genesis model is for you. So at the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference and what budget you have. 

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