Savory Air Fryer Cubed Steak Recipe

Savory Air Fryer Cubed Steak Recipe

One of the things that I love about this recipe (besides how absolutely delicious it is), is that it is really pretty simple to make.  You only need a few ingredients, most of which you probably already have, and some basic tools.


  • 4 pieces of cube steak
  • ½ cup honey
  • ½ cup dark soy sauce or substitute 
  • 2 garlic cloves, pressed or minced
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder


  • Air fryer
  • Covered bowl, container, or gallon-size Ziploc bag
  • Measuring cup
  • Teaspoon measuring spoon
  • Garlic press
  • Knife
  • Whisk
  • Meat thermometer
  • Mallet (if your cube steak was not already tenderized)


  1. Add the honey, soy sauce, and onion powder to a small mixing bowl.  Use a garlic press to mince two cloves or garlic into the bowl.  You can also peel and mince the garlic if you prefer/don’t have a garlic press.  Use a small whisk to mix all the ingredients together.
  2. Place four pieces of air fryer cube steak into a bowl or container (preferably one that has a lid).  You can even use a gallon-size Ziploc bag if you prefer. Pour the marinade over all the steaks and use a spoon to make sure it is evenly distributed and fully covering each piece of beef.
  3. Cover the container or zip up the bag and place it in the refrigerator to marinate.  Let it sit for at least three hours.  You can even prepare everything the night before and let it marinate overnight!
  4. Once you’re ready to cook, set your air fryer to 400 degrees and turn it on to preheat for about 5 minutes.  Lay the steaks out in a single layer on the air fryer tray or air fryer basket.  When removing them from the marinade, give the excess marinade a second to drip off back into the bowl; you don’t want too much extra in the air fryer.
  5. Air fry the steaks at 400 for 5 to 7 minutes, depending on how you like your steak cooked.  If you prefer your beef to be medium rare, you’ll probably want to stay closer to the 5-minute end of the range.  On the other hand, if you like your steak more well-done, aim for closer to 7 minutes.
  6. You can refer to the temperature guide below and use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of each piece of air fryer cube steak.
  7. Once fully cooked to your liking, remove the steaks from the air fryer and let them rest for 5 to 10 to finish cooking and ensure the juices get reabsorbed for a tender and tasty treat.
  8. Serve the cubed steak with the sides of your choice (see below for a few suggestions).

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