Eating after holidays

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After the holidays, vegetables and fruits are mandatory

The holidays are definitely the period of excesses. Before they come, we aspire for a perfect body shape in order to be able to enter our elegant dress for a night. Then, for the occasion, we are pleased with delicacies.

One indulges in some real treats: foie gras, turkey galore, logs and an arsenal of other sweets at will. What could be more normal, celebrations are made for that! The problem is that at the time to return to the office, it is difficult sometimes to fit into close-fitting clothing such as jeans.

Nothing frightening, this is quite normal. Above all, do not beat yourself up. Catching the shot is fairly easy for a few days just adopt a vegetarian diet in which vegetables and fruits are your watchwords, not forgetting of course drinking “water.

”Not only will you get back in shape but you at the same time will get rid of the heavy feeling you feel in the stomach. And to balance your diet, do not forget to take bread as an accompaniment. Moreover, it is always advisable to do some physical exercises and prohibit snacking.
Ideas of vegetarian recipes after the holidays

Do not worry, vegetables can perfectly do the trick in terms of energy intake. For proof, here are vegetarian recipes for your daily meals. One idea, the pumpkin soup. This delicious classic has the advantage of not falling directly on the hips.

To concoct this little dish, boil 800 grams of pumpkin in a saucepan. Once cooked, get rid of excess water and mix everything.

Add a little sugar if you feel like it, ghee, salt and pepper. For a little more flavor, you can afford a hint of milk. Put everything on the cooktop and blend until the mixture is homogeneous. A perfect recipe in any cold season.

For those who prefer raw vegetables, treat yourself to this tartare vegetarian tomato, cucumber and feta. Simple to make, this recipe will not leave your tastebuds indifferent. Dice 3 tomatoes and half a cucumber and let them dry separately for an hour.

Prepare a vinaigrette sauce with 6 tablespoons of olive oil, half a lemon and three tablespoons of wine vinegar.Season tomatoes and cucumbers and pepper.

For a nice presentation, organise a layer of tomatoes in a circle and then add previously crushed feta, a cucumber layer, and finish with another layer of feta. Be sure to pack tightly each layer of your tartare. For dessert, eat fruit without moderation.

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