Is Menudo Keto Friendly?

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The keto diet is one of the most popular for those who want to lose weight with ease. You have to avoid carbohydrates and eat mostly healthy fats to stay within the dietary plan’s boundaries.

You may think that the restrictions will stop you from eating many of your favorite international cuisines. Do not worry, as Menudo is still a viable option as long as you eliminate the starches. Choose either the Mexican or Filipino version and start cooking!

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What is Menudo?

Menudo is a Filipino dish dating back centuries and is very traditional. It is a stew that contains pork and a variety of starchy vegetables and is a favorite among many lovers of international cuisine. You simmer the stew in a tomato sauce over some time to help add an acidic touch.

There is also a Mexican version of the stew that many individuals love. It is common for families to eat together on the weekends. You will find tomato broth, red chili peppers, hominy, and beef tripe in the mixture when served this traditional dish. There are also onions and cilantro in the soup to add a bit of spice.

Many of those who enjoy either version of Menudo has deep Filipino and Mexican roots. They grew up consuming these soups, taking in the traditional flavors passed down for generations. It does take a long time to make, making it a dish that your entire family could enjoy making with one another to honor your culture.


Is Menudo Keto Friendly?

Traditional, Filipino Menudo is not keto-friendly. As mentioned, with a standard recipe, you put starchy vegetables in the mixture, such as potatoes, onions, and carrots. Thankfully, however, you can make replacements for these ingredients.

Instead of using the starchy ingredients aforementioned, consider using radishes and vegetables. These contain far fewer carbs, and you will be nowhere near your daily limit no matter when you eat your Menudo meal.

Menudo also typically uses hotdogs in the mixture, but these sausages also have a significant amount of carbs. Limit your daily intake by substituting them with breakfast sausages. Make sure you only get the original flavor so that you do not accidentally add the taste of maple syrup to your traditional dish.

If you do not like breakfast sausages, radishes, or bell peppers, do not be afraid to experiment with your ingredients. Always keep track of how many carbs are in each vegetable and meat product you add to the soup. This method will ensure that you remain within your daily limits while on the keto diet.

Is Mexican Menudo Keto Friendly?

Mexican Menudo is also not keto-friendly. Hominy is one of the essential ingredients in the recipe. If you did not know, this vegetable comes from corn kernels and has 11 grams of carbs in only one cup.

You can choose to neglect the hominy in your Mexican Menudo recipe instead. You will not have the traditional crunch as you would with the corn kernel-based vegetables, but you also will not have the carb count. There are even some brands that sell Mexican Menudo pre-made without the hominy. One serving size of this vegetable would equal half of the carbs you get in a day.

If you still want a little bit of a crunch factor, there are a few vegetables that are low in carbohydrates that you can add instead. Consider cauliflower or asparagus chopped up in fine pieces instead. Consider adding small chunks of broccoli to the recipe if you want the taste of something similar to a root vegetable. Finally, for a more autumn-like vibe, you can put in pieces of zucchini.

Keto Menudo Recipe

As you may understand now, there are two ways to make Menudo. You can find keto recipes for each below.


Filipino Menudo

To make a keto version of Filipino Menudo, you need ground pork, sausage, white onion, garlic, radishes, and bell peppers. The flavors you will use come from the tomato sauce, chicken broth, ginger, olive oil, and tamari sauce.

First, you will need to chop the vegetables and saute them in oil. After, you will add chunks of the meat and ginger. Finally, add the tomato sauce and chicken broth, letting it sit until the boiling begins. You will need to simmer the mixture after adding the tamari sauce.

Mexican Menudo

To make Mexican Menudo, you will need beef tripe, onions, garlic, soaked red chili peppers, cloves, cumin, water, and oregano. Typically, the recipe also requires hominy, but you will leave this ingredient out for the keto version. You can substitute it with chopped asparagus, zucchini, or cauliflower if you want.

First, you must add the water to the pot with the beef tripe, onion, garlic, and bay left. Let it cook for a couple of hours. At the same time, you will need to blend the red chili peppers, garlic, cumin, oregano, and liquid from the soaking process. You will combine the sauce and the cooked meat to make the meal ready to serve.

Eat Menudo on Your Keto Diet!

Just because you are on the keto diet does not mean you need to eat boring foods. Expand your horizons and try out either Filipino or Mexican Menudo. Swap out the starches in the Filipino version, and do not use the hominy required in the Mexican variant to stay within your daily limits.


How Many Carbs are in Menudo?

For the keto version of the Filipino Menudo recipe above, you will have 11.6 grams of carbs in total. After subtracting 3.8 grams of fiber, you will end up with 6.1 net grams of carbohydrates. The standard recipe of Filipino pork Menudo comes with around 28 grams, which is significantly more and only one gram off from your daily limit.

For the keto version of Mexican Menudo, you will only eat a total of three grams of carbohydrates. There is one gram of fiber, equating to two grams of net carbs for every serving. The traditional version of Mexican Menudo has around 11 grams of carbohydrates.

Can You Eat Tripe on Keto Diet?

Remember, the recipe for Mexican Menudo requires that you use beef tripe. This meat is one of the best for you when on this diet! It is a fattier cut that does not have the high amounts of protein that can pull you out of ketosis.

Other fatty meats to consider include ribeyes and pork bellies. To try a unique piece of meat, try the heart, liver, and any other available cuts of an animal.

Is Soup Okay on Keto?

Soup is one of the best things you can eat when you first begin the keto diet. Remember, to stay within the dietary limits, you need to keep your carbs low, proteins average, and healthy fats high. As long as you consider a soup that does not use starchy vegetables, you will find much of the nutrition you need.

You can even buy canned soup while on keto. If you see a product that interests your needs, make sure to look at the nutritional label first. Review the total carbohydrates present, and subtract the number of dietary fibers. The number left is how many net carbs you will consume.

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