What Goes With Cornbread – 17 Tasty Ideas

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If there is one type of food that always melts in your mouth and tastes great with seemingly anything else, it is cornbread. While for years it may have been most commonly thought of as a food eaten more by country folks in rural areas, cornbread is actually something everyone enjoys. Of course, once you sit down at your table with cornbread on your plate, you’ve got to have something else to make your meal that much better. If you are wondering what goes with cornbread, here are 17 of the tastiest ideas you can try.

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Butter with Cornbread

When it comes to things to eat with cornbread, butter can’t be beat as a topping. Since cornbread is soft, golden, and crumbly, butter is a natural to bring out the savory flavor of your cornbread. Of course, it’s always better to put a bit of butter on a piece of cornbread soon after it comes out of the oven, since it will melt quickly and soak into the bread.


If you are like many people, you love the combination of sweet and salty. By choosing to drizzle some honey onto your piece of cornbread, you’ll achieve sweet and salty perfection. By doing so, you can choose to eat your cornbread either as a side to any type of meat dish, or instead choose to use your honey-strewn cornbread as your dessert.


If you have never paired jalapenos with cornbread, you have been missing quite a treat for your taste buds. While some people like to have their jalapeno peppers as a side dish with their cornbread, others choose to slice up the peppers and add them to their cornbread recipe. When added to a cornbread recipe, the result is a cornbread emerging from your oven that has an extra kick and flavor. If you like eating cornbread with chili or other hot dishes, adding jalapenos will set your mouth on fire a bit more.


Like jalapenos, you can choose to either incorporate cheese into your cornbread recipe, or instead add it as a topping or side. Should you want to add cheese to your recipe, many cornbread enthusiasts swear by such cheese as feta, cotija, and even goat cheese. As for cheeses that work great as cornbread toppings, what goes with cornbread best include pepper jack, gruyere, and especially melted cheddar cheese.

Onions and Apples

While this may initially sound like the odd couple of all combos regarding what goes with cornbread, you will be pleasantly surprised when you make onions and apples part of your cornbread concoction. But rather than have apples and onions as sides to your cornbread, make them part of your recipe. By using these as toppings during baking, the result will be apples that turn very soft and onions that caramelize and get nice and sweet. Once you try this option, there will be no going back on your future cornbread endeavors.

What Goes With Cornbread - 17 Tasty Ideas_Alice's Kitchen


If there has ever been a culinary match made in Heaven, it has been cornbread and hot dogs. For most of us, this has translated into corndogs. If you opt for corndogs, grab some mustard and smear it all over the cornbread, since this makes this popular snack taste oh so much better. Or if you prefer, you can choose to just fix a few hotdogs and serve them with the cornbread, or even make a meal of cornbread with some weenies and beans. No matter the path you take, you and your cornbread will come out as winners.


When discussing pork and cornbread, you’ll quickly find there are many options that will all taste great. For many people, eating a meal of cornbread and ham is a savory treat that can’t be beat. In fact, on many farms over the years, cornbread, ham, and and a big glass of buttermilk has been great for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

However, while ham may be great, most cornbread lovers agree it is bacon that is the king of pork when paired with cornbread. Whether bacon crumbs are added directly to your cornbread batter or you’ve got crisp, delicious strips served with your cornbread as side dishes, your taste buds will thank you each and every time.


If you happen to be more of a vegetarian, the good news is that there are plenty of vegetables that go great with cornbread. One of the most popular is good old-fashioned greens, which can be collard greens, kale, spinach, or almost any other type of greens you can think of at the moment. Either way, greens and cornbread will give you a meal that is always filling and delicious. To add the finishing touch to your meal of greens and cornbread, remember to saute your greens, then flavor them with garlic powder and a dash or two of salt and pepper.

Brussels Sprouts

If as a kid you never wanted to eat your Brussels sprouts during dinner, chances are it was because your mom never served them with cornbread. Yes, when it comes to what goes with cornbread, those Brussels sprouts you may have shied away from as a kid will now be viewed as a perfect addition to your cornbread. If you are ready to revisit Brussels sprouts, coat them with oil, salt, and pepper, then toss them in your oven for a few minutes. When they emerge, put them on your plate beside a piece or two of cornbread, then top off the sprouts with some crumbled bacon. Before you know it, Brussels sprouts will be one of your go-to foods to have with cornbread.


From beef, chicken, pork, and anything in between, you have to agree that barbeque that is prepared just right is arguably the most delicious meal you can ever experience during your lifetime. While there are many side dishes that go great with barbequed ribs or other meals, cornbread may be at the top of the list. Along with its soft texture and savory taste, cornbread is excellent at sopping up the remnants of BBQ sauce. If you don’t want to leave anything on your plate, cornbread and barbeque can help you accomplish your mission.

What Goes With Cornbread - 17 Tasty Ideas_Alice's Kitchen

Stews, Soups, and Chili

When paired with cornbread, there are various stews, soups, and types of chili that are magnificent for any meal. As for what soup goes with cornbread, try cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, or the old standby chicken noodle. Regarding stews, you can’t go wrong with a big bowl of beef stew that’s filled with potatoes, carrots, and of course lots of sauce that can be sopped up with a few pieces of cornbread. If you prefer chili, you can go the traditional route with chili and beans that contains hamburger, chicken, turkey, or other meats, or instead have vegetarian chili that will also taste great.


When you want something that’s quick, simple, and delicious to pair with your cornbread, try grabbing a glass of cold milk. As mentioned earlier, many people love to have a glass of buttermilk with their cornbread. But if you don’t like buttermilk, a glass of regular milk will taste great as well. A popular choice as breakfast for many people, you can dunk your pieces of cornbread into the milk, crumble up a piece into your milk glass, or just have them separately.

Fried Chicken

For folks in the South and also many other parts of the United States, sitting down to a meal of cornbread and fried chicken is something to always look forward to each week. Perhaps one of the most classic meals you’ll ever encounter, the savory juices of the fried chicken will pair perfectly with the savory goodness of the cornbread. Add some mashed potatoes to the mix and maybe a piece of chocolate cake for dessert, and you will have a meal that can’t be beat.

Chicken Pot Pie

While there’s no doubt fried chicken is the frontrunner as to what goes with cornbread in the eyes of many people, chicken pot pie is also right there in the mix as well. Just like the cornbread, the chicken pot pie is one of the things to eat with cornbread that will melt in your mouth the minute it comes out of the oven. As a bonus, you should eat chicken pot pie and cornbread together, then wash it all down with a pitcher of iced sweet tea.

Roast Duck

One of the meals good with cornbread that the vast majority of people never consider, pairing the Asian delicacy of roast duck with the Southern delight of cornbread will often yield very surprising and delicious results. Actually, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, since other poultry dishes such as fried chicken and chicken pot pie are so good with cornbread. While the roast duck is savory yet a little salty, the cornbread and its savory sweetness will more than help to balance out things. A dish that may be fixed primarily for special occasions, give this one a try and see what you think.

Ice Cream

If sweet cornbread is one of your favorites, you can create a great dessert by adding some cold and creamy ice cream to the mix. While almost any type of ice cream will do, most people opt for plain vanilla as the topping for their cornbread. However, if you like strawberry, chocolate, or virtually any other ice cream flavor, chances are you’ll enjoy your treat.

Jams and Jellies

While you may not think twice about spreading some jam, jelly, marmalade, or preserves on your piece of toast, you may not have considered doing the same on your cornbread. If so, you’ve been missing out on something special. Since cornbread is almost naturally sweet to some extent, adding these sweet treats will only enhance its sweetness even more, while also letting the flavor of the jam or jelly soak into the cornbread. Any flavor will do, but most people agree strawberry preserves, grape jelly or jam, or orange marmalade are the best choices.

Are There Different Types of Cornbread?

When you think of cornbread, you probably assume there is only one type. Actually, there are several types of cornbread, and chances are you’ve eaten some of them without even realizing it.

What Goes With Cornbread - 17 Tasty Ideas_Alice's Kitchen

Baked Cornbread

Of course, you and everyone else are familiar with the traditional baked cornbread. Made with eggs, flour, milk, and cornmeal, it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Corn Pone

Similar to baked cornbread, corn pone is made using only thick dough, and includes no milk or eggs. Also, it’s made in an iron pan that’s suspended over an open fire. Heavier and having a thicker texture than traditional cornbread, it’s very popular in the western United States.

Cracklin Bread

Essentially baked cornbread that also includes pork rinds and cracklings, cracklin bread is known for its great flavor that features a very moist inside and crispy outside.


Thin cornmeal flatbread, johnnycakes are well-known and eaten regularly in the midwestern U.S. and New England area. To make these, the batter is poured into a skillet that’s already preheated. Perfect for taking with you on a road trip or hike, give them a try.


When you eat fish in the South or elsewhere, you probably have a helping of hushpuppies. If so, you’re actually eating a variation of cornbread. Made from thick batter that is then deep-fried very quickly, hushpuppies are fluffy and very light. Very crispy outside, hushpuppies can have other ingredients added to them, with the most popular including onions and jalapenos.


Can You Add Things to Cornbread?

Yes, you can add many different things to cornbread. The most popular additions to cornbread include bacon, onions, jalapenos, cheese, honey, and apples. For toppings, you can add ice cream, butter, cheese, jams and jelly, and honey.

Is Cornbread Healthy to Eat?

This question is answered with both yes and no. On the negative side, most types of cornbread are somewhat high in sodium and carbohydrate levels. But on the positive side, cornbread is also filled with many vital nutrients, including selenium, numerous B vitamins, and phosphorus.

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