What To Serve With Chicken Pot Pie?

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Stuck on what to serve with chicken pot pie? From fresh salad to fried veggies there really is no incorrect dish to serve with this classic dish. Chicken pot pie has a delicious creamy filling, with a gorgeous flaky crust, you can choose between chicken or turkey as a filling, and a mixture of vegetables, this is an ultimate dish that can be enjoyed with your family on a cold winter night.

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What Is Pot Pie?

Pot pie is a North American term used for a type of meat pie with a top pie crust which consists of flaky pastry. Pot pies can be made with a variety of fillings such as, poultry, beef, seafood, or plant-based meat, and may also differ in the types of crust. Pot pie can be prepared in a variety of ways including in a skillet over a stovetop, in a baking dish in the oven, or in a pie iron over a campfire, now wouldn’t that be an adventure? The pie shell and crust can be homemade, or fashioned from supermarket bought pie crust or biscuit dough and contains ingredients, such as butter, lard, olive oil, flour and shortening.

How To Store Pot Pie?

Once the pot pie has been prepared and served fresh from the oven, any leftovers can be frozen or placed in the fridge, for the next day. I know I’d be especially excited to have some leftover chicken pot pie for lunch!

How To Make The Perfect Chicken Pot Pie Crust?

Chicken pot pie will forever remain a comfort meal, with a delicious savoury filling consisting of juicy chicken, tender vegetables, and a thick creamy gravy enclosed in a double-layer of flaky 3 ingredient pie crust.

Making your chicken pot pie crust requires no time at all, but time needed for the pastry to set is about 2 hours, so you could either prepare this the night before and refrigerate it, or give yourself a couple of hours in the day before you proceed with making the chicken pot pie.

To make the crust you should use either a pastry blender or food processor (here are some ideas on how to substitute a pastry blender) to whisk together flour, and salt, a chunk of cold butter and shortening, and then add a drizzle of ice cold water. Mix until a dough has formed then divide into 2 discs, with one being slightly larger than the other, and then transfer to the fridge to chill.

What Side Dishes go With Chicken Pot Pie

Fortunately, chicken pot pie happens to contain all the essential components such as – carbs, protein, veggies, fats – which means that it can satisfyingly be served as a complete meal on its own. Nevertheless there is no harm in experimenting with other delectable options to serve alongside the main meal. When planning the side dishes for chicken pot pie, keep in mind that the flavours within the pie are enough to knock you off your feet, therefore the side dishes should contain mild flavours, to not overpower the main dish.

The Types of Pot Pie

Pot Pie refers to a pie that contains any type of meat such as beef, bacon, chicken or turkey, and then vegetables like carrots, celery and onions as a base. Side dishes that will pair deliciously with pot pie include crispy salad, soups, roasted vegetables, fruit salad, and bread. These are a great way to make the rich creamy meal more interesting, and allows a variety of options to pop up on an evening menu.

What Menu Goes With Chicken pot Pie?

From a variety of choices that include, fruits, vegetables, soups and even bread there are many recipes to choose from when it comes to side dishes for chicken pot pie.

Chicken Pot Pie Menu:

  • Salad
  • Roasted veggies
  • Garlic Brussels sprouts
  • Green beans
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes with garlic herb butter
  • German potato salad
  • Corn on the cob
  • Garlic bread
  • Cornbread
  • Tomato soup
  • Mushroom cream soup
  • Fruit salad
  • Watermelon

Chicken Pot Pie Sides:

In no way should you completely rule out the opportunity of eating chicken pot pie as a stand-alone meal, but for those who wish to explore a combination of textures and flavours, these ideas would also work perfectly for a pot pie containing any sort of meat you desire.


Let’s add some light, crisp salad to the rich and hearty entrée. Toss together some baby spinach, orange slices, grated cheese, nuts, your favourite berries, and finish with a drizzle of citrus vinaigrette. Yum!

What To Serve With Chicken Pot Pie?

Roasted Veggies

A brilliant way to amp up your meal, would be to make this scrumptious side of roasted vegetables. You can use whatever vegetable you like, from carrots to potatoes and bell peppers.

For this particular side, we are going to go with: roasted broccoli, topped with Parmesan, this will bring forth a creamy, crunchy and delicious side to compliment your chicken pot pie.

Start by coating some broccoli florets in olive oil, sprinkle them with parmesan cheese, then pop them in the oven.

Not only will this go perfectly with chicken pot pie, but this can be eaten with any main dish you have made.

what to serve with chicken pot pie

Garlic Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts with chicken pot pie just makes sense doesn’t it? Simply sauté the brussels sprouts in olive oil with minced garlic in a pan, giving the sprouts a crunchy outer texture with flavours of garlic bursting on the inside.

Green Beans

The most common vegetables used in chicken pot pie are peas, carrots, and celery, thus green beans are an excellent veggie choice as a side dish. Green beans are fairly easy to prepare, especially if they’re freshly purchased. Simply cook them in a skillet with oil, then add some garlic and salt for extra flavouring.

Mashed Potatoes

Whether you prefer creamy or fluffy, it’s no secret that mashed potatoes are a wonderful comforting side dish to go with any meal, which is why they’d be just as perfect to eat with chicken pot pie.

For creamy mashed potatoes, you want to choose white potatoes so that they soak up the flavours beautifully. Peel two potatoes, and cut them in thick chunks of 4, put them in a large pot and let them boil. Add a tablespoon of salt to the boiling water and cook the potatoes till very tender.

Dry the potatoes, then return them to the pot over low heat to evaporate as much water as you can from the piping hot potatoes. Then start mashing them with a potato masher or fork, add hot cream, butter or other flavourings and it’s ready to eat!

Sweet potatoes With Garlic Herb Butter

Another one for the potato lovers, because why not?

In this recipe, sweet crispy potatoes are layered with herb, garlic and butter a perfect combination of flavours that compliment the creaminess of the chicken cottage pie.

German Potato Salad

Want a tangy side dish to go with your chicken pot pie? Try this gorgeous German potato salad. Using creamy potatoes, salty bacon, and sweet onions to make a mouth watering side dish, that you’ll find yourself fighting over. Add some vinaigrette at the end for a delightful tang that will contrast with the creamy rich flavours of the chicken pot pie.

Corn On The Cob

Thinking of an effortless side dish to go with your chicken pot pie? Corn on the cob is the one! Packed with flavours and textures, simply boil these golden treasures for several minutes and you’re good to go.

Garlic Bread

How can we miss this phenomenal addition to our meal? Prepared with roasted garlic, lots of melted butter and a thin layer of parmesan cheese, topped with parsley and serve with chicken pot pie for a delightful and delicious evening meal.


A great way to soak up the last bits of gravy pooling out of the chicken pot pie would be to dip in some cornbread. Cornbread is a little sweet, which would contrast nicely with the salty taste of the chicken pot pie. Delicious!

Tomato Soup

A perfect way to accompany a hearty meal on a cold day, would be to add a bowl of tomato soup alongside your chicken pot pie. You can either opt for an easier way to prepare the tomato soup by using a store-bought can of tomato soup, place it in a sauce pan, and let it simmer, add some spices from extra flavouring.

Or you could go the extra mile and use fresh tomatoes. To start with cut some small cracks at the bottom of the tomatoes, and then pour boiling water over them, wait a few minutes and then you’ll find that the skin peels easily. Cut the tomatoes into cubes and throw them into a pot with a bit of olive oil, small pieces of onion, and minced garlic.

Mushroom Cream Soup

Another soup added to the list is mushroom soup, the creamy flavours will blend wonderfully with the creamy rich flavours of the chicken pot pit. You can choose to make this soup with your favourite mushrooms, or different types of mushrooms mixed together.

Add slices of mushrooms to sautéed onions, sprinkle your desired flavours over the mushrooms. At the same time, prepare a vegetable broth then pour that into your main pot, boil for a couple more minutes, then add some cream and let it simmer. One thing worth mentioning is that cream soups have the best results when slow cooked and on low heat.

Fruit Salad

How about a nice healthy dessert to end the hearty meal. Simply serve some apple, melon, pear and kiwi slices in a bowl as they are, or you could drizzle them with some maple syrup or honey for added sweetness.


Another brilliant side on our list, is this phenomenal fruit, which is watermelon. You don’t have to serve it with other fruits, just slice the watermelon into thin triangular pieces, and enjoy with your chicken pot pie.

What Sides Go With Pot Pie?

You’ve seen the delicious sides that go with chicken pot pie, let’s widen our options for pot pie that contains different types of meats. Pot pie already has a meat, vegetable, and bread element, which means that our side needs to balance the intensity of flavours that are appreciated with each bite. Personally a plate of chicken pie is enough to make my stomach do happy somersaults, but it doesn’t hurt to accompany this scrumptious dish with some light complimentary sides.

Fruit or Fruit Salad

A simple bowl of sliced fruit brings a satisfying end to a hot hearty meal, you know the meal was worth it when you feel the heat from the pot pie nestle comfortably in the bottom of your stomach.

Sweet Potatoes

Baked or mashed, potatoes are a must-have to eat with pot pie, they are just so wonderfully creamy, combining one bite of pot pie, with a spoonful of mashed potato is just yum.

Green Veggies:

Pot pie already contains some vegetables, but not nearly enough as we should be eating. Try some sautéed asparagus, or roasted broccoli with you pot pie to really balance your meal, in an effortless way.

Go On Grab That Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is not the only type of pot pie around, you’ve got meat, seafood, and plant based meat to use as your filling with pot pie. Pot pie allows you to choose whatever side you desire to eat with it, this could be a healthy side consisting of salad, and roasted vegetables, or a creamy addition to the meal such as soup or mashed potatoes. Whatever you fancy there’s no denying the scrumptious flavours packed in one slice of pot pie.


What Side Dishes Go With Meat Pie?

You can choose to compliment your meat pie with a side of nutritious vegetables such as roasted broccoli, sautéed courgette, green beans or pickled red cabbage. Additionally, you could opt for a starchy side like baked beans, mashed potatoes, or roasted potatoes.

How Do You Serve Chicken Pot Pie?

Add a generous slice of chicken pot pie to a large plate, with a side of roast potatoes, topped with gravy for added flavour, or a side of roast vegetables for a healthy crunch to go with your meal.

Why Is Chicken Pot Pie Bad For You?

Chicken pot pie are so fattening because it contains high doses of sodium, and are also high in calories which is why it is not advised for you to eat too much of it.

Who Serves The Best Chicken Pot Pie?

If you fancy chicken pot pie made from professional hands, then here are a few restaurants in London that might pique your interest. Mother mash, Pieminister, Battersea pie, and Laughing gravy have some good reviews on their pot pies.