How To Cut A 10 Inch Round Cake – 2 Easy Ways of Cutting a Cake

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Almost everyone in the world loves cake. It is tasty, airy, and amazingly fun to make and decorate. A huge issue some people may have is that cutting a cake can sometimes be tricky. If you do not want to cut into the entire cake and only want to cut small uniform slices, it can sometimes be a messy disaster, ruining the cake slices’ size and also ruining how the cake looks.

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How To Cut A 10 Inch Round Cake - 2 Easy Ways of Cutting a Cake

Cutting Round Cakes

If you are wanting cake slices that are uniform and perfect, while still being small enough so that each guest can have a nice serving, then you might want to cut the cake differently from how you would expect. There are two main ways to cut a round cake, both ways have their merits and can be used on a cake no matter how big it is. However, it is recommended that the more complicated method is only performed on a cake that is larger than 8 inches in diameter.

Cutting Wedges

The easiest and most simple way of cutting cake slices is to cut them into wedges. This works on any size cake and can be done using any sharp serrated knife.

To do this, you will want to place the end of your knife in the center of the round cake. Any party cakes or a birthday cake will be easy to cut. If it is a wedding cake or a tiered cake, then you may want to try a different method as they are very large.

Once the point of your knife is at the center of the cake, start to cut down in a slicing motion until you cut fully through the outer edge of the cake. Once this has been done and you have a full slice from the center to the edge, you can decide how big you want your wedges to be. Take the knife out of the cake and move it some distance around the cake until it reaches your desired slice size.

Once your slice size has been determined, place the point of your knife in the center of the cake yet again. Ensure it lines up perfectly with the other cut you have made, as this is essential to having clean slices. You may now repeat the same movement you just performed and you will have your first slice. For each additional slice, you only need to make a singular cut.

This cake cutting method is easy but is also the most simple and straightforward method for when you are sharing a cake with a small number of people. For larger cakes or a larger number of slices needed, you may want to try a different method.

Cutting Even Slices From A Large Cake

When it comes to cutting a larger cake, there are a few benefits to this method. If you have a lot of people who want a slice of the cake, then this method works perfectly. The slices are slightly smaller but there will be more of them which means it is a perfect method of cake cutting at a part.

Another great reason for this method is that it gives your guests the option of whether they want a bit of cake from the outer edge with frosting, or if they want the cake slice from the inside that only has frosting on the top.

For this method, you will want a large, sharp, serrated knife. While the knife does not have to be so large that the blade is longer than the diameter of the cake, it should be large enough to easily reach the bottom of the cake when stabbed vertically.

Firstly, you will want to measure about 2 inches from the outer edge of your cake. This is why this method is best for cakes that are over 8 inches in diameter. Once you have measured roughly 2 inches in, you will want to cut an even and round circle that is two inches from the edge all around. It is important this circle is perfect as it will lead to even slices.

To help with this, you can measure 2 inches from the edge and slightly score your cake first to make sure it is right.

Now that you are left with an outer circle and an inside piece of cake, you can proceed to the next step. The ring on the outside can be cut into slices that are approximately 1 1/2 inches thick. This should yield some very uniform slices that you may pass to anyone who wants frosting on their cake slice.

If the diameter of your cake is larger than 8 inches, you will want to repeat this. Whether your cake is 10, 12, 14, or 16 inches in diameter, you must repeat this process until you are left with the round cake in the middle having a diameter of 6 inches. While you repeat this step, make sure to always draw a score line so you do not mess it up. To make the cake slices uniform they must all be the same distance apart.

When you are left with a small cake that is 6 inches in diameter, you will want to follow the above steps to cut the cake into wedges. This can be done to yield around 12 slices of cake. All in all, an 8-inch cake will give you around 30 slices if you have done it perfectly.

how to cut a 10 inch round cake

Cake Cutting Tips

For those who wish to be even more efficient and effective when it comes to cutting a cake, you may want to follow these tips to help you be better than ever at cutting.

  • To avoid your cake slipping or moving when you are cutting it, place it on a textured chopping board. A chopping board in general will make this a lot easier for you.
  • Use a serrated knife always with a gentle sawing motion. If you only have sharp knives that are not serrated, that is fine. However, serrated knives will make cutting soft, fluffy cakes such as angel food a lot easier.
  • If your cake is covered in frosting and decorations that are sticky, wipe your knife after each cut to ensure the next cut is just as clean.
  • Rinse your knife in hot water or warm water if you are trying to cut a very dense cake. This will stop the knife from sticking to your cake and potentially tearing it apart.
  • While it is not exclusive to just cakes; having a professional set of knives in your kitchen can make preparation such as this so much easier in the future. Being able to choose the right knife for the right job while knowing it is high quality and sharp will make you so much better in the kitchen.
  • When measuring your cake and planning where to cut it, you can use some bakers’ twine or unflavored dental floss to help mark the lines of where to cut.