What is Halal Beef Bacon?

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Is bacon halal?  Can Muslims eat bacon?  If you’ve been asking these questions and want to know more about whether halal bacon options exist, you’re in the right place.  Today, I’d like to tell you more about halal beef bacon, what it is, and how it is made to help you understand the different halal-friendly options available for you. Continue reading to learn more!

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What is halal?

Halal is an Arabic word.  It means permissible.  According to the Islam faith, only foods that are deemed halal can be consumed.

In order to be permissible, or halal, various conditions must be met.  Animals and poultry must be slaughtered following dhabiha.  This method of slaughtering refers to killing healthy animals by slicing their carotid artery, jugular being, and windpipe with a knife.

Another requirement for meat to be considered halal is that after slaughtering an animal, their blood must be drained from the body.  As this process is occurring, a tasmiya or shahada dedication must be recited by a Muslim.

Haram is the opposite of halal.  Islamic law prohibits Muslims from eating meat that is haram.  If the procedures outlined above weren’t implemented when slaughtering or butchering an animal, its meat would be considered haram.

Additionally, all pork, regardless of how it is slaughtered or butchered, is haram according to Islamic law and the Quran.

In addition to pork and meat from animals that were not slaughtered following Islamic guidelines, blood and alcohol are also considered haram.

What is halal bacon?

Now that we’ve reviewed what halal means, let’s take a look at what halal bacon is.  Halal bacon is bacon that meets the Islamic guidelines for meat to be permissible to eat, or halal.  Therefore, halal bacon must be made using the meat of an animal that was slaughtered following the Islamic rules shared above.

Here are additional guidelines that must be met in order for meat to be considered halal:

  • A Muslim must be the one slaughtering the animal.
  • The animal must be alive before being slaughtered.
  • Animals cannot watch other animals get slaughtered.
  • “Bismillah” must be said before the slaughter (which means “in the name of Allah”).
  • A very sharp knife should be used to kill the animal quickly.
  • After slaughter, the animal should be hung upside down, allowing the blood to drain from their body.

Pork is considered haram, or not allowed, under Islamic guidelines.  So, because of this, pork bacon will never be considered halal. 

While pork cannot be used to make halal bacon, there are many different acceptable alternatives.  Beef and turkey are among the more popular options, but salmon and some other types of fish may also be used.  

Additionally, the term halal bacon may also be used to refer to other halal foods (even vegetables) that are colored or cut to resemble a slice of bacon.

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Is there halal beef bacon?

If you’re wondering whether beef bacon halal is an acceptable option, it is.  As we shared above, pork is never considered halal, but beef can be used to make halal bacon.  However, not all beef bacon will be considered halal.  As with other foods, the cows must be slaughtered and butchered following the strict guidelines outlined by Islamic principles.

How is halal beef bacon made?

As shared above, the first step in making halal bacon is slaughtering the animal according to Islamic guidelines by cutting a live animal’s windpipe, carotid artery, and jugular vein.  Then, the animal’s blood is drained and a shahada or tasmiya dedication is recited over the animal.

To make halal beef bacon, the cow must also be butchered following Islamic guidelines.  Then, the meat is covered with salt and left to cure.  Salt is used because it removes excess moisture from the beef and acts as a preservative.

Once cured, the beef is then hung up in the air in a smoker.  Doing so helps complete the curing process and gives the meat that well-known bacon flavor.  The exact flavor of the meat can depend on the type of wood used during the smoking process.

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Halal Beef Bacon

If you’ve been searching for a halal-friendly bacon and wondering whether one even exists, I’m glad I was able to share some good news with you.  Beef bacon is considered halal as long as the cows were slaughtered and butchered following the guidelines set forth by Islam.  Halal beef bacon is a tasty halal-friendly alternative to traditional pork bacon.  Are you ready to try it today?

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What is beef bacon halal?

In order to be classified as halal and permissible for Muslims to eat, beef bacon must be made using cows that were slaughtered and butchered following Islamic guidelines.  This means that a healthy animal must have been killed by slicing their carotid artery, jugular vein, and windpipe.  Then, the blood must have been drained from the boy, a dedication must have been recited over the animal, and the meat must have been butchered following Islamic guidelines.

Is bacon beef haram?

No, bacon beef is not instantly considered haram.  If the beef bacon was made following Islamic requirements from the time of slaughter through butchering the animal, it can be considered halal.  However, pork bacon is haram.  The Quran and Islamic law prohibits Muslims from eating any pork.