What Does Peacock Taste Like? What To Expect! 

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Ah, peacock, such a delight that people have been eating peacocks long since medieval times. If we were to compare peacock meat to chicken, peacocks taste more flavourful, and more tender, some have described it to taste quite similar to turkey meat. To know what peacock tastes like, would be a little challenging to put to words if you haven’t tasted similar birds such as pheasants or quail.

Firstly let’s clear any confusion, peacocks are male, and peahens are female. For a visual explanation, let’s picture the difference between male and female Indian peafowl.

These peacocks are an iridescent shade of bright blue, with magnificent tail feathers that they spread to display their glorious colours and woo a potential female mate. Peahens on the other hand have brown, grey or cream-coloured feathers, though they don’t share the same magnificent tail feathers as the peacocks. As much as their meat is appreciated, some people believe that keeping peacock feathers attracts good luck and wealth.

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Can You Eat Peacocks?

Not surprisingly a vast majority of people are strongly against killing and eating peacocks, however, both blue and green peacocks are edible and tasty, depending on how well the meat is seasoned the flavours coming from the peacock meat will vary. Eating peacocks is a completely normal thing, in the modern world, depending on the country you live in.

In some parts of the world such as India, the Blue Indian Peafowl is the national bird, so naturally, there would not be anyone eating peacocks from that part of the world, as it is illegal and punishable. Whereas in the US and most of the western world it’s perfectly fine to eat peacock meat, although finding it isn’t easy; prices can go above $100!

Proud Peacock

The Taste of Peacock

Peacocks are game birds, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are hunted, but they do live in the wild. The taste of any animals meat is influenced by their diet, for example, free-range chicken meat would taste completely different to commercially produced chicken, purely based on the food and freedom they were given to roam freely.

This is why free-range chickens cost more to buy, so bear in mind that if peacocks were raised for their meat in captivity, they will not taste the same as wild peacocks. The taste of peacocks can only be determined in comparison to other birds if you’re familiar with the taste of their meat. For instance, some people claim that peacock meat tastes quite similar to a guinea pig, and others say that its true taste is closest to a pheasant or turkey.

Eating Peacocks Worldwide

In some parts of the world, such as the UK, hunting and eating wild animal species that are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 are illegal to eat, however, peacocks do not fall under that category, as a result, eating peacocks in the UK are allowed.

In the US eating peacocks is completely allowed an exotic meat market is set up in the United States selling various kinds of wild animal meats, including peacocks. In India, peacocks were once considered a delicacy during the mid-60s’ however they now are protected wildlife and are completely illegal to hunt or eat. In China, blue peacocks are legally eaten, whereas green peacocks are a protected species, which means that their meat cannot be sold or bought legally.

How Do You Cook Peacock?

Whether you choose to cook this bird at home, or in the wild over a fire you can examine the meat the way you would a chicken, turkey or quail. The lean meat is advised to be left to cook slowly to achieve a successful luscious outcome.

The bones can be kept to make a stock and provide you with nutrients, as well as keep you fed for a few days. The bird’s breast must be roasted as it doesn’t have as much fat as the rest of it. The legs are perfect and ready to eat when they’ve been left to cook for 3 hours as this will produce juicy and tender meat, a truly satisfying ending to the hard work of hunting in the wild.

Can You Eat Peacock Eggs?

On the path to figuring out what peacock eggs would taste like? I’m afraid you’ll be looking forever mate! Peahen eggs however are only laid 4 to 8 times a year, which naturally would make peahen eggs very expensive when purchasing them.

The taste of peahen eggs is very similar to chicken eggs when eaten, although they are three times bigger than them, providing an equal amount of nutrients when consumed. They have a higher fat content with a higher yolk to white ratio, looking much like a turkey egg; they can be eaten and taste quite delicious!

What Does Peacock Taste Like?

Peacock has a pleasant flavour to it, whilst some compare the taste to chicken, others believe that it tastes like a brined turkey, or a guinea fowl when cooked. Peacock meat has been known for its pleasant flavour and juicy tender texture. It has a sweetness and aroma that is undoubtedly appreciated, especially when prepared well.

What Does Peacock Taste Like?

Oh Peacock!

Whether you appreciate the beauty of this bird or the tenderness of its succulent meat, the peacock or peafowl are by far a special species of bird. The brilliant blue feathers, combined with the magnificent tail feathers of a peacock are spread to woo their female peahen mate, whose eggs are rare but delicious. You can most certainly eat peacock, the taste of peacock or peafowl veering closer to turkey or guinea fowl.


Can You Eat Peacocks?

Although many people are heavily against the killing of these majestic birds, both blue and green peacocks are edible, the peacock’s meat is more flavourful and tender compared to that of a chicken.