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Garlic cloves vary, depending on the size of the garlic bulbs. A standard medium sized garlic bulb holds 10 to 12 cloves of garlic. Some of these cloves – wrapped beside its partner in a global form – may vary in size.

More often than not, small garlic cloves are sat beside larger garlic cloves. Garlic cloves can be chopped, diced, minced, or powdered. A teaspoon of minced garlic can be equivalent to one garlic clove, whilst half a tablespoon of minced garlic can be equivalent to one garlic clove. These measurements can be applied when choosing how much minced garlic you wish to add to the formula of a simmering evening meal.

If you wish to add a clove of garlic in the form of sprinkled seasoning, then its best form would be a teaspoon filled with an eighth of powdered garlic. Additionally, you could choose to chop some fresh garlic cloves and add to a meal, a clove of chopped garlic is the same as one clove of garlic. Garlic, in whatever desired form, is a wonderful way of adding both aroma and delicious flavouring to a meal.

Garlic Cloves to Minced Garlic Formula:

To understand the formula in calculating 3 cloves of garlic to minced, which can be figured out in this way:

1 clove is the same as 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic, so 3 cloves of garlic is the same as 3 teaspoons of chopped garlic. Or 3 cloves of garlic are equal to 3 teaspoons of minced garlic, and ¾ teaspoon of garlic powder is equal to 3 teaspoons of 3 cloves of garlic minced.

Three Garlic Cloves Minced, Equals How Many Tablespoons?

Typically, minced garlic can be used as an encouraged ingredient for a spicy chicken curry. Depending on the serving amount you desire for the chicken curry, you would add the minced garlic after the onions have turned a pleasant shade of golden brown in the oil.

Medium sized clove of garlic to minced garlic per tablespoon:

  • 1 clove to minced garlic equals ½ tablespoon.
  • 2 cloves to minced garlic equals ⅔ tablespoons.
  • 3 cloves to minced garlic equals 1 tablespoon.
  • 4 cloves to minced garlic equals 1 and ⅓ tablespoons.
  • 5 cloves to minced garlic equals 1 and ⅔ tablespoons.
  • 6 cloves to minced garlic equals 2 tablespoons.

The strength in the flavour of garlic varies according to the amount you add to the sizzling onions, before continuing the process of adding additional spices and herbs to the developing curry sauce.

How Much is Three Cloves of Garlic to Tablespoon?

You could choose to use whole garlic cloves instead, using a teaspoon. There are an average of 10 to 12 garlic cloves in a bulb, 3 garlic cloves equal to 4 and ½ teaspoons of garlic.

Medium sized clove of garlic per teaspoon:

  • 1 and ½ teaspoon equals 1 clove of garlic.
  • 3 teaspoons equal 2 cloves of garlic.
  • 4 and ½ teaspoons equal 3 cloves of garlic.
  • 6 teaspoons equal 4 cloves of garlic.
  • 7 and ½ teaspoons equal 5 cloves of garlic.
  • 9 teaspoons equal 6 cloves of garlic.

How Many Ounces of Minced Garlic Equals a Clove?

To figure out how many ounces is one clove of garlic, we know that 1 clove of garlic is equal to 0.11 ounces of minced garlic for a small garlic clove, or 0.18 ounces for a medium sized garlic clove.

You can use this as a formula to calculate how many ounces of minced garlic, would be in two cloves of garlic and so on.

If a small clove of garlic equals 0.11 ounces, then how many ounces is 3 cloves of garlic? The answer is 0.11 x 3 which equals 0.33 ounces.

Or if a medium clove of garlic equals 0.18 ounces, then 0.18 x 3 equals 0.54 ounces.

You can do this for any desired quantity of garlic cloves that you may need for any specific recipes.


How Many Cloves in a Head of Garlic?

Garlic bulbs vary in size, it is layered with papery skin holding an average of 10 or 12 cloves of garlic. Some bulbs hold cloves that are similar in size, whilst others have tiny cloves tucked into the curve of a larger clove beside it. Though there are garlic bulbs that can hold 30 or 40 cloves of garlic, differing in size.

How Much Garlic Powder Equals a Clove?

Powdered garlic, in its tiny, granulated form is an effective way to season anything, from plain boiled vegetables to baked or roasted potatoes. Whilst some may prefer fresh cloves of garlic, as opposed to its powdered form, we can estimate the amount of garlic powder per teaspoon as follows:

  • ⅛ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 1 clove of garlic.
  • ¼ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 2 cloves of garlic.
  • ⅜ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 3 cloves of garlic.
  • ½ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 4 cloves of garlic.
  • 5/8 teaspoon of garlic powder equals 5 cloves of garlic.
  • ¾ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 6 cloves of garlic.

How Much Garlic Powder Equals Minced Garlic?

If you wish to use minced garlic as an alternative to powdered garlic or vice versa, both providing equivalent benefits to a meal, the measurements are as follows:

  • ⅛ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 1 teaspoon of minced garlic.
  • ¼ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 2 teaspoons of minced garlic.
  • ⅜ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 3 teaspoons of minced garlic.
  • ½ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 4 teaspoons of minced garlic.
  • ⅝ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 5 teaspoons of minced garlic.
  • ¾ teaspoon of garlic powder equals 6 teaspoons of minced garlic.

Garlic Guide:

It would naturally pique the interest of many who have used garlic so frequently, to understand the origin of this special plant, and how it began its popularity, following the thorough examination of its cloves that vary in size.

What is Garlic?

Garlic began its very first voyage in Central Asia, quickly spreading to the Middle East and northern Africa in 3000 BC, which then allowed it to reach Europe. The garlic bulb, with its unique aroma, and nutritional value, followed by numerous medicinal benefits has grown in popularity. In 2010 the production of garlic worldwide reached 17.6 million tons.

Garlic, a curved bulbous flowering plant, blanketed in layers of papery textured skin, its cloves, each distinctively shaped, packed tightly beside its companion. Each clove has its own covering, thicker than the skin that surrounds the outer most layer of the garlic bulb. Garlic is a close relative of the onion, shallot, leak, and chive. China currently produces 76% of the entire world’s garlic supply.

What is a Head of Garlic?

A head or bulb of garlic, is an abnormally shaped uneven ball, measuring roughly 2.5 inches in diameter. It is covered in a white papery textured skin.

The head of garlic secures small individual wedge-shaped cloves, each covered in a layer of colourful skin, that can typically be peeled using your thumb and forefinger. Each garlic plant produces one head of garlic underground, its leaves resting above the soil.

How Big is a Clove of Garlic?

Garlic cloves can vary in size, from small to large. A small clove of garlic is estimated to measure 1 inch in length, whereas a larger clove of garlic measures around 1.25 inches to 1.4 inches in length.

Around 10 to 12 cloves sit cocooned inside an average supermarket sold garlic bulb.

Garlic Clove Vs Bulb

A garlic clove is a cluster of individual fragments wrapped in a paper-like skin inside a garlic bulb. The garlic bulb has its own layers of thin, crispy papery textured wrapping, that crumble away once you tear at the head of the garlic bulb, to get to the garlic cloves.

Minced Vs Diced Garlic

The difference between minced garlic cloves and diced garlic cloves are not that high. With minced garlic cloves having been cut into fine pieces less than 1/16 inch each, whereas diced garlic clove pieces would be cut to around ⅛ inch per piece each.

The smaller the size, will result in more flavours drenching your dish, more oils being released due to the amount of surface being exposed from the smaller fragments of garlic. Diced garlic clove pieces have a longer cook time. If you had to follow a recipe instructing to cook your garlic for 50 seconds, the diced pieces of garlic cloves will not be able to thoroughly cook in that time, which means that your dish will have a raw pungent garlic taste, instead of the sweeter milder, flavour.

How Do You Mince Garlic Cloves?

If you wish to transform 3 cloves of garlic to minced, begin by placing a chopping board on a flat surface, and place the 3 garlic cloves atop of it, then remove the skin covering each of the garlic cloves. Carefully grip one of the cloves on either side, with your thumb and forefinger, then with a knife make 4 to 5 slices down the length of the garlic clove. Without removing your fingers, turn the sliced clove on its side and repeat the process this time cutting across the garlic clove. Then chop down to the desired size. Repeat to the remaining cloves, to have the final product of 3 cloves of garlic minced.

Converting Garlic Cloves

The process of conversion of garlic cloves to powder, diced, or minced form, can be done by anyone in the comfort of their own home, followed by measuring the number of minced garlic per clove using tablespoons or teaspoons, depending on the amount needed for the specific recipe you are following. The measurements given in this article are based upon approximation, you may find that 4 cloves of minced garlic could equal just over 1 and ½ tablespoons. No matter the size of the clove, it is more important to remember to enjoy the meal you accomplish.


How Much Jarred Minced Garlic Equals 1 Clove?

½ teaspoon of minced garlic is approximately equal to 1 clove of garlic.

How many tablespoons of minced garlic is a clove?

1 clove is equal to 1/3 tablespoon of minced garlic

How Many Teaspoons Is a Clove of Garlic?

1 teaspoon is equal to one clove of garlic.

What is a clove of garlic equal to?

One clove of garlic is equal to 1 and ½ teaspoon of garlic, or ½ tablespoon of garlic.