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Whenever you think of a dipping sauce, you are likely to either picture BBQ, ketchup, or ranch dressing. For those of you who love barbecue sauce, you will be happy to know that there is a flavor of ranch dressing that is BBQ flavored. You will be even more pleased to know that it is simple to make and you can have some homemade ranch dressing in no time.

Bbq ranch dressing

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BBQ Ranch Sauce – The Perfect Sauce For Every Occasion

Similar to ketchup, BBQ ranch is so versatile and can be used with almost any dish. Everyone loves to dip fries or raw veggies into a sauce, it just makes everything so much better. Some people argue that barbecue sauce is not used for dipping but they are so wrong, it is a great sauce to use for dipping.

The same can be said about salad dressing. Just because it was made to go on top of a salad, does not mean you are not allowed to dip your fries or anything else into it. If anything, I encourage this. Dip whatever you want into whatever you want.

The only issue with dipping sauces when you are with someone is that if they made the meal, it may seem rude to use a condiment or sauce that they did not specifically use. The rudeness behind this can be seen, sure it is better if you taste the meal they have laid in front of you. However, after you have tried the meal without sauce, even just a bite, you should be able to use as much sauce as you want completely guilt-free. Chances are, if they are cooking food for you then you probably know each other well enough that you can use sauce without them being offended.

People do not use dipping sauces because food tastes bad, they use them so that the food can taste even better. While the debate may not have a definite answer, it is certainly interesting to see other people discuss whether or not it is rude to add food to a meal cooked by someone else.

What Is BBQ Ranch Dressing?

While the name might explain it quite well, BBQ ranch dressing is exactly what you would expect it to be. The delicious and strong ranch dressing flavor is perfectly paired with the warmth and depth of BBQ sauce. While it doesn’t sound like something that would necessarily work, I can easily promise you that it does. It works so well and can be used as an everyday dipping sauce if you want to.

On top of how delicious and easy to use it is, you will be pleased to know that it is also incredibly easy to make. You can make this homemade BBQ sauce salad dressing with just a few simple ingredients and that is it.

How To Make BBQ Sauce Ranch Dressing

The BBQ ranch salad dressing recipe is incredibly easy and requires some basic ingredients and preparation. The best thing about this recipe is that it requires absolutely no involvement from the oven. There is no cooking or letting things settle in the fridge. With this recipe, you mix the ingredients together and this delicious dipping sauce is ready to go. No waiting, no hassle, just pure flavor, and satisfaction.

While you could buy your favorite brands of both barbecue sauce and ranch dressing and combine them together, there is a much better bbq ranch dressing recipe available. The ingredients you will need are;

  • 1/3 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup buttermilk
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried dill or 1/2 tablespoon fresh dill
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion salt
  • Kosher salt and black pepper
  • 1 cup of your favorite barbecue sauce. Alternatively, you can make your own homemade barbecue sauce and use that instead

The ingredients seem pretty simple, however, the instructions are even simpler. To make this BBQ ranch dipping sauce, all you need to do is whisk these ingredients together until they are properly combined and mixed well. After this, leave your sauce BBQ ranch sauce in the fridge and let it cool until you need to use it.

While in the fridge, your sauce will thicken slightly and will become a much thicker sauce. This is perfectly normal and should not be worried about. It is important that you properly combine and whisk all of these ingredients together otherwise there may be portions of your sauce that contain too much of one flavor. This can ruin both the balance of the entire sauce and also the flavor of that one portion.

Bbq ranch dressing

What To Use The BBQ Ranch Dressing With?

To say the possibilities are endless may sound cliche, but it is entirely true. With your BBQ ranch dressing, you can pair it with anything you can think of. While it may not work as well on some things as it does on others, here are the best things you can pair with your homemade BBQ ranch sauce.


While it may seem like the obvious choice, fries are an amazing pairing when it comes to any type of sauce or dip. The fluffy potato on the inside with the crispy outer shell creates the perfect food for dipping. Fries are delicious on their own, yet their subtle flavoring makes them easy to pair with a variety of different sauces.

If you want some thick oven-cut fries or some thin and crispy french fries, the choice is yours. But rest assured that the BBQ ranch dipping sauce will work flawlessly with all types of fries, including potato wedges cooked in an air fryer.

Steamed Veggies

Steamed veggies are amazing to snack on. While raw veggies have that additive crunch to them, steamed veggies are just as amazing and as much of a popular comfort food for many people. Steamed veggies are incredibly simple to prepare and cook, which works well with the effortless recipe for this BBQ ranch sauce. Pair both of these together and you have an amazing snack that requires barely any effort, yet rewards you massively.

Raw Veggies

Steamed veggies are amazing and healthy, but the crunch from raw veggies is all too easy to crave. If you are wanting something with that iconic crunch that is healthier than fries, try carrot sticks or something similar. Veggie sticks have the perfect flavor to pair with savory flavors such as this BBQ ranch dressing and they have barely any calories in them. On top of their low-calorie numbers, veggie sticks also have so many health benefits in them such as fiber and nutrients.


While you are not going to be dipping your burger in the sauce, the sauce can certainly be used inside the burger. Whether it is a burger you made yourself, or you chose to get one delivered to you, this sauce will work perfectly inside it. Flip off one of the buns, generously scoop your sauce inside the burger and replace the bun, After this, all that is left to do is bite down and experience the most amazing burger ever.

Halloumi Sticks

Similar to raw veggies and fries, halloumi sticks are perfect for dipping. They have the perfect shape and texture to be used as an edible spoon, carrying the delicious dressing to your mouth. Alongside this, it’s cheese. Need I say anymore? Cheese is amazing and can be made even better with this sauce.

Tofu Bites

Tofu is a great alternative for anyone who is opting for a vegan or vegetarian diet. Tofu can be manipulated to feel and taste meaty, which can easily be enhanced by this dressing recipe. On top of this, for that perfect crispy texture, you can air fry or deep fry tofu to give it a crunchy and perfect edge, great for dipping and snacking on.

Chili Cheese Bites

Following a cheese theme, chili cheese bites on their own are amazing. Melted cheese with some spicy chili to add a kick, coated in a golden brown layer of breadcrumbs. Already this sounds like a difficult snack to beat, however, they are always made so much better when dipped in something. Tomato ketchup works really well but so does our homemade BBQ ranch dressing. Arguably, the coolness of the ranch pairing with the warmth of the chili makes it so that this ranch dressing is the best dip available for chili cheese bites.

Should You Make This Homemade BBQ Sauce Ranch Dressing?

While a lot of recipes may seem like too much hassle for you, or they might require a lot of different ingredients, this recipe is different. The ingredients are all household items that you are most likely already stocking, and the instructions are as simple as ‘mix in a bowl’. For such a little amount of effort, you are rewarded with a perfect dipping sauce that can be stored in the fridge for a week. What’s better than that?