How To Cook Melt In The Mouth Roast Beef? (Tested Recipe)

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Let’s expose the secret to slow-cooked tender, juicy roast beef; which just so happens to make the perfect candidate for a Sunday roast dinner. Cooking this meat either by braising, stewing, or grill roasting, ensuring that it’s cooked right with a crisp crust paired with deep garlic and herb flavors, is a wonderful way to get that wonderful meltingly tenderness that makes this meat so tantalizingly delicious.

The tenderness and moistness of the roast beef rely on the time it takes to cook, and what temperature it is cooked at, followed by how long it should take to rest.

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What Is Tender Roast Beef?

Roast beef that is so tender it literally falls apart is a type of meat that is generally enjoyed during parties, family gatherings or even as a family Sunday roast dinner. The most tender cut of the beef is the Tenderloin which is located beneath the spine, with almost no fat or flavor attached to it.

For the more tender and flavorful parts of the meat, choose the cut of the beef that is from the rib, short loin or sirloin section which is located near the front and hind legs, and along the top portion of the animal.

What Kind of Cut To Use For Cooking Roast Beef?

For roast that crumbles the moment it touches your mouth, you may be pleased to know that there is no specific cut of meat you must use to make this beef. For this recipe you can use:

  • Eye of round
  • Top round
  • Bottom round
  • Chuck roast
  • Heart of shoulder roast
  • Rib eye roast
  • Rib roast (chine bone removed)
  • Tenderloin roast
How to cook melt in the mouth roast beef?

If you’re making a roast for a special occasion, or for the holidays, perhaps you’d like to choose a standing rib roast or prime rib or ribeye. With thick slices of tender marbling meat, they’ll be a beautiful main event of the table, all eyes hungrily glued to the succulent juiciness of the roast beef.

How Do We Make Roast Beef Delicious?

Seasoning a roast is very important, the most challenging part being the very technique of infusing every bite with perfectly seasoned flavorings and herbs that hit your tongue with a delightful tingle.

The best way to achieve this is by cutting tiny slits in the outside of the roast to slide little gems of garlic into each cut, which will create a pathway for the aromatic flavors of the garlic clove along with the spice rub, will eventually embed themselves into the meat. Using fresh ingredients like garlic, is encouraged because it imparts so much flavor compared to the dried or powdered versions.

How To Know When Roast Beef Is Ready?

To get your meat to a fabulous roast beef, cook the meat for the desired level of doneness, keeping track of the temperature of the roast with an oven-safe thermometer. Remember that the internal temperature of the meat will rise up to 5 degrees while it rests outside of the oven. A general idea of roast cooking times include:

  • 18 minutes per pound for rare
  • 20 minutes per pound for medium rare
  • 22 minutes per pound for well done

Here is a guide to figuring out the correct temperature of the beef, bearing in mind that a thermometer is in fact more accurate than a clock:

  • 125° F to 135° F- rare
  • 132° F to 144° F – medium rare
  • 145° F to 155° F – medium
  • 155° F to 165° F – well done
  • 166° F Plus – charcoal

To give the roast its juicy tenderness and the melt in your mouth impeccably, it’s important to give it some time to rest. The best way to do this is to remove the tray from the oven and allow the roast to remain covered with the aluminum foil, so that the juices from the meat can make a little gravy for you to scoop up and drizzle the meat with.

Grilled chicken meats

When you’re ready to cut the roast make sure you use a sharp knife and cut across the grain, slicing it as thin as you can. Roast beef cooked like this is delicious as leftovers, and will last for a week or two in the fridge, or it can be frozen for later use. The best way to reheat the leftover roast beef is to place it whole in a 300° F oven until it has warmed through. Or you can try using a roasting pan at a very low temperature/ Slide it in between some bread and you have a delicious, juicy sandwich.

Can I Cover My Roast?

Roast your beef uncovered to your desired doneness, remove it from the oven and cover it with aluminium foil, but tent it slightly. Let it stand for 15 minutes before carving. Roasts that weigh over 8 pounds should be loosely covered halfway through roasting to avoid over-browning.

The Secret To Perfectly Cooked Roast Beef

Recipe For Super Tender Roast Beef

Roast beef is one of the easiest ways to cook beef, though due to their variations in size some may take a little longer to cook than others, most beef roasts will take a couple of hours to cook. We’ll cover the methods of how to cook roast beef so that you can make any cut of beef you desire, including: ribeye roasts, tenderloin roasts and more. Prepare yourself for a dazzling dinner plan for your next family gathering, or special Sunday roast, that you and your family will adore.

Ingredients For Melt-In-Your-Mouth Roast Beef

  • 4 pounds of organic beef
  • 2 tbsp fine salt
  • 2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tbsp butter, ghee, or avocado oil
  • ½  cup organic beef broth
  • ½  cup dry red wine
  • 3 sprigs rosemary
  • 1 large yellow onion, thinly sliced

How To Cook Roast Beef?

  • Take the beef out of the fridge about 2 hours before you plan to cook it, allowing it to come closer to room temperature so that it is cool but not cold to the touch.
  • In a small bowl combine salt and pepper, then use a sharp knife to make 3 slits on one side of the roast, and stuff the slits with one garlic clove each. Flip the meat over and make 3 more slits on the other side and stuff them with garlic cloves as well, then salt and pepper. Rub the remaining salt and pepper over the outside of the beef.
  • Preheat the oven to 275° F.
  • Melt the butter over medium-high heat in an oven-safe skillet (braising pan or cast iron). Sear all sides of the roast in the hot oil to brown for around 15 minutes. Remove the meat and place it on a plate; deglaze the bottom of the pan with beef broth and wine.
  • Place the roast back in the roasting pan with beef broth and surround the meat with slices of onion and rosemary sprigs.
  • Oven roast the meat at 275° F until you get to 115° F (so for a little less than an hour 12-15 minutes per pound)
  • Transfer the meat to a cutting board and cover it with aluminium foil, allowing it to rest for 20 minutes. The internal temperature will continue to rise as the roast rests.
  • The serving temperature should be at 130° F in the center for medium rare, you can let it rest for up to one-half hour if needed. Here is our guide to the 2 level of donnes for meat – medium vs medium rare.
  • Mix a few teaspoons of arrowroot powder or organic corn-starch with the pan juices from the beef broth and the meat to make some delicious gravy.

What Should I Do With Overcooked Roast Beef?

If you have overcooked your beef and have missed that melt in your mouth moment we have an idea of how to use the mean. Place it in the slow cooker with barbecue sauce and cook it on low heat for a few hours, then shred the beef and make some tasty barbecue sandwiches.

What To Serve With Tender Roast Beef?

Say you’re planning a nice Sunday roast dinner, you’ve got the whole family coming over and you want them to be blown away by your melt in your mouth beef, and the taste of everything. We know that with perfection comes the great skill of patience and time in preparation. And whilst your beef is cooking in the oven, whether you want it medium rare, or well done, you can take advantage of the idle time in between to whip up some delightful side dishes that will pair perfectly with your scrumptious, juicy, tender roast beef.

The Best Sides To Have With Tender Roast Beef:

  • Roast Potatoes
  • French Fries
  • Potato Wedges
  • Green Beans
  • Asparagus
  • Rice

Roast Potatoes

Here’s a classic side to have with your super tender, moist beef, top them both with some juicy gravy and you’re good to go! You can make the gravy out of the juices that collect beneath the roast once you remove it from the oven, drop this in a pan, add a dash of cornstarch and arrowroot powder, to get that perfect gravy. Topple this over the top of your tender roast, and your crispy roasted potatoes made in a pan, for a delightful meal.

French Fries

Another must-have at a roast on the dinner table, is a generous portion of crispy, well-seasoned French fries. With the perfect crispy, to soft consistency allowing you to scoop up the fries with your fork as you shovel bits of tender beef in your mouth one after the other. Don’t worry we understand the desperation! When something tastes that good it’s almost impolite to devour it at a slower pace!

Potato Wedges

Potatoes are our best friends when it comes to a Sunday dinner, which is why serving some potato wedges alongside your cut of tender beef is the perfect addition to have with your meal.

Green Beans

Without limiting yourself to the beautiful potatoes that look amazing beside your thick slice of beef, adding a nice portion of green beans is a great, healthy and colourful option to have. You can dunk your gravy all over the roast beef, potatoes (chips or fries) and even a little drizzle all over your green beans to share the wonderful meaty juicy consistency.


Some brilliant crunchy asparagus is also a great option to have as a side, place it in the middle of your table, not too far away from the roast, so that you and your family can simply reach out and grab a few for whenever you fancy. It’s always a wonderful addition to have to a roast dinner, and might entice you to pick the healthier choice a couple of times before you finally succumb to tender, juicy heaven.


This one is perfect for leftovers – both rice and roast – you can add some sliced onions to a pan, with a tiny bit of oil, followed by some mushrooms and sliced carrots, add some water so the vegetables can soften then throw in your leftover tender beef and stir-fry it for a couple minutes, then add your leftover white rice to the mix and stir-fry all of the ingredients in the pan. This is brilliant to have for lunch, or as a quick dinner in front of the tv.

Pass The Beef

Making tender melt in your mouth roast beef that crumbles in your mouth beautifully is the perfect meal to have as a Sunday roast dinner, or at a gathering. Making sure that the meat is cooked to your desired doneness before carving, keep an oven-safe thermometer close by so that you can check on the tenderness of your meat, allowing it to cool before serving. For best results add thin slits to your meat and stuff them with garlic cloves so that the meat becomes infused with incredible flavors.


How Do You Cook Beef So It’s Tender?

Use a marinade to break down tough muscle fibres from the likes of tough cuts like chuck steak. Add plenty of salt to the meat, let it get to room temperature, cook it low and slow and let it hit the right internal temperature. Rest your meat and slice it against the grain.

How Do I Cook A Beef Roast Without Drying It Out?

When cooking roast in the oven, keep it uncovered until its roasted to your desired doneness, after removing it from the oven, tent it with foil and let it stand for 15 minutes before carving.

Does Roast Beef Get Softer The Longer You Cook It?

Muscles tend to have the most tender texture between 120° F and 160° F, but connective tissue don’t even start to soften until it hits 160° F.

How Do You Keep Beef Moist When Roasting?

To keep the beef moist while roasting use a marinade or cook over less high heat for a shorter time.

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