What to Serve with Lobster Ravioli? 18 Delicious Ideas

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Lobster ravioli is a deliciously decadent variant of ravioli that is very and often served in a sauce to match. However, lobster (and shrimp) ravioli is very much not something that you’ll typically eat every day. As such, you may be uncertain of what to serve with lobster ravioli?

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What to Serve with Lobster Ravioli?

Many side dishes and sauces that would go with any ravioli such as butternut squash ravioli or cheese ravioli will go pleasantly with lobster ravioli. However, when you serve lobster ravioli, you will likely want to emphasize the unique flavours and textures associated with the lobster ravioli filling. As such, you’ll want to use something a little bit different than the old reliable, standard tomato sauce.

Sauce Options For Lobster Ravioli

When choosing your lobster ravioli sauce you may be overwhelmed by the wide assortment of different options that people frequently dub to be “lobster ravioli sauce”. This is because, like with any type of ravioli, lobster ravioli is incredibly versatile. As such it is very difficult to come up with a definitive “lobster ravioli sauce”. You shouldn’t be dismayed though, as this just means you have more to choose from, including the following:

  • White sauce 
  • Pink sauce
  • Red sauce
  • Brown Butter sauce
  • Garlic butter sauce
  • Alfredo sauce
  • White wine sauce
  • Vodka sauce

White sauce

Also known as bechamel sauce, this French sauce is particularly popular is known as one of the five mother sauces thanks to nineteenth-century French chef Auguste Escoffier.  As a mother sauce this simply, creamy sauce made from hot milk, flour and butter is often used as a foundation for other sauces or other ingredients. For example, parmesan cheese and other ingredients will often be added to make new sauces.

However, when a dish has particularly distinct flavours that you wish to shine through, then a more mild and creamy sauce such as this is often ideal. As such, when serving something quite rich like lobster ravioli, this is an excellent choice.

Pink sauce

Also called parma rosa, pink sauce is essentially a combination of a red tomato and a creamy sauce, such as marinara sauce and alfredo (more on that below). The beauty of a sauce such as this is that works as something of a happy middle ground between particularly strong and tomatoey sauce and the mildness of a creamy sauce.

The result is a sauce that oozes with a variety of subtle flavourings which all combine to beautifully complement both each other and the lobster ravioli that they are served with.

Red sauce

One of the other five mother sauces is tomato sauce which is also somewhat under the umbrella of red sauce. However, as we mentioned before, whilst tomato sauce is delicious and often a staple of not just ravioli but pasta in general, you may want something a little different. If so, don’t worry because there are many varieties of red sauce that build off from the foundations of a simple tomato sauce.

Whilst marinara is often another popular choice a personal favourite and somewhat more interesting choice is arrabbiata. Arrabbiata roughly means angry in Italian and as such this red sauce has something of a kick to it due to the inclusion of chillies or chilli flakes. However, it isn’t just hot, as the flavours of tomato, garlic and olive oil are also present within this sauce. As such, if seeking a more intense flavour to pair with your lobster ravioli, then this sauce is sure to please.


Brown Butter sauce

This sauce is simple and quick to make. However, it is also delicious not just on lobster ravioli be really on any kind of pasta meat or vegetables. Additionally, it can also be wonderfully delicious over desserts such as cookies and brownies.

However, to make it savoury add some fresh herbs and a generous amount of pecorino or parmesan cheese and maybe some garlic. This sauce will be light and beautifully drizzle over your ravioli and any accompanying sides.

Garlic butter sauce

In a similar vein to the prior brown butter sauce, you can make a brilliant garlic and lemon flavoured butter sauce that drizzles beautifully over your lobster ravioli or even meat like lobster tails.

This sauce is more distinctly savoury as the butter isn’t browned and therefore doesn’t develop much sweetness. However, it is still deliciously flavourful and wonderfully buttery.  

Alfredo sauce

As mentioned before, alfredo or any other cream sauce can be combined with a red sauce to make parma rose or pink sauce. However, it also makes for an excellent lobster ravioli sauce in its own right.

Alfredo sauce is often conflated with the aforementioned white/bechamel sauce when in actuality, it is very much its own beast.  

The confusion though comes from both the colour and similar process used to make both sauces. Alfredo sauce is rich, creamy and very cheesy due to being made from butter, cream, parmesan and sometimes even cream cheese. As such whilst the differences are subtle, the flavours are quite noticeable.

White wine sauce

White wine sauces are an excellent choice for pairing with chicken. However, they will also go exceedingly well with lobster meat. Really, this is made by the choice of wine you pick, although cooking white wine will be an excellent choice. 

Whilst many options will have you pour the sauce over your ravioli, that is not the case here, however. No, similarly to how one would with a carbonara you should toss ravioli in the pan to the sauce to truly become integrated to them.

Vodka sauce

This tomato, cream and vodka sauce is often paired with a simple penne. However, the unique flavours and bite also perfectly complement the tastes found in lobster ravioli. Like with white wine sauce you may be wondering whether this sauce will be alcoholic and typically the answer will be yes. Although this likely only be slightly so since like with cooking with Pernod, most of the alcohol will be burned away during the creation of this sauce.

So if looking for a creamy tomatoey sauce with some added bite, this is an excellent choice. With some freshly grated parmesan cheese on top, this will be especially true.

Side Dish For Lobster Ravioli

Now you’ve picked your lobster ravioli sauce, it’s time to decide what side dish to pair with your ravioli. Like with the sauce options, the beauty of lobster ravioli, or indeed any other kind is that they can pair well with most savoury side dishes. However, to get the most out of your lobster ravioli take a look at the options below, as they will most excellently complement its flavourings:

  • Creamy Polenta
  • Charred Sugar Snap Peas
  • Italian Bread
  • Cipollini Onions
  • Broccoli Rabe 
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
  • Oven Roasted Vegetables
  • Zucchini With Frico Chips
  • Garlic Bread
  • Sautéed Mushrooms


Creamy Polenta

Lobster and corn are a classic combination that goes together beautifully. As such, when deciding what to serve with lobster a corn dish should be one of your first thoughts. However, instead of just any corn dish, why not use some cornmeal to whip up some deliciously creamy polenta?

Many people may think that it goes better with crab ravioli. However, a bowl of buttery polenta can serve as an excellent side to cooked lobster ravioli just as well. If not, potentially even better!

Charred Sugar Snap Peas

If you’re wanting to add something sweet yet crunchy in texture to your lobster ravioli then charred sugar snap peas are what you should immediately be thinking of. 

These will look great on the plate, as the green colouration will beautifully contrast both the appearance of the lobster ravioli and whichever of the aforementioned sauces you have chosen to use.

It’s not just for presentation reasons that you should serve up a side of charred sugar snap peas though. No, they also add some wonderfully sweet flavour to the dish which beautifully complements the lobster. Additionally, they will also have a pleasant crunchiness which contrasts nicely with the soft ravioli.

Italian Bread

What better to serve alongside the Italian lobster ravioli than some Italian bread? Whether it’s focaccia, ciabatta or anything in-between, the results will be fantastic. For a bit of extra flavour add some olive oil which will complement the tastes of both the bread and your lobster ravioli wonderfully.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, then why not get into the baker’s spirit and make some Italian bread of your own? Focaccia in particular is incredibly simple to make and with the right toppings and seasonings will more beautifully pair with your lobster ravioli.

Cipollini Onions

Unlike regular onions, cipollini onions are smaller, paler and flatter. However, that doesn’t make them any less flavourful. In fact, many people find that cipollini onions are often more flavoursome than regular onions.

Cipollini onions have a very distinct sweet flavour that is only enhanced further when they are roasted and caramelised. As such, in order to truly maximise their flavour, you should roast them in balsamic vinegar or sautee them in butter to create truly tender but delicious caramelised onions.

Whichever technique you choose to go for though, a side of cipollini onions makes a beautiful accompaniment to your lobster ravioli. Especially the sweet taste and slight crunch helps to contrast them wonderfully.

Broccoli Rabe

These are also known as caked rapini and are typically only known as broccoli rabe due to their resemblance to broccoli. Unlike broccoli though, the stems, leaves and buds of broccoli rabe are all completely edible.

When roasted with tomatoes and peppers along with being coated in romesco sauce these make for a delicious and bold side. Whilst they do go wonderfully with butternut squash ravioli though, I believe that with lobster ravioli that they make for an excellent pairing.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

If looking for a deeply savoury yet delicious side for your lobster ravioli then look no further than prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. 

When steamed the asparagus provides a delicate yet noticeable crunch. Meanwhile, the prosciutto wrapping provides a wonderfully meaty and salty taste. Both of these wonderfully contrasts with the flavours found in your lobster ravioli without overwhelming it.

If though, you can’t find prosciutto, or you simply can’t find it or don’t like pork full stop, then don’t worry. There are plenty of alternatives to prosciutto you can use to achieve a similar effect.

Oven Roasted Vegetables

Oven-roasted vegetables are a pretty simple side dish to make, using simple ingredients. However, as we all know sometimes the simple things are the best, as is the case with oven-roasted vegetables.

These rustic flavours truly go well with near enough any dish. With lobster ravioli though they will be truly delicious thanks to the contrasting yet complementary flavours.

A great idea for a selection of complementary vegetables is sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, turnips and beets since when roasted, their natural sweetness shines through. When coated in olive oil, salt and pepper beforehand though, these flavours are enhanced even further.

Zucchini With Frico Chips

If you are unfamiliar with frico chips, please for your own sake change that quickly. Simply put they are small blocks of parmesan cheese that have been toasted or fried. 

Frico chips are delicious on their own, however, when combined with zucchini, the two flavours harmonise beautifully. 

Whilst they can be great on their own, they are even better as a side dish, especially with something like lobster ravioli. This is because along with their distinct and delicious tastes, they also add a brilliant combination of soft and crunchy textures.

Garlic Bread

We don’t need to tell you that garlic bread is amazing, do we? Truly it is amazing either on its own or as an accompaniment to near enough any dish you can imagine. Naturally, this is due to the winning combo of garlic and bread, the two best elements of most foods they included in.

So of course it makes sense that garlic bread goes well with lobster ravioli. However, this isn’t just due to the ever-versatile garlic bread. No, in fact, the lobster filling of the ravioli pairs especially well with garlic whilst naturally bread with any pasta source will always be a winning combo.

Another great thing about garlic bread is that near enough any kind of bread can become garlic bread. So with that in mind if the idea of focaccia interested you earlier, then why not go for garlic focaccia.


Sautéed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are always a great way of adding that little bit of extra flavour dish as they have a very distinctive umami taste. Naturally then when sauteed in olive oil or butter with some garlic they will come out as a delicious treat.

The beauty of these sauteed mushrooms though is that they add a lot of very subtle flavours. As such, they are perfect for complimenting your lobster ravioli.

Answered: What to Serve with Lobster Ravioli?

Really, you have a lot of options at your fingertips when it comes to deciding what to pair with your lobster ravioli. 

Whether it’s choosing a sauce you can go for a light creamy sauce, something strong and intense or something in between, you can find something suitable to your palette. Meanwhile, for side dishes, whether it’s focaccia, sauteed mushrooms, broccoli rabe or one of the other options you’ll be sure to have plenty of options.

So why not experiment with mixing and matching some of the choices above, and even something else? After all, cooking is as much an art as science.

FAQ – What to Serve with Lobster Ravioli?

What do you eat with Costco lobster ravioli?

Lobster ravioli can be enjoyed with a wide variety of sauces and side dishes from Italian bread or cipollini mushrooms to alfredo or parma rose sauce.

How do you cook Costco lobster ravioli?

Costco ravioli should be boiled for roughly four to five minutes to cook. Following which it should be mixed with your sauce of choice and served. If you have frozen ravioli though, it will probably take between ten and twelve minutes if they weren’t thawed first.

Is Trader Joe’s Lobster Ravioli good?

Trader Joe’s lobster ravioli is generally considered to be rather good. The filling is a mixture of old bay lobster, cheese and bread crumb mixture that has a distinctive old bay lobster taste without being overpowering.

What meat goes with ravioli?

Ravioli is an incredibly versatile form of pasta that can pair well with many different types of meat. Lobster meat, shrimp, pork, beef and many other types of meat will work wonderfully with ravioli. Especially when partnered with other complementary ingredients.

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