Science Corner Mayonnaise

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A science program on TV has taught me many things about the mayonnaise. Mayonnaise, what is it? These drops of water intimately mixed with oil drops. Simply mix the oil (fat) and lemon juice or vinegar (water) so that the fat molecules surround the water molecule, which gives specific consistency of mayonnaise.

But the water cannot possibly mix with the oil. Thus, to obtain the desired consistency, add a surfactant to the mix: the egg yolk. You should know that with a pinch of egg yolk, you can do a very successful mayonnaise.

In fact, with one egg yolk, it is possible to make … 24 liters of mayonnaise! Well, we will not quibble: there is also a matter of taste, of course. But the scientific show explains a very funny story: The egg of the extreme.

Consider a scenario: you dream of eating a boiled-egg mayonnaise. You open your fridge and … Caramba! There is only one egg! So using the trick noted above, you sample, using a syringe with a needle, a drop of egg yolk with which you make a mayonnaise. Then just boil the egg, peel and serve with mayonnaise: You just made an egg extreme!

This is well known, for a successful mayonnaise, it is imperative that all ingredients are at the same temperature. And our scientific guy proves the contrary. He takes a very cold egg, oil at a warm temperature and prepares its mayonnaise turning in any direction, a left move, a move to the right, etc. .. And the mayonnaise is as good as another. Go figure …