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The traditional cuisine of the Auvergne is primarily made from local products that make up the basic mountain menus, often large … It dates someways to the nineteenth century with the generalisation of fattening pigs and sowing potatoes, which replaced bread in making one of the dishes known in the region, the truffade. We offer an overview – not exhaustive! – of this regional cuisine, both colorful and rich in flavors sweet or pronounced.

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Auvergne is famous for its sausages and cured meats: sausages, dry sausages, pâtés, fritons d’Auvergne, Fromage de tete (pieces of pig’s head cut and cooked in a broth).

The green lentils are one of the jewels of gastronomy Auvergne. There are also yellow lentil on the basaltic plateau of Saint-Flour (Cantal).

The pink garlic of Billom in the Puy-de-Dôme, is grown on land sprinkled with volcanic ash, which gives it a unique taste.

Farming region, Auvergne thus produces high quality meat such as Salers meat or meat d’Aubrac.

Lakes and rivers are numerous, the fish are not far behind. The most emblematic of the region are trout, char and salmon

In southern Cantal, chestnut also fares well in dessert, or savory recipes as a side dish. It is found even in the form of flour. Nuts are also present and can be found in the markets or in some excellent shops as nut oils.

In the Allier, the small village of Charroux produces a mustard that accompanies meat dishes gently. 

Finally, why not explore specialty breads, pains Brayauds which you can find in Volvic and its surroundings, the bread of the Bourbons or the pave d’Auvergne.

The mill is still active in Sayat. It is there that they bake and sell several types of bread.

Not surprisingly, many recipes are based cheese. The two best-known regional specialties are truffles and aligot.

Truffade is typically from Auvergne, it is a specialty prepared with potatoes and fresh tome of Cantal or Auvergne. It often accompanies sausage or a piece of beef from Salers or Aubrac.

Aligot, which is a specialty of southern Auvergne and also found in Aveyron, is mashed potatoesin which is added fresh Tomme mountain left to melt in a kind of paste.

Another essential element of the Auvergne cuisine is green cabbage, declined in many ways: pie with cabbage and Salers, the cabbage soup, etc.. It is also used in the composition of stews.

The Potee d’Auvergne is a unique dish consisting of cabbage, potatoes, other vegetables (carrots, onions, for example), of bacon, pork shoulder and sausage that is cooked covered.

The bourriols are less known, except in the vicinity of Aurillac and that’s a shame! These are pancakes made from buckwheat flour (buckwheat) and whey, replaced the old bread.

The region is the first French region producing cheeses with the designation of origin (AOC), which guarantees the terroir and the skills of the producers from a very long time. All these cheeses can be purchased in local markets or in dairies – dairies, are many in the region. Five AOC cheeses of Auvergne arise: Saint-Nectaire, Salers, Fourme d’Ambert, Cantal and Bleu d’Auvergne.
Saint-Nectaire “the best cheese in the world” according to Alexander Vialatte.

Cantal: this is one of the oldest cheeses in France.

It plays with time: sweet when young, a more pronounced taste when gaining in maturity (it is called “in-between”), it is when it is full-bodied “old”. The crust is thick and an old Cantal has an aspect sometimes repulsive. But eat it or not, the cheese itself remains delicious!

The soft cheeses are numerous: First, the fourmes, which are in the form of cylinders. For lovers of sweet-and-savoury, a pear tart with Fourme d’Ambert should delight the taste buds!

Bleu d’Auvergne is a cow’s milk cheese matured in cellars, a strong taste and fragrant.

Tomme d’Auvergne cheese is essential for success of truffades and aligots!

All these cheeses can enhance even the recipes, even simple like macaroni gratin with Cantal, potatoes stuffed with Gaperon, a souffle with Fourme d’Ambert, crepes stuffed with mushrooms and Saint-Nectaire, Cantal cheese fondue, tomato tarts and Saint-Nectaire, etc.., many recipes where cheese is not the only one to melt with pleasure!

Some desserts of Auvergne

Apple cake: caramelized apples are enclosed in puff pastry. In Cantal, apple pie is made with curd, eggs and sugar.

Two Auvergne specialties: Vichy pastilles and fruit pastes.

For the well-being, you can drink mineral water from Auvergne, undergo treatment at a spa or simply enjoy a little confectionery while drinking water from the volcanoes …

Finally, Auvergne produced excellent honey. There is also a “route of honey” that reveals the honey producers in the region.

The wines from Auvergne

The coasts of Auvergne are undergoing a revival, under the leadership of the cooperative Saint-Verny (named patron of the vine). Among the Côtes d’Auvergne, 5 wines have been defined: Boudes (an  excellent red), Chanturgue, Châteaugay, Corent (excellent rosés) and Madargue (supple and fruity wines).

The formula of Verveine du Velay in Le Puy was developed in 1859 by an herbalist named Joseph Rumillet-Carter. An original trick: pour a few drops of lemon verveine in a crepes batter.