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From Orleansto Chartres, through the famous and beautiful castles of the Loire, the history of the Centre region is combined with that of France. “Valley of Kings”, which winds through the Loire, recites an unparalleled string of Renaissance castles. In the “Garden of France”, where light and sweetness of life are legendary, men have fashioned a mosaic of harmonious landscapes, the quiet horizons.

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If a castle is not to be missed when staying in this region, it is undoubtedly Chambord. Built by Leonardo da Vinci at the request of Francis I, the summit of elegance and excess, with its 440 rooms and 365 chimneys, the culmination of a glorious era. At Chartres, the words you fail to describe the majesty of the cathedral and its stained glass windows, all the richer and fuller France for the period of the Middle Ages. In this region the prestigious history, the art of the table is not an empty word and gastronomic tourism has gained acclaim.

During your travels Regional, you will stop in Sologne, renowned for its game but also for its asparagus, potatoes, pears and cherries.

A little hungry you will like some tasty discoveries, like Rillons of Tours, Vouvray or Andouillette from Jargeau …Regarding the cheese, the region is no exception, since after a wine tasting in the cellars of the hillside town of Sancerre, youcan stop in the small village of Chavignol where you will discover the famous Crottin of the same name, goat cheeseincomparable taste … Finally, we can not conclude this brief overview without mentioning the famous tarte Tatin sisters, the Misses de Lamothe Beuvron, deliciously caramelized apples …

Gastronomy and Terroirs: A touch of creativity, a hint of tradition, a drop of courage and a great deal of know-how: Mix everything together and you get an excellent definition of gastronomy in the Centre region, the Loire Valley via the BerryBeauce and Sologne. Gourmets, crossing the doors of our region, prepare a parade of flavors. Here, gluttony is a lifestyle!

A host of specialties on the menu

Spearheading the regional gastronomy, goat cheese comes in five Appellations of Origin (AOC): Crottin de Chavignol (small round delight slightly curved), Sainte-Maure de Touraine (log renowned for the strand of straw which crosses it), Selles-sur-Cher (pallet with crust finely blue), and finally the two pyramids: the Valençay, whose head was cut by Talleyrand, and Pouligny-Saint-Pierre, who was able to keep it. Added to this is the Trefle, “new kid” among the goat cheeses, and cow’s milk cheeses such as Cendre and Feuille de Salade de Dreux.

Wines and Vineyards

From  Touraine in Sancerre, Coteaux du Vendômois Châteaumeillant to the vineyards of the Loire Valley, they are rich in exceptional wines that are conspicuous by their diversity and authenticity. A facet of the art of living in the Central region to discover in multiple ways.

The quality and variety of wines coming from a long tradition. Bourgueil, Chinon, Vouvray, Valençay Reuilly Renardières, Sancerre … These names are familiar to you and gently ringing in your ears? These are just some of the many wines of the Loire Valley, the region contains many others. Twenty-four AOC vineyards are identified.

Many quality wines born of know-how and a long wine tradition that is renowned. Closely linked to the history of France, that of the viticulture in the Loire Valley finds its beginning in the fifth century. Since then, it has continued to develop and grow through the know-how of generations of winemakers have passed.

Regional specialties

The most famous specialties are rillettes de Tours, eggs poached in Chinon, saupiquet from the Nivernais, the pate Berrichon with eggs, chicken in barbouille, nougats from Tours, Chinon peaches, a sabayon of golden apple, the nougat from Tours or confectionery with prunes, dried pears.

Wines and Spirits

The vineyards of the Loire Valley are: Vineyards of the Loire, Anjou and Saumur Vineyards (eg Sancerre), Vineyards Nantais (eg muscadet) Vineyards of Touraine (eg Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil) Vineyards Coeur-de-France (eg menetou-salon)

Grapes used: For white: sauvignon and chenin, in red: the Muscadet, Gamay and Cabernet Franc