How To Cook Eggs In A Toaster Oven: 3 Easy Ways

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Eggs are arguably one of the most versatile ingredients available. Not only can they find themselves a place in almost any cuisine, but they can also be cooked in a plethora of ways and also in different methods. We have all heard of the more common ways such as hard-boiled, scrambled, and sunny-side-up eggs, which all seem to require a pan on the stove. Today we will discuss using a toaster oven to cook your eggs instead!

How To Cook Eggs In A Toaster Oven: 3 Easy Ways

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Is It Safe To Cook Eggs In A Toaster Oven?

There are a lot of discussions about if you should cook eggs in the oven or the microwave as they allegedly explode. While this is true, it is only done when the eggs are cooked at a temperature that is too high, or in an oven that does not have an even distribution of heat. When cooked in the right conditions and at the right temperature, the eggs are very unlikely to explode and you can make some delicious eggs without a single worry. Microwaves are a lot more notorious for eggs exploding as the pressure builds up internally causing them to explode. To prevent your eggs from bursting, the recommended temperature to cook them at is in between 325-350 degrees F. If your toaster oven can reach that heat, then it is certainly capable of cooking eggs.

Cooking Eggs In A Toaster Oven

Learning how to ‘cook eggs’ is not a singular task. As mentioned, there are a lot of different ways to cook eggs and all of them have different results depending on what you want to use the eggs for. While there are some niche ways to cook an egg such as the Japanese omurice omelet, we will be covering the more common methods instead.

Hard-Boiled Egg

Arguably the most common way to cook an egg, you can boil an egg inside your toaster oven. These boiled eggs are great for picnics, salads, and just to snack on in general. It might come as a surprise that you can boil them without actually boiling any water.

To do this you will need to preheat toaster oven to 325 degrees F. This temperature will not burst your eggs. Some toaster ovens will run a little hot or a little cold, so you may want to adjust your heat ever so slightly depending on how your toaster oven acts. Once your toaster oven is preheated, you will need to place your egg or eggs in the oven and allow them to cook for 30 minutes. Once 30 minutes have passed you will need to carefully remove them, they will be hot, and place them in a medium bowl of ice water. They should then be left in the ice water for 10 minutes as this stops the cooking process. After this, you can peel and eat your boiled eggs using whichever method you prefer.

If you are not a fan of hard-boiled eggs, you can soft-boil them by only cooking them for 15 minutes instead. This will leave them with a nice runny yolk when your eggs cooked. If you are worried you have overcooked your hard-boiled eggs then you can read this article to see if you have.

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Sunny-Side Up Eggs

Sunny-side up eggs are insanely easy to cook and make a great snack or a quick addition to any meal just to fill you up a bit more. All you will need to make these in a toaster oven is;

  • Eggs
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Salt
  • Cooking Spray

While the salt and pepper are optional, they really do add to it and make the egg taste amazing. The cooking spray is also optional although you will need a cooking lubricant of some kind so that the egg does not stick to the bottom of your toaster oven.

To cook these delicious eggs, you will want to lubricate the bottom of your baking tray or loaf pan. This can be done using butter, lard, cooking spray, or by wiping it with olive oil. Once lubricated, break your egg directly into the pan. Be careful not to break the yolk or get any shell in there. Also, make sure not to stir the eggs. Place your tray or pan into the preheated toaster oven and let them cook until they are at your ideal level of doneness. Check them periodically and take them out carefully when they are done. Use a spatula to remove them from the bottom of the tray and place them on to your plate. They can then be sprinkled with salt and pepper, and some flat-leaf parsley too if you want to. They are ideal when served on top of some lightly toasted bread. If you want to add even more to this, you can place a slice of spicy pepper jack cheese on the toast before the egg. Toaster oven sunny-side-up eggs are a lot easier than some people would believe.

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Toaster Oven-Baked Eggs

Baked eggs are a really exciting breakfast and can be so flavorful when done right. And now that you can cook them in a toaster oven, they have just become that slight bit easier to make. The ingredients used can be mostly up to you based on how you like it in terms of salads, spices, and herbs. However, for a very delicious and easy recipe, I recommend you use;

  • Eggs
  • Garlic
  • Coriander
  • Chili
  • Jalapeno
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Roasted Potatoes (Diced)

You can mix and match the spices and herbs, and you can even substitute canned green chilies in place of the jalapeno if you are not a fan of spice. The egg bake is one of the best toaster oven egg recipes out there and is sure to stay your day off brilliantly.

You will want to preheat your toaster oven to 350 degrees F as usual and adjust it to the bake setting if it has one. You will also need a medium bowl to crack your eggs into. Once the eggs have been cracked into the bowl you will want to make sure that you do not leave any eggshells in there. You will want to mix the eggs and beat them together until they form a consistent mixture similar to that of scrambled eggs. After this, simply add all the ingredients into the egg mixture and mix them up. The herbs and spices can be sprinkled and used to your liking, and the vegetables and potatoes can either be diced or sliced. The garlic should also be either sliced very thinly or pushed through a garlic press.

Once all the ingredients are mixed up you can pour your egg mixture into an oiled baking dish. This dish should then be placed in the toaster oven and cooked until the eggs no longer move about when jiggled. The edges and corners should be brown and crisp while the top layer should remain a beautiful golden color. To double-check that it is done, stick a knife into the thickest part of your egg bake. If the knife comes back clean, then the egg bake is done to perfection. The egg bake can now be removed from your toaster oven and allowed to cool on the side for a bit until you eventually turn it over onto a place, ready to be served. You can also add shredded cheese to this dish for some extra flavor. You can either add it to the mixture before cooking or add it as a garnish to the finished product.

Is The Toaster Oven Good For Cooking Eggs?

If you are either in a bit of a rush or just want a simpler way to make eggs instead of having to turn on the stove and use a pan, then this is certainly the solution for you. Toaster ovens are a lot quicker to heat up when compared to an oven and also are less likely to ruin your food when compared to a microwave. A toaster oven is the perfect mid-point between the two. There are a lot of toaster oven recipes that haven’t been mentioned that are waiting down the road for you to try. You can try making a purgatory casserole when you want to experiment a bit more.

FAQs On Cooking Eggs In The Toaster Oven

Can I make an egg in the toaster oven?

You can cook eggs in the toaster oven as long as you use a temperature between 325 and 350 degrees F as this will reduce the risk of the egg bursting while cooking.

Can you cook sunny-side-up eggs in a toaster oven?

Sunny-side-up eggs can be cooked in a toaster oven and all you need to do is grease the bottom of the tray and let it cook until it is to your preferred doneness.

How long do you bake eggs in a convection oven?

Using a temperature of 325-350 degrees F, you can bake eggs for between 10 and 30 minutes depending on how you like them done.